Top 9 Senior Health Concerns

The life expectancy for humans today is getting better by the day according to reports from several health bodies. This is because medicine has provided ways of managing chronic ailments and more information on healthy living.

Simple acts like losing weight, quitting smoking, and living healthy keeps seniors away from health risks. It is easier to live healthy with these pieces of information at our fingertips. The question is, what are the top senior health concerns today?


For people who are above 65-years-old, arthritis seems to be the top health concern. This health condition results in pains at the joints and poor life quality as a person gets older.

Truly, arthritis will discourage a senior from activity because of the pain. However, it is imperative that you follow the activity plan designed by your doctor to help you. This is important if you want to live your last days healthy.

Heart disease

This is another major killer of seniors, especially over the last decade. Statistics show that 37% of men and 26% of women above 65-years suffer from this chronic condition.

Some of the major risk factors include high cholesterol and high blood pressure. These put the seniors at risk of heart disease or stroke.

To avoid this, you need to engage in healthy exercise, eat healthy food, and sleep well at night. A healthy weight will keep you from heart disease.


Cancer, according to CDC reports, is the second-highest killer of seniors above 65. At least, 28% of men and 21% of women within this age range live with cancer.

With early skin checks, colonoscopies, and mammograms, it is possible to treat cancer. Truth be told, preventing cancer is almost impossible, but a healthy lifestyle gives you a better chance.

When you are diagnosed with cancer, it is time to work with your medical team and follow their instructions. This way, you can lead a healthier and longer life.

Respiratory diseases

Chronic respiratory diseases are among the major causes of mortality among seniors today. Some of the disease challenges under this umbrella include bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema.

These diseases put a senior at more risk of other infections like pneumonia. It is, therefore important to run periodic tests to know the state of the lungs. If you are diagnosed with any of these diseases, you should take the right medication at the right time.

Doing all of these will ensure that you enjoy a better quality of life and preserve your health.

Alzheimer’s disease

According to reports from the Alzheimer’s Association, at least one out of every nine seniors lives with this disease. This is only a rough estimate considering the fact that it is quite challenging to diagnose Alzheimer’s.

So many seniors live with this disease which impairs most cognitive functions. According to experts, this has a major impact on the health of seniors especially with respect to safety and care.

Most of the seniors suffering from this are registered in home care Sydney. Usually, such care comes at high costs to family members and loved ones.


This chronic condition reduces the ability to be mobile in a senior. It is even possible to become disabled if the senior falls awkwardly and fractures a bone. Many seniors are affected by this issue of low bone mass which makes them at risk of incapacitation.

The sad part about the statistics relating to osteoporosis is that the figure will keep rising. This is why you need to eat healthily and exercise to lead a healthy life.


More than 25% of the seniors today live with diabetes. This is another serious health risk that affects seniors in every part of the world.

It is advised that a senior takes frequent tests to find out blood sugar levels. This way, it is easy to find out if one is living with diabetes. The earlier you know your position, the better for you.

With a few changes to diet and lifestyle, you can improve your health in the long term.


This is one of the top risk factors leading to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. All of these conditions affect the quality of life, especially for seniors.

To avoid this condition requires you to eat healthy food and at the right time. You also need to engage in regular exercise. This keeps you healthy and saves you from other health challenges.


People experience depression at different ages but in seniors, it is more rampant. It can reduce a person’s immunity levels thus leading to other health challenges. To save yourself from depression spend more time with loved ones, exercise, go for therapy, and take your meds.


We have provided you a list of senior health concerns in this post. If you are living with any of these, you should follow your physician’s instructions to live healthily. As a senior, you need to go for regular checkups to know the state of your health.