Cellulite: What causes it and how possible remedy

Even if you don’t have cellulite at the moment, don’t rejoice just yet. You probably have seen women undergo cupping for cellulite. That’s how serious such condition can get, though it’s not life-threatening. It’s just a condition that appears when fat deposits force their way through the connective tissue under an individual’s skin. Cellulite does not only appear on overweight or obese individuals. Skinny people are also prone to it.  The appearance of this dimpled-looking fat can on the thigh, belly, butt, and hips make someone feel uncomfortable wearing dresses that reveal the affected body parts. Knowing the root cause of cellulite will help you understand and follow preventive measures to curb it. Read to learn about the simple ways people develop cellulite and possible remedy.

  1. No muscle building

Most of us lead a sedentary life void of exercise. Many also show a lack of interest in muscle building. But if you want to prevent cellulite from appearing in your body especially the back of your legs, then you must focus on building up your muscle. If you can build the muscle at the back area of your leg, cellulite won’t be too pronounced when it shows up.

There are several ways to build muscle in the back area of your leg. One is the hamstring curls done on a stability ball or the single leg deadlift. The reason for this leg exercise is to increase the lean muscle mass so that cellulite would not be seen easily.

  1. Poor food choices

Poor nutrition can lead to so many unpleasant issues, and one of them is cellulite. If you are someone that consumes processed and refined foods in excess, you need to change that habit because these foods can encourage the formation of cellulite. It might not take place the moment you eat such foods, but there is a high possibility that it will in no time.

The skin is the large organ of detoxification regarding size. But a diet that is laden with chemical and impurity isn’t a good choice. It will also attempt partial excretion through one’s skin when the time comes. There will also be room for metabolites and toxicities to bundle together which isn’t a good thing. The point here is to avoid junks and concentrate on natural foods that are loaded with nutrients. Natural nutrient-dense foods are unlikely to cause cellulite. Instead, they will cause your skin to glow.

  1. Inflammation

Another condition that can cause cellulite to appear on one’s skin is inflammation. And this inflammation is caused by conditions such as poor nutrition and stress. Others include oxidative stress and food intolerances. Oxidative stress can even worsen cellulite. So the best option is to prevent inflammation at all cost. Supplementation and vegetables can do the work.

  1. Dehydration

Water is essential in life, and the human body is composed of approximately 60 percent of it. That is why dehydration should be discouraged. The reason is that of the massive role it plays in the buildup of cellulite underneath the skin. So it is vital for everyone to consume enough water because not taking enough quantity can lead to a toxic accumulation in one’s fat cells which is considered more challenging for the body to metabolize.  Surprisingly, it also gives rise to the development of the cottage cheese texture that most cellulite has.

Dehydration is not something to promote, so try to get enough water on a daily basis. An individual that doesn’t consume enough water or is constantly dehydrated can develop a weaker or thinner skin. And this makes it possible for cellulite to appear underneath the skin. But if you take enough water on a regular basis, it will be difficult for cellulite to be visible under your skin. Your body will also be in a better position to metabolize fat.

  1. Exposing your body to the sun

The sun rays can cause more damage to your skin than you can ever imagine. If you have cellulite on your skin, it can cause it to get worse. So to avoid or reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin, you need to stay clear from the sun. But if you can’t because of your activities or lifestyle, you can protect your skin with sunscreen.

  1. Excess salt consumption

Do you consume too much salt often? If yes, then you need to start reducing it. Salt can cause severe health issues. It can create high blood pressure which is a life-threatening condition that has claimed many lives. Regarding your skin, excess salt consumption can result in swelling of the skin over time which can affect how cellulite appears on the skin. So if you are looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite on your skin, do everything possible to limit salt consumption. It’s good for your general health and wellness.

  1. Genetic make up

Certain individuals are bound to develop cellulite at some point in their lifetime. The reason is that cellulite is in their genes. And such hereditary cellulite is passed on from one’s parents. In other words, if your mother or grandmother had it, there is a high tendency that you will also develop cellulite. But if they don’t or didn’t have the condition, then your lifestyle will be a determinant factor.

  1. Consuming alcohol

No study or research states that alcohol can cause cellulite. But it has the power to make it worse. Alcohol, when consumed, can constrict your blood vessels in the skin. And this can make your cellulite to be more pronounced. There is also too much calorie in alcohol but zero nutrients. It can lead to an increase in fat deposits in areas like your glutes, abdomen, arm and even thigh.


These are factors that can either make one’s cellulite worse or bring about the condition. Some are also lifestyle changes you can make to tackle the development of cellulite. So if you want to ensure that cellulite does not reduce or damage the appearance of your precious skin, then you need to take the right steps to prevent it from getting worse.