10 Home Remedies to Reduce Stress

Everybody has stressful weeks every now and then, and some more so than others. While a heavenly weekend spa getaway sounds amazing, this kind of retreat is unrealistic for most of us. Fortunately, there are various home remedies that exist that are incredibly rejuvenating and relaxing. Here are 10 ways to reduce your stress levels:

  1. Sip on Some Tea

If you feel your face beginning to redden with stress, brew a cup of green herbal tea. Green tea is widely known as being a relaxing beverage, especially when made fresh from boiling water poured into your favorite mug. A few soothing sips might just do the trick for you.

  1. Visit a Dispensary

Cannabis is one of the most effective relaxants out there. Check out the best online dispensary in Canada to find a relaxing strain of marijuana. If you’re hoping to just sink into your couch, consider Indica strains or hybrids with more Indica than Sativa. Indicas let you chill and feel an overall relaxation of the body.

  1. Chew Gum

Whether you enjoy bubble-gum, fruity, or minty flavors, chewing a stick of gum is actually an efficient way to get over your anxiety and stress. After a few short minutes of chewing, your cortisol levels can lower, which reduces your anxiety.

  1. Meditate

This doesn’t mean you need to take off work to go on a mountain retreat in search of the perfect meditation zone – five brief minutes of peace within your own home is all you need to enjoy the many benefits of meditation. Just two sessions of silent meditation a day has been shown to help with feelings of depression. Start by finding a quiet space to sit comfortably in and then concentrate on your breathing to allow your anxious feelings to disappear.

  1. Redefine Your Downtime

Ever feel like you are stuck in the same old routine day in and day out? You are not alone. Sometimes throwing a wrench into your plans is just what your day needs. Look for opportunities to add a moment of excitement and joy to your day, such as spending a few minutes on a phone call with a close friend or family member. Take your dog for a bonus walk at the end of the day or treat yourself to your favorite ice cream after work.

  1. Concentrate on Destressing Your Face

We tend to carry a lot of tension in our jaws without realizing it. The longer you subconsciously clench your jaw, the more pressure you are putting on your face muscles and your jawline. Try massaging moisturizer into your jawline under your ears to relieve some of this pent-up stress.

  1. Take a Nap

A power nap is the breather that your brain needs when it tires out. Just like all your other muscles, there is a point that your brain reaches where it becomes overloaded and ends up slowing you down more than helping you. This is when a little bit of shuteye comes in. This will reduce or even completely clear the fog in your head and reenergize your brain.

  1. Think Positive Thoughts

Sometimes a different way of thinking is all your mind needs to set itself straight. Choose your mantra: “I’m a goddess,” “I can do this,” “I can take a nap when I’m done!”

  1. Lay Your Head Down

If you don’t have time for a power nap, or maybe you’re at the office and unable to nap, sometimes simply laying your head down on a pillow and forcing your mind to relax for a few minutes is just as rejuvenating.

  1. Use a Stress Ball

Squeezing a stress ball is the perfect alternative to dealing with feelings towards a frustrating coworker or customers. Trust us.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is very well known to reduce stress as well as improve your mood and elevate your health overall. It also has the benefit of helping you sleep better.

  1. Balance Your Meals

Eating healthy meals regularly is also something that will benefit your overall health. In order to effectively fend off stress, your body needs the proper nutrients. You shouldn’t be relying solely on alcohol to silence your anxiety.

  1. Reduce Your Caffeine Consumption

Too much caffeine can increase your anxiety levels, so think twice before reaching for that second cup of coffee. Drink lots of water or herbal tea instead.

  1. Light a Candle

Many scents can be notably soothing and calming, such as rose, lavender, sandalwood, bergamot, Roman chamomile, and vetiver.

  1. Laugh

Laughter can increase serotonin and dopamine activity, as well as give you a boost of endorphins – all of which contribute to our happiness. Laughing is a natural way to relax your muscles and improve your mood. Try hanging out with close friends who you know will make you laugh or going to a comedy show!