FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System Diabetic Meter Kit Review

Diabetics have to monitor their blood glucose levels regularly, so it’s important to have a home glucose meter that’s fast, reliable, and as painless to use as possible.  The new FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System Diabetic Meter Kit from Abbott Laboratories ranks high among blood glucose monitors for home use.  It is tiny, easy to use, and gives accurate results.

Product Features

  • Small and portable
  • No coding required
  • Requires small sample size
  • Provides accurate results in 5 seconds
  • Blood sample can be taken from multiple testing sites
  • Back-lighted display is easy to read

Small and Handy

The FreeStyle Lite blood glucose monitor is tiny, measuring only 1.57” by 2.9” by 0.65”.  The device comes with a black case and it’s easy to carry around.  It can fit in your purse or pocket.  A zippered pocket inside the case can hold extra lancets.

Fast and Easy to Use

This blood glucose monitor is simple to use.  Even children can quickly learn how to use the device.  One of the nice features in the FreeStyle Lite is the light which makes it easy to use in the dark.  The light illuminates the test strip area so you can easily see the strip.  Once the test strip receives enough blood sample for testing, the LCD screen lights up and displays your blood sugar reading.  You can get results in as little as 5 seconds.

Lancet Setting

The lancet unit is easy to use and comes with 4 settings.  You can adjust how deep it pierces your skin to get the right amount of blood sample.  Taking a blood sample can be as painless as possible.

No Coding

For added convenience, the test strips for the FreeStyle Lite uses no-coding technology.  This means you won’t have to enter the test strip’s batch code manually when using the device.  FreeStyle Lite performs this step for you automatically.


Most glucometers do not have a backlit screen to help make it easy to read display results.  The FreeStyle Lite has backighting, and it also has a light in the test strip port.  This is great when you are checking your glucose level at night and you do not want to turn on the lights, or when you are in a car or at the movies.

Small Blood Sample

Abbott Laboratories claims that the FreeStyle Lite blood sugar monitor can give accurate results with a 0.3 microliter blood sample size.  This is half the sample size of other blood glucose meters like the Bayer Contour.

Alternative Testing Sites

While most glucometers are able to take blood samples from the finger and forearm, the FreeStyle Lite offers the most number of testing sites: finger, forearm, palm, upper arm, thigh and calf.

Large Memory Storage

This blood sugar meter can store up to 400 readings, with the date and time.  This feature is very handy because many diabetics have to record and report their blood sugar readings to their health professional.


  • Fast and accurate
  • No coding required
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Requires a smaller sample size than other glucometers
  • Has a back-lit screen and test-port light
  • Small and handy
  • Memory holds up to 400 reading


  • Test strips can be expensive
  • Diabetic kit does not come with test strips
  • Requires a non-standard 9-pin cable to hook up to a computer

What Customers Say

Customers are pleasantly surprised to find out that the FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitor is very small and handy.  It comes in a soft-sided nylon case with a strong zipper.  Customers like the clear window on the case’s strap that lets you review a reading without having to take the glucose meter out of the case.

Although the device is small, customers say the screen is large enough to read easily.  Customers particularly like the meter’s backlighting on the display screen as well as the light on the test port.  The built-in lights make it possible to use the FreeStyle Lite even in the dark.

Customers say they are able to get accurate and fast results with a 0.3 microliter sample.  This is made possible by the FreeStyle Lite’s new test strips, which requires no coding.  Customers also think it’s great that they can get blood samples from many alternative sites, such as the fingertips, palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh and calf.

In the past, customers complained that they would sometimes get inaccurate results when using the old style strips.  Abbott now uses the new style test strip for the FreeStyle Lite, easily identified by its butterfly design.  The new test strip gives readings that are more accurate and consistent; it also requires a very small sample size.

For many customers, the biggest drawback is the cost of the test strips.  A box of 100 strips costs about $90.  Customers are also disappointed to discover that the FreeStyle Lite diabetic kit does not come with free test strips.

The Bottom Line

Because of its small size and quick results, the FreeStyle Lite is a favorite of people on the go.  The backlight on the display screen and the light on the test strip port makes it easy to use even at night.  It is one of the better glucose meters available these days.  You can find this product online for less than $20.  Don’t forget to order some test strips along with the FreeStyle Lite glucose meter.