The Big 3 Fashion Mistakes Women Make When it Comes to Their Man

Quite a few women enjoy dressing up when they are out and about town, either with close friends or on their own. Often, a woman loves to go out with their beau who may be electing for a more relaxed look, something she is not a fan of but tolerates.

Sure, you don’t need to get dressed to the nines with the latest in fashion for every night out. However, there are those times when it would be appreciated to dress in a more classy and professional look. It’s important to understand that fashion needs to meet function (& comfort) with men more often than it does with women. That is why he would prefer to compromise his wardrobe’s fashion sense for the comfort of sneakers, shorts, and a tee shirt.

As with almost everything a couple encounters, a healthy relationship uses compromise to resolve issues. This same approach should guide your fashion frustration conversations. A savvy first step is to purchase clothing that has what both of you are looking for: a clean professional look that is built for comfort. These come in many forms such as athletic fit dress shirts. From there on out, how you handle his irksome choices in clothing is the real test. Above all, avoid the following mistakes when talking fashion with your mate.

  1. DO NOT dictate his wardrobe.

Not a single person enjoys being bossed around. Should he ask for your advice on what to wear, then by all means your provide your opinion with care. Do not mindlessly demand your partner accept your style judgment as gospel, especially when they are not asking for it.

  1. DO NOT tell your man he looks dumb or that you hate what he’s wearing.

Men’s fashion is garnering more attention but do not turn it on your man. Regardless of whether it is true or not, do not share your yearning for them to pitch that rotting jersey he wore every day last summer. Voicing your thoughts regarding your significant other’s fashion preferences is not a chance to be nasty. Throwing it in his face now is not cool.

  1. DO NOT attempt to transform your partner into a person they are not.

Your guy is a total babe who enjoys donning a band tee for its comfort. He is undoubtedly charming, along with the mere fact that both of you are in the relationship for the long haul. Do not permit a minor thing such as his much-loved band to get in the way. Common sense illustrates that the more you attempt to tell someone how to be, the more they are likely to resist.

Focus on a few items in his wardrobe rather than trying to accomplish a complete overhaul. Going after all his fashion choices will make your partner feel offended. In its place, propose some additions to his professional and going out apparel. Adding items for specific situations makes him appear especially handsome as well as saving the band T-shirts he loves for weekend or at-home wear.

Before an event, give him the context and fashion it entails. Perhaps your partner is unacquainted with what is appropriate or expected. For example, your boyfriend may not know that, a suit is more fitting than a pair of jeans at the specific club’s lounge where you have reservations, or that tonight’s get-together will be more laid-back than last time.

There are loving ways to try and tweak your spouse’s wardrobe. Always be respectful. Be gentle with your suggestions as even your man, the one you think puts next to no thought into his attire, may still feel hurt when you are questioning his style. Helping him learn what you like is better than trying to force him into it.