Elise Jordan – The Controversial American Journalist Who Is Yet Admired

Full Name Catherine Elise Jordan
Birthday June 22, 1990
Birthplace Holly Springs, Mississippi, USA
Age 29
Mother Susan Boone Jordan
Father Kelly Jordan
Spouse Mike Hogan (2017)
Michael Hastings (2011-2013)
Career / Profession Journalist
Height 6-feet and 1-inch (1.85 meters)
Weight 75 kilograms (165 pounds)
Notable Roles MSNBC Political Analyst

Co-host of Words Matter

Contributor of TIME Magazine
Executive for Communications in the National Security Council

Net Worth $1.2 million


Elise JordanElise Jordan is best known as an American journalist and political analyst. She was born in Holly Springs, Mississipi on July 22, 1990. She grew up in a loving family of four.

At a young age, she already has a long list of achievements. She has reached incredible heights in journalism and politics. You may wonder what awards Elise has received given all her credentials. But, unfortunately, she has no awards in her field. However, the recognition and gratitude from the people are important. Moreover, it boosts her esteem and gives her more inspiration to serve the people.

She is best known to be the political analyst for MSNBC, Elise is fearless in giving out straightforward comments on politicians. She makes the supporters of the politicians receive mixed responses. Moreover, the consequence of this is countless controversies of her.

Early Childhood Years of Elise

Catherine Elise Jordan was born on July 22, 1990, in Holly Springs, Mississippi, United States. Elise was born from loving parents, Kelly Jordan, and Susan Boone Jordan. She only has one sibling, known to be her brother Russell Jordan.

During her early childhood years, Elise is called fidgety. She is a little girl who wants to be on an adventure. Moreover, Jordan loves to dance and has an eye for the film industry. She grew up admiring Michael Jackson and Al Pacino because of their talents.

Career Life of Catherine Elise Jordan

Jordan is an alumna of Yale University she finished her degree in political studies last 2004. All of her memories in her University years are all sincerity and hard work. However, it paid off. She is now in greater heights in the practice of language and freedom of speech. At an early age of 29, the world has already known her.

When she was still a little girl, her Uncle, who was a journalist gave her inspiration to pursue the career. Elise’s first job was in Condoleezza Rice newspaper. Meanwhile, she also worked at a famous magazine which tackles politics, The Daily Beast. These were her first milestone of reaching her goals.

As she climbed up to the ladder of success, Elise got an invitation from TIME magazine. During her stay in TIME magazine, she gained fame and recognition. More so, her point of views is respected and appreciated.

Back in 2008, Elise was appointed to be the director of communications and presidential writer in the United States National Security. She is a Republican, and when the former President Barack Obama won the 2008 Presidential Election, she left the White House.

Afterward, she served in the public sector. In February 2009, Deloitte and Touche appointed Elise as Senior Advisor for planning, strategy, and policy for their company. She was associated with USAOD Capacity Development Project. The project took place in Kabul, Afghanistan, she serves as an advisor to ministry communications offices. Not long after, she left the job in July 2009.

After a few years of hiatus, Elise worked as a columnist at National Review Online. It is an online version of the American Editorial Magazine. She has a strong quality and potential in this job as she is a frequent contributor to reputable political magazines, like TIME Magazine and The Daily Beast. Furthermore, between 2013 to 2015, she was the Chief of Staff at H/2 Capital Partners

She has a long list of work experiences since she finished her degree at Yale University, but how did she become an iconic woman of TV shows?

Jordan’s first appearance in the television was as a guest panelist in the episode ‘Red Eye with Tom Shilue’ of Fox News. Well, let me tell you, that talk show opened countless opportunities for Elise. She got featured on Hannity later that year. We all know that Elise Jordan is a proud Republican. What made this fact interesting was when Maher invited her to guest in an episode of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ of HBO. It is cool of Bill to welcome guests that are not within his political spectrum. Maher is a progressive and vocal Democrat which makes him different from Elise.

