Eddie Van Halen Biography, Net Worth, Wife – His Life Story in a Band

Full Name Edward Lodewijk Van Halen
Birthday January 26, 1955
Birth Place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Age 64
Father Jan Van Halen
Mother Eugenia Van Halen
Career Profession Guitarist
Height 1.73 meters
Weight 72 kg
Notable Roles Van Halen Band
Net Worth $100 million


Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen

Early Life of Eddie Van Halen

Edward Lodewijk Van Halen was born on the 26th of January 1955, in Netherland’s capital Amsterdam. Edward is a renowned songwriter, musician, and producer. Eddie is also the founder and the songwriter of the band Van Halen. Alongside him in the band are his brother, Alex Van Halen, and David Lee Roth. Edward then was voted number one in The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time in a guitar world magazine in 2012.

Eugenia and Jan Van Halen are the loving parents of Edward. His father was also into music, he became the inspiration of Eddie in playing saxophone, piano, and clarinet. Originated from the Netherlands, their family then decided to move to the USA in the year 1962. They lived in California.

The Van Halen brothers then became naturalized citizens of the United States. As young as 6 years old the Van Halen brothers are already learning how to play the piano. Stasys “Stanley” Kalvaitis was the brother’s piano instructor, even though Sasys lived in San Pedro the brothers will always go to him. Eddie then said that he learned music as he watched and listened to his father playing before, and he does not or never able to read music.

In the yearly piano competition in Long Beach City College Eddie won first place from 1964 to 1967. Though piano was not that interesting to Eddie and later on became bored with it. Then his brother Alex started playing the guitar and Eddie showed interest in drumming and he practiced every day. Eddie then decided that to play with an electric guitar is more exciting and there he switches playing guitar from drums. In his teenage days, Eddie would do nothing in his free ours but to put the strap around his neck and start to practice guitar for hours every day.

Eddie Van Halen on the Making

Later then The Broken Combs was formed by the brothers and three other members where they would perform in Pasadena at Hamilton Elementary School at lunchtime where he was just a 4th grader. This is where Eddie decided that he wants to be a professional musician someday, and the someday happened.

In 1974, the Van Halen brothers cross their paths with Michael Anthony a bassist and David Lee Roth which eventually became their vocalist. As the years go by the band was slowly becoming popular in Los Angeles, California as Roth’s voice and Eddie’s unique guitars skills contributed to the band’s rise to stardom.

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Start of Something Special

In 1977 the band got its first big break when Gene Simmons the bassist of the band Kiss heard the group’s music at a local club. There Gene decided to finance Eddie and the boys for their first recording session. In 1978 just a year after their big break, Eddie signed with the company Warner Bros then later released their first album that included the hit Runnin’ With the Devil. The album became platinum just after six months with the help of Eddie’s unique guitar skills and Roth’s special voice.

Van Halen was a very hard working band and because of that, they became one of the top-earning bands over the next several years. They released consecutive multi-platinum albums just after releasing their first one. In the year 1980, they released Women and Children first and after a year they released Fair Warning and in 1982 it was Diver Down’s turn. But true stardom comes to them when they released their album 1984, where future hits are included like Hot for Teacher and Jump.

Eddie Van Halen and his band
Eddie Van Halen and his band

The Break-Up of the Band

Even though the band is very successful, problems always occur just like other bands. A time comes that the tension between band’s lead vocalist David Roth and the others grows each day. Roth recorded a solo album in 1985 and after his successful album, Roth left the band. Van Halen was quick to replace Roth with Sammy Hagar which is not new to the scene, Hagar is the former lead vocalist of Montrose. The band continued its success even though having a new face as a frontman, they released their 1986 album 5150 and in 1991 they released another album that became a big hit.

Though the band’s success with a new lead vocalist, it did not last that long. There was tension during the mid-1990’s tension. Eddie and Hagar were known to drink a lot but in the mid-’90s, Eddie decided to become sober. Though Hagar continued to abuse alcohol which partly the reason Hagar and Eddie clashed head frequently.

In 1995, they released a single titled Balance, and it became very successful being number 1 at the charts. The album sold 2 million copies in just a short time. Eddie was planning to make the greatest hits collection of the band’s hits. But, Hagar disagreed with the idea. It led to further tension between the band members.

Reason of Tension

Eddie then decided to switch lead vocals in 1996 with Roth during the recording of the Twister soundtrack. He did not tell Hagar about this decision. Hagar was very frustrated with what Eddie did. Hagar told the people that after that incident, Eddie released him from the band. Eddie denied the accusation and claimed that he did not release Hagar. But Hagar quits the band in his own decision.

Hagar’s departure resulted in Roth reuniting with the band which made Van Halen fans around the world more excited. Though Roth was released from the band once more after just recording two songs for the upcoming album and an appearance with the band in the MTV awards. The band replaces Roth this time with Gary Cherone and they released the much anticipated Van Halen 3 in 1998. The album was very successful in the early days making it number 3 in the charts but it went down fast. Van Halen 3 was the lowest-selling album the band has ever released and a poor crowd attendance in their tour followed as well which lead to the band releasing Cherone in 1999.

Unfortunate Events of Eddie Van Halen’s Life

In 2001, David Lee Roth once again returned to the band after years of speculation with him confirming it on his website. He said that he was working with the group with new songs but the communication was gone since summer. Days just after Roth released this statement, Eddie went out to the public bringing bad news that he is battling cancer, thought his doctors are telling him that there is a great chance of healing.

2001 was not a good year for the band, though claiming that they already composed songs worth 3 albums they are still struggling to find a new lead singer. The band was also released by their promoter Warner Bros. which has been with them since 1979. According to the band, the production was more focused on promoting new and young bands instead of them.

The next several years would be a roller coaster for all of the members. Eddie got separated from his longtime wife Valerie Bertinelli. Michael Anthony is frequently making his appearance in Hagar’s new band Warboritas. After this, Roth and Hagar went on tour together in the Heavyweight Champs of Rock & Roll tour.

Band Reunion

Later then in 2004, the band announced that Hagar would reunite with them on a tour and the greatest hits collection. Though the reunion was very successful, there was always tension among the members and in 2005 both Anthony and Hagar went back to the Warboritas.

The band was inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2007 and speculation about Roth’s return to the band aroused again. The rumors about Roth’s return were basically true and the band replaced Anthony with Eddie’s son Wolfgang. They started their tour with the new line up in September. The band didn’t expect that it will be the most successful tour, they earned over $93 million.

After the successful tour, the band decided to record their first album in over 10 years. Van Halen started to record their album in 2011. By which the album is being produced by John Shanks. A year after, the album was released naming it A Different Kind of Truth.

Tapping Technique of Eddie Van Halen

In 1978 Eddie’s solo guitar instrumental was Eruption. It became second in the 100 Greatest Guitar Solos in Guitar World. Eddie popularized the technique on tapping which he used in this performance. A tapping technique is when you use both of your hands in the guitar’s neck.

Eddie was not the first one to discover the technique. There were several guitarists before him who have used the technique, but he popularized the concept. Eddie was very innovative in playing the guitar. He used devices that could change the guitar sound.

Eddie Van Halen was never satisfied with his skills and wants to learn more every day. With this attitude, Eddie became known to be the greatest guitarist of all time. Thanks to his mentality and perseverance!