Some Great Ideas for a Home Date Night on a Budget

Some people think that relationships are complicated things. That the utmost efforts and constant care is required to nurture a good relationship with another person. However, it can be quite simple if that person is the one. You won’t have to force yourself into things. You will automatically want to do as much as you possibly can, and a little more.

If you find yourself lucky enough to be with a person that makes you feel like that, gives butterflies in your stomach, and makes it feel like summer on a cold and dry evening, then try to have fun once in a while to keep the magic alive. Make time out of your busy schedule and arrange a fun home date night. It doesn’t need to be expensive, anything both of you will enjoy doing. Here are several great ideas you can use as inspiration.

Game Night

Friendly competitions are a great way to spend some time together. You can pop open a bottle of wine with slices of cheese, get a couple bottles of beer with snacks, or enjoy soda cans with sandwiches to start the party.

Almost everyone has a favorite board or card game they like to play. If you have never played one with your partner, head down to a store and buy a couple.

You can even start the date from scratch. That means invite your partner over, going to the store to look at games, buying a few ingredients to make snacks or buy junk food from a grocery store, then get back home and set everything up. Just spending quality time can be quite fun.

Candle Lit Dinner

Eating good food with candle lights on the table and your partner sitting across to you, while talking about romantic personal things, can make any evening seem perfect. You can buy a new dress and ask your partner to look classy as well. Then break out the old cookbooks and starting cooking.

You can look at many delicious yet easy-to-make recipes on Spice World, as well as get the essential ingredients to include in those foods.

You can put a cloth on the dinner table, buy candles, put flowers in a vase on the table, and have a restaurant-like setting. The additions only have to cost as much as you want it to be, but make sure it gives while giving a fabulous candlelit dinner feeling.

Spa Treatment

You and your partner spend days, and maybe evenings as well, either working, studying, or doing both. Other than that, many daily problems and inconveniences cause stress. It might be great to have an excellent at-home spa treatment as a date.

You can buy body massage oils, like sweet almond or argan, and scented candles. Try to create a playlist full of soft and soothing music. You can then take turns massaging each other’s bodies. It is very intimate and can be a truly magical evening.

Consider warming the oil before using, it might have a much better sensation.


Similar to game night, you can arrange friendly matches. Now, this can include anything. You can see who cooks a specific recipe faster, paint a picture more quickly, or complete any kind of task in the shortest period.

You can find something that both of you are talented in, and have a race. The entire competition can be quite fun, maybe your partner might throw a squashed tomato on you while cooking if they feel like you are winning. You can have general rules of the “war” set out in advance, like will the taste of food be taken into account or just who makes it faster.

Picnic in the Backyard

Sitting together on a sheet of cloth with your partner under the shade on a beautiful afternoon with a basket filled with sandwiches and drinks can be one of the best ways to have a date. Luckily, you can do all that in your backyard while having complete privacy.

You can make some of your favorite sandwiches or get some snacks from a grocery store. It doesn’t have to be difficult, simply do what you can. Even if it is not possible to free an evening, consider doing it at night with creative lighting in the backyard to make it romantic.

Karaoke Night

One of the all-time favorites is karaoke night. Everyone loves to spend hours singing with lyrics on a TV to some of the funniest and exciting songs with their loved ones.

You can find lyric videos of 20 or 30 dancing songs and invite your partner over. Use a hairbrush as a microphone, then sing, laugh, and dance all night long.

You can even buy a karaoke set with microphones and numerous songs if it is in your budget.

Indoor Golf

Indoor sports can always be fun. You can buy a plastic golf set, move around some furniture in the house, strategically place the holes, and make a great mini golf course right in your home. Make or buy some snacks and drinks as well, as you and your partner might get hungry

To make it even more fun, include your partner in the designing process.