Happy marriage throughout life? Madonna knows: it’s real

5 secrets to save your family even if it seems there is no way out

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that even the happiest couples come to a sharp edge of a downfall. Quarrels. Misunderstanding. Loneliness. Madonna will share secrets of bringing your relationships to the happy marriage, harmony and retaining love and respect throughout the years.
Madonna is the Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of Princess Ukok, a Siberian shamanic priestess. Possesses clairvoyance, the talent of instantaneous disclosure of predestination and healing abilities. Doctor of Psychology, founder of the International Academy of Work with the Subconscious “Gyud”.

Naomi, Philadelphia

“I believe there is no space for unspoken words between a wife and a husband. Mutual love, trust, respect, and support are the foundation for a healthy family. This knowledge is passed through generations in my family. My mother shared it with me. My grandmother shared it with my mother. These are not just beautiful words. Both my mother and my grandmother prove them with their life examples – happy marriage with their partners lasting from the moment they met throughout their lives. And my spiritual teacher, Madonna, passes on to me the same knowledge

Though… Truth be told there is one secret I keep from my husband. I have been taking Madonna’s classes for three years. Dan thinks that I am practicing oriental dancing. You can ask why? Well, most men think that a woman’s health and harmony is something natural.  They have no clue how much time and effort women invest in their feminine success. Dan is not an exception.

We had a happy marriage for over 20 years when I suddenly realized that I was thinking about divorce more and more.

Our children grew up, entered collages, and desolated home. Dan and I were left alone. I cannot say we were spouses at that time. “Neighbors” is a more appropriate word. A day could pass and we could fail to see each other, and it seemed OK. I had to admit that our happy marriage turned into a habit. Over the years we got used to each other and considered mutual presence as a natural phenomenon.

I knew our relationship needed to be shaken up or we would soon be separated, completely losing the beautiful things that once bound us together.

I decided at least to try to avoid it and went to an individual consultation with Madonna. During our meeting, she shared her sacral knowledge with me on how to save my family and bring our former relationship back to a happy marriage. Priceless was her advice to start visiting group classes regularly.

Madonna teaches us that family happiness, harmony, and success is not a gift, but happy marriage is real. It is a result of long-lasting and painstaking work. It can be compared with building a house, where every single stone matters. A gentle smile, warm words, tender touches, delicious breakfast, and many similar things are the fundamental bricks we so often forget about.

I began following Madonna’s advice and my relations with Dan started changing. It could be compared with a jump to a new level, where we possessed the strength, consciousness, and wisdom of mature partners, where we shared devoted love and respect with each other. At the moment we are much happier than after the wedding. I am sure we will bring these true feelings and happy marriage throughout our lives!”

In her 20 years of charity Madonna has helped more than 2,000 women find their divine love and bring harmony and understanding back into their families.
And she’s compiled all the knowledge she’s gained over the years into her free online workshop “Your Soulmate

The power of feminine energy

A woman is a source of power, a stream of energy for the entire family. The happiness and well-being of her spouse, children, and whole lineage depend on her emotional and mental balance. The energy she beams is directly associated with her current emotional state, which sometimes resembles a hurricane epicenter. Such behavior as hysterics, tears, aggressiveness, shouts, scandals is the signs of unbearable disharmony inside her.

But feminine energy is not only destructive, it is creative, powerful, and resourceful.

This power will help to reveal talents and abilities, to find the true predestination, to achieve excellent results in study and career, to return beauty and health.

And this magic power of feminine energy should be directed to saving your family, even if your happy marriage is at a sharp edge of a breakage.

Madonna believes that a family is one of the most important things a person has. Due to this reason at her life seminars, she teaches women how to save the marriage and later on support their happy marriages. She has collected 5 vital secrets of bringing back happiness to your relations in this article.

Secret #1: Share positivity and smiles with those you love.

Such feelings as strain, negative, and bad mood are always felt by family members even when you are doing your best to hide these feelings. Your loved ones will suffer from your coldness and separation. To avoid it you need to make sure you have a source of positive emotions all the time. Pray the Creator to support you with additional energy and harmony in your soul.

Madonna specifies how to communicate accurately with the Higher Energy at her events. You are welcome to visit her classes and discover the hidden mechanisms of a positive perception of our world.

Secret #2: Purify your home from bad energy.

Keeping things in order in your house or apartment is highly important since your family members should have a will to come back home. Though energy purification is something different. It helps to eliminate such negative energies as aggressiveness, swearing, annoyance, bitterness, misunderstanding, diseases, and fatigue from your home.

Please note that such deep rituals should be carried out by a skilled advisor, such as Madonna.

How to save your marriage? Independently, you can use protective amulets for your home, which will safely keep your family from the spirits of the Lower World.

Secret #3: Practice an energy womb cleanse.

All negative emotions such as displeasure, disagreement, sorrow accumulate in your womb and then reach your partner in the form of troubles, for example with health or at work.

Special womb cleanse gives a woman the opportunity to get energy renewal, fills her with great mood, health and happiness, rescues from bad thoughts and emotions.

During her seminar “Womb – the source of the woman’s power”, Madonna shares knowledge on how to gain independent control over your emotions, purify your body from the influence of negative feelings and how to save your marriage. This magical effect is obtained through breathing and ancient energy practices. She guides a special womb cleanse ritual during the seminar.

Secret #4: Lead an active lifestyle.

Choose any outdoor activities to do together with your best half. Go hiking, ride bicycles, climb mountains, go sup boarding. Forget about the TV. Explore an amazing world around you in all its beauty. Challenge yourself and support each other in this! You will be surprised by how many positive emotions you will experience.

Secret #5: Come to Madonna’s lessons.

In order to reveal your full potential and find an enlightened sign in your aura, Madonna gathered sacred practices and rituals for you in one large course “THE POWER OF THE 12 CONSTELLATIONS – IN YOU”.

What this course will give you:

You will be able to activate the sacral power of the 12 female constellations that have a projection in your aura
Once you connect with all 12 constellations, a bright sign of enlightened power will appear in your aura. And your fate and the fate of everyone associated with you, the fate of the country, will begin to change
You will gain access to your inner compass, which will allow you to make better decisions, understand the motives of others, and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
You will receive special knowledge about your personal qualities of perfection and realize your true energy reserves.

You will learn a lot of new information about yourself and also how to save your marriage!

Take this chance to go through 12 sacred rituals that will help you not only create the life of your dreams, but also unleash your full potential! After this course, you will know exactly what you need to do to achieve the highest vision of your life.

Together with our spiritual teacher you will unleash your feminine potential, cure pain and exhaustion, discover energy sources, learn secrets of natural beauty and youth. This unique knowledge and valuable experience will help you become a woman of power. A woman who attracts success, luck, and profit in the life of her spouse. A woman who brings health and happiness to her partner through harmony in relationships and knows how to save the marriage. On my YouTube channel there are regular videos with rituals and practices, you can join in.