The American Diabetes Association Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook (Paperback) Review

People who have diabetes do not have the luxury of eating whatever they want.  They always have to keep a watchful eye over what they eat.  For many diabetics, this often means they can no longer enjoy the traditional comfort foods they grew up with, such as mac and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, meat loaf, and lasagna.  If you are diabetic, there’s good news for you.  The American Diabetes Association  Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook includes updated recipes of comfort foods that are suitable for diabetics yet satisfying enough for other members of the family.  The cookbook’s paperback edition costs only $13.15.

The ADA Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook

If you are diabetic or someone in your family is diabetic, you have to cook meals that are not only nutritious but also suitable for a person with diabetes.  This usually means there are many foods that you may have to avoid.  Comfort foods like cakes, lasagna, and mac ‘n cheese are often the first to go.  Well, not anymore.  The cookbook was created by the ADA and Robyn Webb to address the needs of diabetics and their families who longed for diabetic recipes that are flavorful and easy to prepare.

The ADA Diabetes Comfort Food recipe book contains recipes of favorite foods tailored to answer the special dietary requirements of diabetics.  The best thing about these recipes is that they taste just a delicious as the comfort foods you grew up with.  Everyone in the family, diabetic or not, will enjoy and love these recipes.

Make Meal Planning Easy

This cookbook for diabetics is filled with flavorful recipes and a guide to help you plan your menus.  The meal planning guide helps you mix and match different meals and recipes to keep everyone happy.  The recipe book of comfort foods makes it easy to follow a diabetic meal plan that the whole family can enjoy.

The cookbook also includes tips and advice to help you save time and make cooking a snap.

Fat is Fine

When cooking, people often shy away from fat.  However, Robyn Webb advises that fat should not be eliminated in a diabetic meal, nor should you use a fat substitute.  Fat enhances the flavor of foods, and this is very important when it comes to comfort foods.  Use butter or good quality olive oil in small amounts to bring out the flavors in the food.

What’s Inside

The diabetes comfort food cookbook is filled with a superb collection of recipes that are healthy, nutritious, and delicious.  They are based on classic American comfort foods.  The recipes  have been tweaked to make them safe for anyone with diabetes while retaining the flavors that make them everyone’s favorite.  The cookbook also contains beautiful photographs of mouth-watering dishes that you can create from the recipes inside.

To make menu planning easier, the book has several sections that include Soups, Pastas, and American Classics.  It also includes sections on International Flavor and Desserts.

You’ll find recipes for macaroni and cheese, crab cakes, salmon, mashed potatoes, and brownies, among others.


  • Provides diabetic-friendly recipes for classic comfort foods
  • Well written
  • Easy to understand
  • Includes time-saving tips and menu planning guide
  • Suitable for diabetics and non-diabetics


  • None

What Customers Say

Almost without exemption, customers who purchased The ADA Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook only have good things to say about it.  One customer said that the recipes are straight-forward and delicious, and the ingredients are easy to find.

Everybody loves dessert, including diabetics.  The cookbook has a section on desserts.  One customer said that she’s happy to find out that most of the desserts use natural sweeteners.

Customers also say that this cookbook by the ADA and Robyn Webb is well written and the recipes are easy to follow.  They also appreciate the tips provided throughout the cookbook, including a section on selecting and storing vegetables.  Best of all, these recipes are healthy, delicious, and good for diabetics.


The recipes in the The American Diabetes Association Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook may have been tailored to answer the special dietary needs of diabetics but it does not mean that only people who have diabetes will be able to appreciate these recipes.  Several customers pointed out that the recipes taste so good that everyone will enjoy them.  With this cookbook, you will be able to prepare diabetic-friendly meals that the whole family will enjoy.  If you have diabetes or if you are cooking for someone with diabetes, this cookbook is a must.  You will also appreciate this cookbook if diabetes runs in the family and you want to watch your diet.

Diabetics are not the only ones who will benefit from this cookbook.  The Diabetes Comfort Food recipe book is highly recommended for anyone who appreciates and loves good food.