80 Exciting Gender Reveal Ideas to Memorialize Your Baby’s Birth

Having a baby is one of the most exciting phase in anyone’s life. I believe that anything related to a child is worth the celebration. From the time when the couple learn that they are pregnant to the day when the child is born, everyday is a new adventure. Every development, every change is a joy. Similarly, gender reveal is also celebrated by a lot of people today. It is a form of celebration where a small gathering of family and close friends is invited to a certain place (most preferably home) and the gender of the ‘to be born’ baby is revealed.

Why is the gender revealing celebrations in trend these days?

Gender reveal is relatively a new exercise. However, these days people find ways to celebrate each and every occasion. This being one of the reasons that gender reveal function is so much into the inclination. A few years down the line, people used to reveal the gender of the child in the baby shower party. However, these days, two distinct celebrations are enacted.

Boy or Girl?

Blue and pink colored candies are kept in separate jars with tags. The guests make a voting of their choices by picking up their respective candy.

Shake and spray to know the baby’s gender.

So, each guest pick up a spray bottle, shake it and spray it. If the spray is pink, the baby is a girl and if the spray is blue, the baby is a boy.
Few of the reasons on why the gender reveal ceremony is so much into the trend;
People are high on life.

Every occasion, every gleeful act requires the need for celebration these days. This has in one way positively affected the relationship people share with their family and friends. And alternatively, the to be parents get to celebrate the joy of their parenthood.

To value the fact that, any child is special.

Be it a baby girl, a baby boy or a third gender child, any child should and must be celebrated. The fact that two humans can form a completely new human is in itself a blessed phenomenon. This definitely calls for a celebration.

Celebrate your journey of parenthood.

Being a parent for the very first time can be a feeling of happiness, anxiety, excitement and adventure all at once. So, every parents deserve their share of happiness in bringing the child to this lovely world.

Share your happiness with your family and friends.

Often we get caught up into our professional life that we tend to forget that we have a family beyond the career life too. So functions like these, help people to come together and celebrate. And as they say, your happiness doubles when you share it.

Ideas for gender reveal celebrations.

There are various ideas on how you want to celebrate your child’s gender reveal. Moreover, it entirely depends on the parents choice on what kind of activities they want to have on their function.

Here are some very exciting ideas on gender reveal ideas that you can take hints from for your baby’s gender reveal celebration;

Game on, What team are you on?

Have a game on your celebration. Let your guests cast their vote on the gender of the child. And later on reveal the surprise. This kind of game keep the guests interested and excited too. You could also plan a gift for the winning team.

Bows or arrows?

This is another gender reveal party theme where you have  a small gathering with a few very close friends and family. The guests have to choose either a bow or an arrow. The bows represent a girl child because it is colored pink and and the arrows denote a male child because it is colored blue. So apparently, blue color represents the color for a male whereas, pink color represents the color for a female.


As long as you are not specific about your baby’s gender you can have any color (blue or pink) theme party. Also, if you want to have a surprise for your guests then you can opt for a mixed color of both pink and blue.

A classy white theme.

A plain white color works well for literally anything. When you don’t feel like having the basic colors (the blue and the pink), you can have the white one. As easy as it looks. Plus, it looks super classy.

Muffins with blue and pink colored icings.

Probably one of the most suitable item in the gender reveal party. The muffins with the respective colors (blue / pink) icings. These stuffs will add to the cuteness of the party.

Outdoor party ideas.

You can plan an outdoor party too. It will be cool and fresh. You could also use sprays and colors to get your blue and pink theme. This could also be an idea for gender reveal if you are on a small budget, because this idea cuts the cost for the decorations.

Indoor party ideas.

So, for the indoor gender reveal celebration, have a lot of balloons of blue and pink colors and their shades. Have some cake and make sure that whatever decorations you make, their color resemble blue and the pink theme.

Is it that only the basic blue and the pink colored theme required for the gender reveal party? NO!

You are just sick of that basic blue and pink? Cool! The thing is that, it is your party and you can literally have anything of your choice. And as you can see in the picture, that vanilla cake looks so pretty. And other colorful stuffs look extremely pretty.

Little man? Little miss?

Get some cute bags and dishes from the party store quoted little man and little miss. This type of stuffs add to the cuteness of the celebration.
The golden theme.

You can opt for a golden theme too. When you don’t want the specific pink and the blues, go for the golden and the white. Get the gold colored muffins, cake and the decorations. This idea looks super classy in terms of looks.

The baby pink and the baby blue ideas.

Order a cake with a plain frosting(not any specific color)  and the inside of the cake is made either of pink or a blue color. Cutting the cake in the party to reveal the gender will be a surprise to the guests.
Welcome. Grab a necklace and cast your vote. BLUE OR PINK?

Basically, you have to cast your vote on your thoughts on the gender of the child. If you feel like the child will be a male child, grab the blue one and in case you feel she is baby girl, take the pink one.


Celebrating the pregnancy gloominess.

The another reason for the celebration of the gender reveal party is to calm down the expecting mother. It is letting her know that she is loved and so are her pregnancy blues. Furthermore, that Hershey’s chocolate does an excellent job in the party.

The gender reveal box.

A small party idea where a box decides and reveals the gender. And that pink and blue drink look very cute there.

The expecting family reveals the gender.

The outdoor party idea where the expecting family members all together reveal the gender to the guests.

Gender reveals in the country.

Go a certain country side and celebrate your gender reveal ceremony. Have a nice campfire and get some cozy time for yourself.

He or she?

A surprise cake.

