How to Choose the Right Watch for a Woman

Choosing a watch for a woman can be quite a task, as you have to put many things into consideration while ensuring that it appeals to the wearer of the watch. This watch might be a gift for someone or you are probably buying one for yourself. Regardless, we have highlighted a few important things to consider when making a choice.

1. The Wearer

The first thing to consider is the wearer of the watch to ensure that your choice matches her personality, style, and taste. Does the person have a preferred color or style? Would she choose a metal strap as seen in Tic Watches or would rather opt for a leather strap? Would she like a specific gemstone on her watch instead? You could also consider the occasion for which the watch is for and the person’s age range to determine her style. Putting all these into consideration, you will be a step ahead in making the right decision.

2. Reflect Your Taste

While you focus on the wearer of the watch, you also have to consider your taste. This is a common rule for all kinds of gifts, as it goes a long way if the gift says a little about the giver. This also applies to watches if you are buying for someone else. What kind of watch would you like to wear? While you consider your taste, you also have to be realistic and find the line between your taste, her taste, and what’s ideal today. For example, there are high-tech watches available today and if you have to choose a watch, it doesn’t matter if your taste is in the 80s models. What matters is getting a modern watch with the best features that she will love.

3. The Movement Type

You have to choose between the mechanical and the quartz movement types. These two have their different features but your choice could depend on the wearer and also your budget. The mechanical movement type is more exquisite and high-tech and is more suitable if you are looking to purchase an expensive watch. The quartz movement, on the other hand, is not as pricey and also requires less maintenance.

4. The Material

The materials used for the watch goes a long way. The most popular is the stainless steel type but you can opt for something else that will suit the wearer. Most women would rather opt for rose gold or silver watches. You should also consider the strap, which largely depends on the occasion the watch would be frequently used for. For example, women’s sports watches have rubber straps, which make them more suitable for outdoor use, especially for sports.

5. Style and Shape

Watches come in different shapes, whether in a rectangular shape, triangle, square, or a combination of two shapes. However, the circular shape is more popular among women. Confirm the style of the wearer to know which shape she would prefer but to play it safe, you can always opt for the circular shape.

The look of the watch also adds to the style, as it could have a casual or elegant look or even a sporty look. Your decision here relies on the occasion the watch would be worn to and the personality of the wearer, whether she prefers something simple or would rather have an elegant look.

6. Brand Names

Different brands have their unique style reflected on their products, so your choice of a brand could go a long way. Some brands are known for their highly-priced watches while some others are known to have high-tech features. Based on what you’ve decided to buy, you can choose the right brand that gets you the best watch that meets your demand and budget.

7. Play it Safe

When buying something for someone and you aren’t certain what their perfect choice might be, it’s always best to play it safe. Don’t try to go overboard or choose an unusual style but preferably, judge from the person’s existing jewelry and accessories and get something similar. This will ensure your gift appeals to her taste and she’s likely to appreciate it even more.


These tips are important when choosing a watch for a woman to ensure you make the right choice. The wearer of the watch is still the biggest factor when choosing, as you want to ensure that she appreciates the watch. Many ladies like to make a statement with their accessories, so you may want to find out what she likes and make a proper decision.