Other appearances she had in 2013 were in ‘Fox and Friends’ and ‘On the Record with Brit Hume’. These appearances made a way in where she is today.

She continuously made appearances on Hannity until 2014 and decided to look for a more challenging environment for her to grow. Elise was not satisfied with her tenure at Fox News and in the Bush Administration, she felt her personal beliefs and agenda are not put into test. Thus, she applied in NBC News and MSNBC, these networks now are equated as a progressive equivalent of Fox News. Now, she enjoys her challenging role in hosting the show.

In 2018, she started a podcast with the title ‘Words Matter’. Elise is with her co-host Steve Schmidt, who is also a political consultant. Their content is interesting enough for the audience to swarm. However, the podcast has come to an end due to a conflict between them. Jordan interviewed Schmidt with difficult questions regarding Howard Schultz, an aspiring politician and former CEO of Starbucks. Maybe she stepped on something sensitive which made Schmidt walked out of the interview.

Now, even though she is a proud Republican, she outspokenly criticizes the administration of Donald Trump.

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Rumors and Controversies of Elise Jordan

Recently, a controversy caught fire as Elise Jordan made a statement against Donald Trump. As she stated, “Donald Trump equivalent to ‘hugging a Suicide Bomber”, her raspy comment is directed to Donald Trump’s supporters

It is no surprise if controversies like this involve Elise, she is a political analyst of a TV show. Moreover, she has been in politics for quite some time now, and being a Republican strategist influences her with these political views.

What Elise Jordan Looks Like

Sweet and straightforward Elise stands 6 feet and an inch tall, and approximately weighs 165 pounds. She is pretty with her blue eyes and blonde hair.

It would be unlikely to disclose other body statistics and sizes of Elise. Let us not dig into that information and appreciate how she presents herself.

Elise Jordan’s Social Media Presence

As to how Elise is known from her appearances on the television, she is also famous in social media platforms. Elise gets in touch with her fans through social media. She uses the handle @realelisejordan in her Twitter account, which has around twenty-three thousand followers. Moreover, her Instagram account has over two thousand followers. Her username is @elisejordan21.

The Personal Life of Elise Jordan

It was in 2010 when Elise and Michael Hastings first laid eyes on each other. They were attending on different assignments yet met in an event at Kabul. Michael Hastings was a former contributing editor in Rolling Stone. Michael and Elise were madly in love. After six months of their engagement, they married.

However, their love story ended when Michael was in a car accident last June 18, 2013. The unfortunate event was all over the news.

However, their love story ended in when Michael was in a car accident last June 18, 2013. The unfortunate event was all over the news. His Mercedes C250 Coupe drove past a palm tree in Los Angeles. Wherein his high-speed vehicle was burning into flames, making Michael’s body severely burnt. The officials were not able to immediately the remains of Michael as he was severely burned. Thus, the NBI used his fingerprints and matched it on their file.

As Elise got herself together as she expressed her sadness in the incident, she claimed that there are no speculations of betrayal involved.

Elise Jordan and Mike Hogan
Elise Jordan and Mike Hogan

Four years after his husband’s demise and being a widow, Elise Jordan met Mike Hogan. She found love in him again. Mike is a producer and senior editor at the Vanity magazine. With a small ceremony, they tied the knot on September 2017. Now, their happy marriage is slowly growing into a family of two children.

Elise Jordan’s Net Worth and Income

After Elise finished her education from Yale University, she immediately started her career in journalism. In the middle of her vocation, she gained the most significant achievement in her life. She became an Executive for Communications in the National Security Council. More so, Elise works as a speech specialist for Condoleezza Rice.

Furthermore, one of the admirations of her past achievements was when she became a contributor, a national audit journalist, and a Republican strategist – all in one!

As of now, Elise is reputably known as the co-host of Words Matter Inc, a political analyst at the MSNBC News and NBC News, and a contributor to TIME Magazine. According to some claims, a political analyst in the United States earns an average of approximately $84,000 a year. Thus, as of this year, Elise Jordan’s net worth is approximately $1.2 million.