75+ Ideas for a Medusa Piercing {with Healing and Care Instructions}

Who would have thought medusa piercing would be this popular considering how piercings were perceived in times past? Once upon a time, piercings were seen as a sign of how rich a woman’s husband was. In some cultures, a woman with so many piercings was considered to be a prostitute.

These days, women adorn their bodies with piercings to express their true personalities. It amazing how far this form of body art has come. There are so many popular kinds of piercings these days but medusa piercing has proven to be the sexiest of the lot.

In this post, we will provide you images of this kind of piercing with the intent of inspiring you to get one. To make the read worthwhile, we will provide you some more information about medusa piercing.

Defining Medusa Piercing

You must have seen these cute piercing that sits at the center of the upper lip. Thinking about that, they are quite familiar, you just didn’t know what they were called. So here it is. The piercing that sits at the middle of the upper lip is known as a medusa piercing.

These piercings are also known as philtrum piercing and they are punctured just above the lip line, beneath the nose. Usually, they have a single ball of stud accommodated on the punctured area but there is so much room for creativity. You can add a few more accessories, it all depends on what you are comfortable with.

Some people prefer adding a nose ring to accentuate the look. A few times, the nose ring is linked to another ring on the lip. Sometimes, these piercings are referred to as Cupid’s bow piercing.

Best Medusa Piercing Designs

Black nose ring combined with Medusa piercing

Black is seen as classy, which is what this combo looks like. Try them out for that amazing classy and attractive look.

Medusa and snake bites

Both piercings have reptile names, one should wonder why. Anyway, the combination makes her look like she has snake fangs. Weird but beautiful.

Big beads Medusa piercing

The bigger and shinier your beads are, the more attention you’ll attract. Her lips will definitely be attracting all the attention in any room she enters. Don’t they look sexy?

Flowery Medusa with nose ring

When you don’t have the regular jewelry you show off how creative you can be. This is exactly what this lady does, placing a cute flowery jewel on her lip. To make it more attractive, she has a cute nose ring.

Crystallized symphony

Doesn’t her face just make you love colors? She’s definitely a lover of nature and she shows this off with her piercing and makeup. The crystal piercing shines amazingly as it is struck by light.

Tiny lip piercing

One of the best ways to hide your Medusa piercing is using an acryl stud. The one used by this lady looks like a natural mole and it is really cute. You would never suspect that she has a Medusa if you don’t look closely.

Medium ball Medusa

She’s got a very cool medium-sized jewelry for her piercing that makes it look really attractive. It balances with her eyeballs and the piercings on her ears.

Studded philtrum piercing

Look at how she is able to create a beautiful balance between the nose piercing and the Medusa. The stud is small and very shiny, attracting all the light that comes its way. If you want something classy but not too loud, then you should totally try this out.

Nose-lip combo

This look is quite common as you are likely to see outspoken and brave girls sport this look often. The nose ring balances with the small ball jewelry on the lip. How does this look?

Triangular piercings

Take a quick look at the two piercings on her nose and the Medusa on her upper lip, what do they remind you of? Yes, a triangle. She probably has a reason for this and it definitely bears a deep meaning to her. You could use your Medusa to pass a strong message while looking good at it.

Lip symmetry

She’s got two piercings, one on the upper lip and the other on the lower lip. They seem to be in a straight line, following the symmetry of her face. If you love everything in place, prim and proper, then this is it. You might need to try shorter jewelry that these, so you don’t hurt your teeth or gums.

Jestrum vs Medusa

The Jestrum is located on the lower lip while the Medusa takes its regular position. She’s got that sassy and sexy look, can’t you see how the pieces of jewelry perfectly accentuate her lips? Beautiful and attractive.

Crystals and more crystals

She’s definitely got a thing for crystals. From the ring on her nose to the stud on her upper lip, the crystals are classy and look really attractive. This is just one way to combine crystals, there are several other ways, you just need to be creative.

