10 free things to do in London

I love London, so much to see and do. It can, however put a dent in your finances if you let it. Firstly for most visitors, you need to get into the city. Trains to London can be booked in advance or it’s possible to travel off peak to cut costs. It’s best to check out a train timetable  to make the most of your day or you could always take pot luck and see where you end up.

Lots of key sights can be seen on foot if you plan your route. Pick a starting point and head in any direction. The River Thames is a great focal point for your tour. Don’t forget to take your camera away from your face now and then to take in the sights properly. If planning to visit soon, find great deals! for London Hotels via Expedia.com.au .

Galleries – free art

Nearly all the galleries in London are free to enter, it’s the big exhibitions you pay to see. The collections in Tate (Britain and Modern), National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and the Wallace Collection are a joy to discover. Keep an eye out for free tours of the highlights.


Museums – free science and history

For the kids and the child at heart, you can’t beat a day at the Natural History Museum or Science Museum. The British Museum and V&A could keep you enthralled for days.


Parks – free air

For a modern metropolis, there is a fabulous array of parks in London and they are generally free. In any season you can relax and enjoy beautiful gardens, rolling lawns and people watching. You may be lucky to happen across a free concert or art installation. Hyde Park, Regents Park, St James Park, Greenwich the list goes on and on.


Churches – free peace

Many churches are free to enter, although St Pauls Cathedral and Westminster Abbey charge around £10 a visit. Wait until Sunday service or late afternoon for evensong. Not only will it be free, but you may get hear the choir fill the space with heavenly music.


Concerts – free music

The National Theatre offers free music (often jazz) Mon-Sat evenings and lunchtime Sun. Lunchtime concerts in Royal Opera House, St Martin in the Fields and other venues are a real treat.



Changing the guard – free soldiers

They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace!  Follow the route from the palace to Horse Guards and take your photo with one of the guards. Continue down to Downing Street and Westminster for a day out in British politics, pomp and pageantry at its everyday best.


Food halls – free food

Free food is much harder and rarer to find than in Tokyo’s department stores, but many big names such as John Lewis and even Harrods offer a tasty assortment of free samples. You just need to graze your way patiently around a few to make a meal out of it.


Lectures – free words

You can hear some interesting speeches at Speakers Corner or attend one of many free talks by intellectuals, scientists and thinkers at places such as The Royal Society, The Ethical Society, The British Academy and the Royal Academy of Arts.


Walking – free tours

Walking is free and looking is free. London has so many different neighbourhoods to wander through. Take a self guided walk or one of the free tours run across the city.


Theatre – free plays

The Scoop Theatre in August/September will offer free theatre and entertainment at Southbank. Street theatre and buskers appear at most tourist areas most days, check out Covent Garden in particular.


Midge loves living in London and constantly spends as little money and as much time as possible there.