6 Alternative Hen Do Ideas on a Budget

Image: Pixabay

If you’ve been entrusted to arrange a hen do for a bride-to-be, but you know that they want a celebration of their last weekend of freedom on a budget, you might be starting to tear your hair out with dread. Worry not though, as there are so many alternative hen do ideas that don’t have to cost a pretty penny; nor do they have to be any less fun!

Hen parties don’t have to stick to the conventional format. If you’re desperate to create a hen do that your best friend will cherish forever, these six offbeat ideas will give you plenty of inspiration to discuss with the rest of the hens.

Arrange an ‘al fresco’ picnic or beach party

If the bride-to-be is getting married in the summer, her hen do is likely to be in the warmer weather. Wouldn’t it be rude not to make the most of the sunshine and arrange a hen do party at the beach or in the park?

With no venue costs to pay, you and the girls can be left to your own devices and get as creative as you want with décor, food, drinks, games, and whatever else you have up your sleeves. Just make sure you have a watertight ‘Plan B’ in case the weather doesn’t decide to play ball!

Host a karaoke party for the bride-to-be

Image: Pixabay

Hit pop songs, a microphone, a great sound system, and plenty of booze – what’s not to like?! If money is tight, hosting the bride’s very own karaoke party for her family and friends is a great ice-breaker ahead of the wedding. It’s a chance for everyone to mingle, have a drink and, once the alcohol starts to flow, get together to perform on the mic.

The idea of a karaoke hen party might bring some women out in a cold sweat, but the beauty of karaoke is that judgement gets left well and truly at the door when you set foot inside. It’s the main reason why the Japanese go crazy for Karaoke. It doesn’t matter how your dulcet tones sound, as long as you’re all letting your hair down, that’s all that matters, right?

Invite friends for an at-home casino night

For some people, there’s nothing more sophisticated and glamorous than a night out at a casino. Whether it’s the excitement of getting to throw on your best ballgown or the adrenaline rush of playing casino games, casinos can make every lady feel like they’re an extra in a James Bond movie.

It’s possible to hire casino equipment such as roulette wheels and blackjack or poker tables for one-night events like a hen party. You could even rope in friends to help out as dealers or croupiers. If you want to keep hiring costs down, you could even set up a computer or laptop with a live casino site that streams real-money table games and allows you to bet and interact with the professional dealers on-screen. Who knows, you and the girls could find a hunky dealer that brings all the luck!

Plan your very own ‘Hen-Fest’

If any of your girl gang is fortunate enough to have a sizeable garden, why not host your very own mini-Glastonbury Festival for the weekend? Invite the bride-to-be’s friends and family to pitch a tent, pay a set fee towards food and drink and enjoy the weather. If budget allows, you could try and hire a live band to play a ‘headline set’ in the evening as the sun goes down.

Alternatively, you could just create a few different playlists to run in the background throughout the day to cater for all music tastes. Then culminate in a playlist of songs that the bride will love best later on in the evening.

Experience a still life drawing class

Do you have an eye for art – and the lads? Why not get all the girls to chip in and arrange a still life model class for everyone. Get your model to strike a provocative pose that everyone can attempt to recreate on paper. The girl voted with the best and worst drawings will get prizes and forfeits respectively.

Just like karaoke, a naked life drawing class will be the perfect ice-breaker. If your bride-to-be has friends coming from multiple social circles, this is one way to induce giggles and conversation between strangers.

Be at one with nature on a hen hiking party

If your bride-to-be is someone that prefers to be active and outdoors rather than cooped up inside, why not whisk the troops away for a picturesque hen hiking party? Find an area of countryside in the UK that’s close enough for all guests to reach and set up a base camp for the weekend in the wilderness.

It’ll be a hugely refreshing change to the conventional hen parties in nightclubs. You won’t know what to do with all that fresh countryside air!

Hopefully, these low-budget alternative hen ideas will get those creative juices flowing. Don’t panic, we have every confidence that you’ll pull off a celebration that your pal will never forget.