Finding Clothes that Fit Your Size and Style

Though there are admittedly a lot more plus size fashion designers and retail shops established today then there were in previous years, it can still be hard for a curvy woman to find clothes in her size that she actually likes. Depending on where you live and what your budget is, finding a retailer to suit your personal fashion sense isn’t as easy as heading to the mall. If you’ve been having a hard time locating trendy fashions for plus size women, these tips should come in handy.

Know Your Measurements and Body Type

Every woman is shaped differently. Know your body type, as well as your measurements, can ensure that you purchase clothing that will flatter you best. Take measurements of your busts, thighs, arms, and legs and keep this information with you while shopping. Though there are several body types, some of the most common are triangle, square, rectangle, circle, and hourglass. This information can be equally crucial when shopping for the right fit.

Shop Online

If location happens to be your biggest problem when it comes to finding plus size fashions that fit your body and budget, then the internet can be of assistance. You can shop online and find everything from plus size maxi dresses to jeans, cardigans, and shoes. You’re saving yourself a ton of money because you can shop from your home. With many retailers offering free or affordable shipping options, you should be able to have your clothes shipped to you for less than the cost of gas.

Ditch the Rules

If you haven’t heard by now, fashion rules have changed dramatically for the curvy woman. Instead of having to avoid certain patterns, colors, and materials, there’s a lot of trendy fashions that show you how to embrace the boldness of clothing. It’s alright to wear bright colors or horizontal stripes. So, if you’ve been avoiding certain items because you think full-figured women aren’t supposed to wear it, think again.

Try Things On

Whether you’ve ordered something from the internet or you stop at a retail store, it is important to try the item on. Though it may state that it is your size and it looks like it should fit your figure, you won’t know until you’ve tried it on. Doing this as soon as or prior to making the purchase can save you from throwing it to the back of your closet later on because it didn’t fit.

Get a Tailor

It really can be challenging to find an article of clothing off the rack that is ready to wear. For many plus size women who may also deal with height challenges, finding something that fits your body but isn’t too long for your arms or legs is common. Those with larger busts might find it difficult to find a jacket that will button up. A tailor can be very instrumental in these instances. They can take your clothes and measurements and make alterations that will help them to look more appealing when you put them on.

Trying to find the right outfit for any woman is a puzzle at times. However, for full-figured women, this challenge is multiplied by ten. If you’ve been having a rough time finding clothes you like at a price you can afford that are flattering to your figure, you should seriously consider some of the tips listed above. Each will help you to find things that only help you to embrace your womanly curves and love yourself even more.