A surprise cake for the ceremony where the gender is revealed when the cake is cut. If the inside of the cake is blue, its a boy and if the inside of the cake is pink, it is a girl.

Twinkle Twinkle LITTLE STAR. How we’ve wondered what your are.

The night theme gender reveal and blue and pink fireworks.

The beach gender reveal party idea.
The cute colorful ideas.

The colorful smoke bombs.

Little man or Little lady.

Cast your vote. Boy or girl?

Dream big little one.

Waddle it be?

When I am born will I wear pink or blue? To find out the answer you must follow the clues!

Smoke Fountains.

How to plan a gender reveal party?

Planning any party, though small, require a good deal of thinking and processing. The number of guests, the probability of them coming, venue, the food items, the exciting activities such as games and other stuffs. Same goes for the gender reveal party.

This celebration could be a little complicated though. The reason being that, the expecting parents go through a lot of mental trauma. Furthermore, the physical, psychological, mental variations for the mother. So, to plan the party and get things into structure could a little difficult task to do.

However, this might not be the case for all. Some to-be parents get through it so easy.

I will try to make the party thing easy for all of you, the expecting parents to be. So, let get you on board to make the gender reveal ceremony of your child, one of the happiest times in your life.

Plans to ease your child’s gender reveal ceremony issues.

First thing first, the date.

Gender Reveal Party Invites

This is entirely your choice, the parents to be. It clearly depends on your decision on how soon you want to have your baby’s gender reveal party. If you want to have it in the early stage, then you can get a blood test in the tenth week which would give you the required result. However, if you can wait, you could have a sonogram in the eighteen to twentieth week and then afterwards have the gender reveal party. Make sure that you are clear about the gender of the child. You cannot be confused in the case right? And also do not get muddled on the date and plan early about when would you like to have the ceremony.

The theme.

Plan the theme beforehand. Whether you would want to have the basic theme color of pink and blue or would you like to have something else? Make sure to get the theme sorted. This will ease your issues at the time of setting up the celebrations.

The venue.

Decide where would you like to have the celebration. Indoor or outdoors? Inside the home or in the yard? The choice of your venue decides the type of the decorations.

The number of guests.

Make a list of guests you would like to have in your child’s gender reveal celebration. Except family, how many friends would you like to invite?

Pick a way to reveal the gender.

Ultimately the main moment of the party is ultimately how you reveal the gender to your guests. Few of the most popular options are mentioned here;


Get a neutral color frosting cake on the outside and pink or blue in the inside. You can do the same to the cupcakes and cake pops.

The fusion cake.

The surprise is out when the cake is cut. The inside of the cake has either a pink or a blue colored cream.


Get a box and in it keep toys, clothing, pink or blue helium balloons. When you open the box, the balloons fly out to reveal the gender. Basically, the box in the middle of the yard which reveals the gender of the child.

Pictures, postcards or through social media. 

Especially for family and friends who live far away, the way to reveal the gender is through these kind of pictures. Either pose with a cute baby shoes (pink or blue), paint your baby bump(pink or blue), hold pink or blue balloons, throw blue/pink confetti etc.

Party poppers.

Every guest will garb a party popper and pop it to reveal pink or blue confetti.

Hershey’s bar gender reveal.

Color the letters s(he), pink or blue. HERSHEY’S milk chocolate and HERSHEY’S milk chocolate.
Gender reveal eggs (The golden egg surprise).

Color the eggs shell from the outside and keep some colored (pink or blue) confetti inside. Have guests crack the eggs and let the surprise reveal.

Scratch it off.

This is a lovely surprise idea of gender reveal for relatives and friends who live far away.

Gender reveal cards.

You could get some good greeting cards for your guests and reveal the gender. A very authentic and a cute way to let the guests know.

Gender reveal sparkles.

The party activities.

gender reveal partyको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

Plan the activities you are going to have in the party. The games and the surprise activities you would have for the guests. Plan these stuffs beforehand.

The food and the drinks.

What kind of food and drinks are you going to have in the party. Plan the food according to the theme.

How to have gender reveal party on a small budget?

Have a specific budget.

To plan a party on a small budget, first of all it will require you to clearly separate a certain amount of money to be spent on the party. When you separate an amount, you’ll spend from that specific amount and this will prevent you from over-spending.

Do not go for a theme idea.

The theme idea will cost you a good amount of money, so do not go for that idea. However, you can make the best of the basic gender reveal party by having cute colorful muffins and drinks. Blue and pink balloons also add to the cheerfulness of the party.


Then, for the invitation, go for the invitation through the social media. This will cut the cost of the invitation cards. Also the expense on the postage is cut.

The food.

You could plan your party in such a way that you do the main course and ask your friends and relatives to get the appetizers. This idea of co-ordination is also fun to opt. Not necessarily, but some blue or pink colored food would add that extra thing in the party.
Affordable gender reveal supplies.

Get some affordable gender reveal supplies for your party from some non-expensive party stores. You do not have to spend a substantial amount of money on the party supplies.

Here are a few more gender reveal ideas which could be helpful for your next party.


The most important thing that you cannot afford miss in the party is to document the event. If you can hire a professional photographer, good! If you do not feel like doing it, get your friends to do it. This is something which is gonna stay with you forever and also you can show it to you kids later in life.

Thank your guests.

Be generous and thank your guests for taking out their precious time to celebrate your happiness with you. You could also gift them something cute to honor their presence. They will be more than happy with your thoughtfulness.

I have tried to get in the most of the ideas for you all. I hope you guys go through the article thoroughly and get the best idea for yourself. Happy gender reveal to all the expecting parents. I wish you all have a good one!