Polished look

She’s definitely one who likes order. Her jewelry is simple, the three that form the triangle between the nose and lip look the same. Her nose rings step out to give balance to the whole design.


Septum jewel piercing

This is a really interesting combination of jewels. The ring in her nose does not have a septum while the one on her lip does. The two look disjointed but form a beautiful design and could be great allies.

Discreet Medusa piercing

The size of the jewelry is not too large which makes it blend in perfectly with the upper lip. This is as discreet as you can get even though her body art is not as discreet. Her earlobe is stretched which creates a balance between discreet and outgoing.

Nose-lip decorations

She’s got three beautiful piercings. One on her nose, one on her lower lip, and a Medusa. The three seem to form a diagonal line with the Medusa jewel a bit larger than the other two. If you are a lover of piercings, then you could use this to make a statement.

Small discreet jewels

If you like being discreet, then you should be thinking of this design. She is definitely in love with body modifications but somehow, she still keeps them looking simple and discreet.

Golden bead

Golden pieces of jewelry will always attract attention, so does this piece of jewelry. The bright color and size make it stand out from the lip. You should definitely try this out if you don’t plan to have another piercing on your face. Did we add that the gold color makes it classy?

Above the lip Medusa piercing

The position of a Medusa is the key to how cool it will look in the end. The idea is to flatter your upper lip so finding the perfect spot helps you achieve your aim. This lady took the shape of her lips into consideration before choosing the position. Really, there is no standard placement, study your lip symmetry and place the puncture accordingly.

Labret Stud

The labret stud perfectly matches the silver stud in her nose. It is definitely an inspired option that you should consider.

High Medusa piercing

When the piercing goes this high, it implies that you are not planning to get a septum piercing anytime soon. It is a great position if you don’t like your partner’s lips touching your piercing when you kiss.

Other Medusa Piercing Ideas


Variations of Medusa Piercing

There are two recognized variations of this kind of piercing, they are:

  1. Double medusa piercing. In this variant, the philtrum is pierced two times, which makes it one puncture directly above the other. The two punctures are located right above the upper lip. This variant is usually decorated with equal-sized studs.
  2. Vertical medusa. This is also referred to as Jestrum piercing. In this variant, there is just one perforation and it goes inside the lip. Though there is just one puncture, two sides of the jewelry worn are visible. One is above the upper lip while the other sits right at the middle of the lip. In a nutshell, the jestrum variant resembles a double medusa, the only difference is the position.

Pros and Cons of Medusa Piercing

The question most people ask is this, “why should I go for a medusa piercing?” They are not just beautiful but they show off your sexy side. Some people are comfortable with this and some aren’t. Let’s take a look at a few pros and cons of this kind of piercing.


  1. They have become a universal type of piercing, common to all races, ages, and gender. Did you think they were just for women? No, men can have them too. This is why they have become overwhelmingly popular.
  2. They highlight the contour of the lips as well as other facial features perfectly. Especially when you have the vertical medusa, you cannot walk into a room unnoticed. It speaks volumes about who you are and gives you the attention you desire.


  1. The healing process requires a lot of attention. Since it is located on the face, it is exposed to all manner of infections. You need to take extra care, else what was meant to beautify you could be your undoing.
  2. The piercing process requires a lot of care. If it is unsuccessful, it could destroy the symmetry of the face and disfigure you for life.

Medusa Piercing Procedure

Before visiting the beauty parlor to get this kind of piercing (or any other for that matter), make sure you have acquainted yourself with the procedure. This way your body and mind are ready for the process and you would have guarded against any anomalies.

The first thing on your mind is getting an experienced piercer to carry out the procedure. As we have stated earlier, you cannot afford for the process to end up as unsuccessful. The piercer must take time to sanitize all the instruments that would be used for the procedure as well as the location to be pierced.

