Gym Wear Trends 2018

As we reach the end of January, we take a look at the biggest gym wear trends for 2018.

We have already seen a host of celebrities wearing these items; so, if you’re a regular gym goer, or keeping up with your new year’s resolution – this article can help you pick out some stylish gym wear clothing for 2018.

When looking for fashionable gym wear clothing, there are three things you should look out for: comfort, style and of course performance! Sure, we love working out, but it’s also important to look stylish for our gym selfies and Instagram posts.

Here are the biggest gym wear trends of 2018.

Mesh Leggings 

A new trend which started at the tail-end of 2017 – mesh panel detailing leggings are a must have essential item! Mesh detailing look great, and can help keep you cool throughout workouts. Don’t go completely overboard with the amount of mesh panel details, stick to 2-4 mesh panels to pull off the fit and sexy look.

Try pairing mesh leggings with a sports crop top – or even use them in your athleisure outfits! 

Sports Crop Tops 

It is time to put away those long tank tops for your gym classes, and get involved with the sports crop top craze. They are bold and totally fashionable – allowing you to show off your newly toned abs!

Sports crop tops go great with workout shorts and skinny joggers. We recommend the Club Vest Crop Top by 304, as it ticks all the boxes! It looks great, is extremely comfortable to wear, and its lightweight feel offer maximum performance. 

Strappy Sports Bras

Straps are very trendy in 2018, and so are strappy sports bras! They combine essential performance-based gym wear, with a flare of style and sexiness. When summer finally approaches, you will notice more and more women wearing these stylish sports bras – so add it to your gym wear collection as soon as possible!

Baseball Caps 

Perhaps a godsend in many ways; wearing baseball hats in the gym is back on-trend! This is great news for girls wanting to hide their messy hair, whilst still being stylish. We know hats aren’t for everyone, but it is a great gym accessory for bad hair days that is currently in fashion – should you need it.

Skinny Joggers 

You may have noticed the recent spike in men wearing skinny joggers to the gym; well for 2018, this trend has spilled over into the female market. Skinny joggers are a great comfortable and lightweight alternative to leggings, offering an athletic stylish look.

They are great for the colder months, and are lightweight enough to train in! We would recommend pairing the Club Vest Crop Top, with Jackson Skinny Joggers by 304. These two great items make the perfect stylish gym outfit – which offers maximum performance and comfort!

Colour Blocking

What’s colour blocking you ask? It is basically just a fancy name for leggings, joggers and sports bras with blocks of colour! Colour blocking gym clothing is in style for 2018, and we recommend buying items that are mainly neutral with blocks of bright colour. You can even use colour blocking to hide problem areas and show off your assets!