Man Candy Monday: Mike Vogel

Man Candy Monday: Mike Vogel (credit: Daniela Federici/Corbis Outline for Vanity Fair Italy)

Who is Mike Vogel? The Vital Stats:

  • Name: Michael James Vogel
  • Nicknames: Mike
  • Height: 5’10″
  • Age: 32
  • Born: July 17, 1979 in Abington, Pennsylvania
  • Profession: Actor
  • Status: Married to Courtney Vogel, two children – daughters Cassie and Charlee
  • Filmography (year, title, role):

2001-2004: Grounded for Life (Dean) – television series
2003: Too Bad About Your Girl by The Donnas – music video
2003: Grind (Eric Rivers) – feature film
2003: Wuthering Heights (Heath) – made for TV movie
2003: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Andy) – feature film
2005: Supercross (Trip Carlyle) – feature film
2005: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Eric) – feature film
2005: Havoc (Toby) – feature film
2005: Rumor Has It… (Blake Burroughs) – feature film
2006: Poseidon (Christian) – feature film
2006: Caffeine (Danny) – feature film
2007: The Deaths of Ian Stone (Ian Stone) – feature film
2008: Cloverfield (Jason Hawkins) – feature film
2009: Empire State (Sam Cochrane) – made for TV movie
2009: Revista Rosa (Pete) – feature film
2009: Across the Hall (Julian) – feature film
2009: Open Graves (Jason) – feature film
2010: Blue Valentine (Bobby) – feature film
2010: She’s Out of My League (Jack) – feature film
2010: Miami Medical (Dr. Chris DeLeo) – television series
2010: Heaven’s Rain (Brooks) – feature film
2011: The Help (Johnny Foote) – feature film
2011: What’s Your Number? (Dave Hansen) – feature film
2011-present: Pan Am (Captain Dean Lowrey) – television series

source: Flaunt

Mike Vogel barely edged out The Vampire Diaries stud Paul Wesley to take this week’s Man Candy win and to be honest, I’m pretty glad he did. Mike is so ridiculously underrated it’s a little sad. The man is absolutely gorgeous and the sort of natural charm and charisma that you just can’t learn in film school. Beyond that, he’s a talented guy, capable of playing a variety of characters convincingly. I’ve been a huge fan of Mike’s work for years now even if I didn’t actually know it until preparing this profile.

source: Donna Svennevik/ABC

I loved Grind. I mean, I originally checked it out because I was more than a little obsessed with Bam Margera and he made a cameo in the film. By the end of the movie though, I was in love with Eric Rivers. Fast forward to the start of the 2011 fall television season. I was excited for ABC’s new drama Pan Am because I adore Christina Ricci. I was excited to see her on my television screen each and every week. Then Captain Dean Lowrey appeared on screen and although I vaguely recognized the actor portraying him, I was far more interested in staring at the new man candy the show was offering than figuring out what else I’d seen him in. Fast forward to Saturday night when I was preparing the filmography and realized that this Mike Vogel person I’ve developed a serious crush on over the last few weeks was, in fact, the same person who played Eric Rivers in Grind.


As I looked over Mike’s filmography I realized I liked him in a lot more than Pan Am and Grind. I loved him in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre even though I wasn’t actually crazy about the movie. Mike was also in one of my favorite movies of 2010, Blue Valentine, which he was also fabulous in. I loved him in She’s Out of My League. All these roles were terrific and memorable. This begs a very obvious questions – how is Mike Vogel’s sexiness and talent not more widely recognized. I pride myself on being pretty good with my Man Candy but I totally missed Mike until Pan Am.


This is normally the part of the article when I talk about why I like this week’s Man Candy but really, there isn’t much not to like about Mike Vogel. He’s gorgeous of course with those sexy blue eyes and full, kissable lips but he also seems like a very down to earth kind of guy. I always find that appealing. It wouldn’t be hard for a man like Mike to get a swollen head but he seems to have stayed grounded. The only thing that really concerns me about Mr. Vogel has little to do with him. It’s all about Pan Am. With less than explosive ratings, I’m pretty concerned my favorite new drama of the season is going to be cancelled and take with it my chance to see Mike on my television screen every week. This simply won’t do. If you haven’t checked Pan Am out, I would highly recommend it. The characters are fantastic and the story lines are engrossing. It’s definitely worth watching.


If I had to say there’s one thing I love about Mike more than anything else, it’s his role as family man. He’s been married to wife, Courtney, since 2003 and he credits her with helping him stay grounded. Together they have two children, Cassy Renee (born February 20, 2007) and Charlee B. (born June 2, 2009) and two pugs, Orlando and Olivia. Although I’m really hoping that Paul Wesley can eventually take a win and earn his profile here on World of Female, I’m thrilled Mike Vogel won this week as it gave me the chance to learn so much more about the man who is quickly becoming one of my favorite rising stars.

Last week’s race was close and this week’s race promises to be even closer with Paul Wesley and Idris Elba returning from last week’s poll along with two write-in contestants, Jared Leto and Ryan Reynolds vying against Man Candy newcomers Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey from the upcoming male stripper flick Magic Mike. Want to learn more about this week’s contestants, head on over to Girl In Stereo and check out a picture and brief bio for each contestant before you vote right from that post. You can also vote in the poll directly or cast your vote on Facebook and Twitter. Remember, there’s no limit on how many times you vote and write-in candidates are welcome. Okay, enough talk! Let’s get to these sexy Mike Vogel pictures. Enjoy!

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