6 Best Facial Treatments for a Youthful Complexion

Some facial treatments can take you hours to do, and some are too expensive. You may even find that you are not getting the same youthful complexion you normally get with simple face creams and moisturizers.

As a person ages, natural collagen production is reduced, which is the main reason for unsightly wrinkles and crow’s feet. There are supplements you can take for collagen, but the aging process makes it difficult to absorb the substance needed. There are also many extreme treatments available such as plastic surgery, but try these six tips before you go through any risky procedure.

Facial Peeling

A facial can be a great way to treat yourself to a beauty treatment that works. Facials and peels are done more than once over extended periods to make your skin smoother and even out any dark tones. Facials are particularly beneficial for people with acne because it exfoliates dead skin cells and helps healthy skin cells to clean unwanted skin problems.

Facial peels come in different types, and depending on your age, one may work better than another. For example, glycolic acid is a water-soluble substance that includes lactic and citric acid which helps improve skin imperfections. Other peeling treatments include beta-hydroxy or enzymes which remove the top layers of dead skin cells.

Brow Lift Surgery

For those who have tried all the beauty treatments out there and still can’t get youthful-looking skin, surgery may be your answer. Brow lift surgery is ideal to combat wrinkles, crow’s feet, and sagging eyebrows. The procedure takes about two to four hours and recovery is between one and two weeks. There may be some swelling for about seven months, but the results will be worth it.

To reduce any significant flaws in your skin, brow lifts for wrinkles can boost your confidence and you will appear both young and more rested.


It sounds painful, and sometimes it can be. Micro-needling involves a fine needle roller that is pushed against your skin to create tiny punctures. This promotes healing of the treated area of the skin so that your collagen production increases. By rolling these fine needles on your skin, you promote collagen that will repair the tiny tears and tighten any wrinkles and signs of aging.

There are home kits available to do micro-needling yourself, but they can be tricky. Be sure to check with your dermatologist first, as you might benefit more from a professional treatment. If the thought of tiny needles penetrating your skin sounds like a nightmare, the treatment may be worth it in the end. It can help with facial scarring and stretch marks on any part of the body.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

This one sounds like science fiction, and it kind of is. The treatment has been called the vampire facial and some celebrities swear by the procedure. A doctor will take a small sample of your blood. They will extract the plasma and platelets to create a more concentrated serum. Then, using microneedles, they inject the solution back into your skin.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is particularly useful for hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and taking away fine lines of aging. The process is one of the more expensive options but you won’t need a medical doctor per se, just a qualified dermatologist.


Great-looking skin doesn’t have to rely on tearing and removing skin cells. Other non-surgical treatments inject fillers into wrinkles instead. Rather than taking the top layer of skin, treatments like Botox fill in the areas that need it the most. It’s especially popular for crow’s feet and laugh lines.

Injectables such as this fill in facial lines and soften wrinkles by adding volume back into your skin. Many people believe that this procedure takes off at least 10 years of their look, and it has become increasingly popular over the years.

Skin Tightening

Another non-surgical treatment that will keep you looking young is radiofrequency skin tightening. Using a small device by hand, a dermatologist will run it over your skin repeatedly. It works by emitting energy and heat into your layers of skin, promoting collagen production. The procedure is not instant and you will need about six to 12 sessions to reach your desired results.

One of the cheaper facial treatment options, radiofrequency skin tightening can be performed on any part of your body. From your face to your feet and even your bottom, this treatment will produce the greatest results over a longer period.

Now is the time to combat signs of aging with these six beauty treatments that are guaranteed to work. Some of them can be done at a spa while you get a nice massage, and all can give you that young-looking complexion everyone desires. No more worrying about people guessing your age. Now you can fool even your family into thinking you have found the fountain of youth.