How to Commemorate Your Loved Ones

It’s never easy when you lose a loved one, especially when they were a very close relative. You’re left with a hole in your life that is too big to fill with anything else, and it can take several years for this hole to begin closing.

Finding special ways to keep your loved one’s memory alive can speed up the healing process without disregarding their legacy. You can celebrate their life and all of their achievements in unique ways that offer comfort to you and your family members.

Special Ways to Commemorate a Loved One’s Life

Often, you need to wait a few months before you feel ready to start thinking about how to celebrate your late relative’s life. But once you get to this stage in the healing process, consider giving the following things a go to commemorate their life and keep their memory alive forever.

Purchase a Memorial Plaque

Memorial plaques are a highly personal way to celebrate a loved one’s life. You can choose the wording and design of the plaque to create something that is special and unique to your late relative.

You might want to keep things simple and write their name, date of birth, and date of death. However, great memorial plaque ideas include inspirational quotes, meaningful poems, or the verse of your loved one’s favorite song.

You’ll be able to display your memorial plaque in your garden, by your front door, or on an external or internal wall of your home. Hanging it in an area of your home that you walk past several times a day, such as above your bed frame or by the staircase, will be a constant reminder of that special person.

Watch old family videos

Thanks to video recorders, cameras, and smartphones, you can now relive your special memories over and over again. Consider getting your family together and spending the afternoon watching these special videos and celebrating your late relative’s life.

As painful as it can be to watch videos of a person who is no longer physically with you, it’s the perfect way to keep their spirit alive. Hearing their voice and seeing their smile once again could be enough to offer comfort and gratitude.

Keep their ashes in your home

Lots of families choose to keep their late relative’s ashes after cremation. This is something that you can request during the cremation process and you can store them in a special urn to place on your fireplace or in your bedroom.

If you believe in the spirit or the soul, you might feel a close spiritual connection to your relative by bringing their ashes home with you. But even if you don’t practice spirituality, this is a great way to keep your loved one close to you at all times, which can be comforting and calming.