Fun Things to Do on a Weekend with Your Girlfriends

Womanhood is fun, but it requires strength and sacrifice. You have to be a good mom, daughter, wife, colleague and friend. Balancing all these aspects can be quite a challenge, but that does not mean that you have to stop living.  You need to create some time for self-care, get to relax and forget all the stress and pressure in your life.

There is no better way to do so than having a fun weekend with your girlfriends after a long week of busyness. This is the best time to forget that you are a mother or a wife for a little bit and enjoy being you. While there are so many fun things you can do together, here are some ideas to try.

Go on a long road trip

Road trips are not only fun but also super refreshing. It gets even better when you pick a random destination, somewhere you have never been before. It is the perfect way to connect with nature and forget everything else that is happening in your life. Make sure you carry entertaining stuff such as your favorite playlist or even a book to read on the way. Take your favorite snacks with you, and if you can go to a hiking destination, the better. Explore fearlessly as you bond and make unforgettable memories.

Movie night

We all know how exciting movie nights are especially when accompanied by your favorite crew. You can select a movie that you all love and either go out to watch or watch in the house. If you all have kids, you can send them to a sleepover in a trusted home or leave them with the nanny for a night so you can have quiet movie time.

Casino game night

Casino gaming is not only exciting but also a great way to challenge yourselves. The best part is that now with online casinos, you do not have to leave the house to enjoy playing. All you need is to have a smart gadget and reliable internet connection, and you are good to go. Things have changed now, and women too love engaging in casino gaming with so many available games all from slots, roulette, and blackjack to poker. Take your time to look for a reliable casino such as NetBet casinos challenge each other. You can place a price for the winner to create more thrills.

Go shopping

Women love shopping, especially when in groups. Make sure you all have enough saved money so you can show yourselves some self-love. Go to your favorite store, get those outfits you have been eyeing, some pairs of shoes, makeup, hair and any other self-care product you need. Shopping is the best way to reward and appreciate yourself for the hardworking woman that you are and for the things you have conquered. Make sure you have a budget and a list of things you would wish to buy to avoid impulse buying.

Watch live sports event

You can grab tickets to watch a live sports event in your neighborhood. Nearly every city has a game going on during the weekends, which could be soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, you name them. Select a game that you all enjoy and go cheer up your favorite players.


Shopping and photos are girls’ most favorite things to do. Weekends are the perfect time to channel your modeling skills as you have fun with your girls. You can either go to the studio or hold a mini photoshoot in the house. Whichever way, you get to dress up, put on makeup, and look beautiful, which is an excellent way to remind yourself that you are queens and you deserve the world.

Bike riding

You probably don’t know your hobby because you spend most of your time attending to other people. You should create more time for yourself, explore, and find out what activity makes you happy. You cannot go wrong with bike riding or learning to ride if before you get into it. Explore your town or go to the countryside on two wheels, and you will realize just how refreshing this can be.

A day at the spa

You need to get rid of the stress and fatigue that you have experienced during the week, and the spa is the best place for you. You can go to the nearest spa or designate one at home.

Every woman deserves some off time to take care of herself as much as she takes care of everyone else. Weekends are the best time to do so, and you cannot go wrong with any of the mentioned ideas.