How This Woman Turned $35 into $1 Million

The Story of the Woman Who Won Over 1 Million USD at SkyCity Auckland in 2018 

Every casino player dreams of winning big money. Over the years, we have heard stories of many lucky casino players whose dreams of winning big came true. One of the luckiest is most certainly a New Zealand lady who scooped a massive US$1.1 million jackpot prize back in 2018. Not much is known about her personal life, and this is understanding, but we know everything about her major jackpot win.

She played at the SkyCity Casino in Auckland New Zealand. SkyCity Auckland is a popular entertainment complex and a casino floor located in the Auckland business district at the corner of Federal and Victoria Streets. The entertainment complex opened its doors twenty-five years ago or in 1996. At the time, this was the only land-based casino in Auckland and the second casino in the country.

SkyCity Auckland Making One Lucky Lady an Instant Millionaire

The SkyCity Auckland entertainment complex houses not only a massive casino floor but also the SkyCity Theater and the SkyCity Tower. Visitors to the complex can stay in three hotels and pay a visit to numerous renowned restaurants and bars. The SkyCity Auckland casino floor was completely renovated and redesigned back in 2006. Today, it boasts an amazing selection of one hundred gaming tables and over one thousand and six hundred gambling machines. High rollers can play in VIP rooms.

As mentioned in the previous section, at the time of opening its doors, the SkyCity Auckland casino was the only gambling establishment of this kind in Auckland and the second casino in the country. Today, several other land-based casinos operate in New Zealand including SkyCity Hamilton Casino, SkyCity Queenstown Casino, and Grand Casino located in Dunedin. Players can also enjoy online casino gambling sessions at many different websites in New Zealand that offer high entertainment standard for casino lovers.

Back to the lady whose dreams of winning big money came true. She won that major US$1.1 million jackpot prize playing Caribbean Stud Poker. She was playing at low stakes. Imagine her surprise when she was dealt the strongest possible hand, a majestic Royal Flush. Caribbean Stud Poker games at land-based casinos often come attached with progressive jackpots and the odds of winning a progressive jackpot are extremely low, around 650,000 to 1.

The lucky lady was at the right place at the right time. She was playing for a while before she wagered US$35 on the following hand. This is when she was dealt an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten all of the same suit or the Royal Flush. Being dealt the Royal Flush at this point gave her the amazing jackpot amount of over US$1.1 million. She was extremely lucky considering this was the biggest jackpot prize won by a player at the SkyCity Auckland Casino, a popular destination for hen do parties, in several years.


Other Big Winners

Needless to say, all employees at the SkyCity Auckland Casino and the entire management were extremely excited to witness such an amazing win. The lucky lady who decided to stay anonymous decided to give a smaller amount of her prize to other players at her table after she was given her check. Over the years, the SkyCity Auckland Casino made several other lucky players very happy. Back in 2004, the casino’s Sky High Slots paid over US$800,000 to one lucky player. That same year in April, a staggering US$15 million lottery jackpot prize was paid out. In 2002, Sky High Slots granted jackpot prizes worth over US$1.2 million.