Next, he should use a surgical pen to make a mark on the location that is to be pierced to avoid mistakes. To do this, he needs to study the facial symmetry properly and mark right in the middle. Following this, he should fix your lip with a clamp.

Then a lubricated needle is should be pushed from the interior to the exterior before the jewelry is inserted. A ball should be placed on the jewelry after this.

Does the process hurt?

When we consider how much other elaborate ear piercings hurt, we could safely say that Medusa piercings do not hurt as much. If we were to place it on a scale of 1 to 10, we would put it at a 4. Generally, the pain that will be experienced will depend on the individual’s pain threshold and current health condition.

Here’s something for you to take away, the process could hurt more right after the piercing has been made. In fact, in the first few days after the procedure, the lip could swell a bit and become sore. You shouldn’t be bothered about that, it is just your skin’s way of reacting to the perforation process.

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Aftercare and Healing Process

Usually, the healing time for a medusa should take up to 12 weeks. This also depends on how fast a person’s body heals after injury. Several factors could affect the speed of the healing process. Some of them include the current state of health, the jewelry worn, and the immune system.

Healing Tips

Check out these tips to help your skin heal faster after the procedure:

  1. Only use washed hands to touch the area.
  2. Never rotate or pull the jewelry.
  3. Dress in clean clothes which should be changed regularly.
  4. Ensure that everything that comes in contact with that part of your body is clean even your sunglasses, cellphone, and hat.
  5. You should not let your hairspray come in contact with the area. If possible, don’t spray your hair till the piercing is completely healed.
  6. While brushing your teeth, keep your toothbrush away from the pierced location. Also, ensure that your toothbrush is clean always.
  7. Always carry out the routine cleaning as prescribed by your piercer.

Cleaning Tips

Here is a simple cleaning procedure to follow:

  1. The piercing should be cleaned twice daily. The best times are when you wake up and just before going to bed.
  2. Prepare a special salt liquid by adding a teaspoon of iodized salt to a cup of warm water.
  3. Before adding the special salt liquid, you should clean the surface first with some warm water.
  4. Put a cotton ball in the saline solution and use it to clean the surface for between 5 and 10 minutes.
  5. Dry the surface using a fresh paper towel afterward.

Steps to Enhance Healing

There are a few things you should avoid during the healing process. These include:

  1. Never use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol as cleaning agents for the pierced surface. They could cause a lot of damage to the skin.
  2. Don’t add trauma to the surface. These could be through clothing items, excessive cleaning, or oral contact. If the surface is disturbed continually, the piercing might take ages to heal.
  3. Avoid swimming in sea or lake water till the piercing is completely healed. These locations usually have lots of bacteria which could infect the surface.
  4. Eating hot foods and smoking could cause the surface to get inflamed.
  5. Stick to the same jewelry till the surface is completely healed.

Risks that come with Medusa Piercing

There are a few risks that come with this sort of piercing, let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Infections. This is the most common risk and it cuts across all types of piercings. When the body is pierced, you get a fresh wound, if it isn’t properly cared for, it gets infected. For Medusa, you should maintain oral hygiene and clean the surface properly to avoid infections.
  2. Teeth erosion. This is very possible, especially when the piece of jewelry used keeps coming in contact with the teeth. We advise that you make use of a special toothbrush and make frequent visits to your dentist.
  3. Pain. For some people, the lips could get sore and inflamed, even after the piercing has healed. If you fall into this category, simply take some ibuprofen and you’ll be fine. If it persists, then you should contact your piercer or your personal physician.
  4. Gum recession. This occurs when the jewelry comes in contact with the gum frequently. To fix this problem, you should simply change the jewelry used.
  5. Piercing scar. This is bound to happen with injuries on the body. It is advised that you follow the aftercare tips stated above.

Medusa Piercing Roundup

A medusa piercing will always make you stand out from the crowd any day. The images in this post must have inspired you, we’d like to know about your experience in the comments section.