How to Hire the Best Live Entertainment Talent  

Live entertainment can change the feeling of an event without trying.  The right singers, musicians, or acrobats, can turn a simple party into an event that everyone talks about for months to come.

If you want to create something incredible like this, planning and careful choices are vital.  These are the most valuable things to consider.

Consider What Entertainment You Want

Before you start booking entertainment for your gathering: consider what type of entertainment you need.  Most people’s minds go directly to musicians and singers, but these aren’t the only performers you can hire.  For a large party, you could employ celebrity look-alikes to mingle in the crowd, or you could even put on a fire dance show to impress and excite partygoers.

Although music is an awesome option, and you can hire more than one type of performer: don’t limit yourself to singers and bands.

Interview and Ask for Auditions

Don’t hire anyone until they’ve proven their skill to you.  This means seeking out performers who know what they’re doing and are capable of exciting and enticing the crowds.

When you’re contacting entertainers, ask if they have any samples of themselves performing or if you can watch them perform live anywhere.  This will give you a better view of their skills and help you make a more educated decision.

Consider Your Budget Carefully

How much can you afford to pay a live performer?  We would all love to be able to afford singers like Beyonce or illusionists that are world-famous, but most of us can’t afford anything near that for our gatherings.  Consider how much you can afford, and then window shop performers on gig sites or other places where performers may be listed online.

After you’ve seen their hourly rates, you may have to reconsider your budget and try to make it more appropriate for the performers.  This is normal, but make sure not to extend yourself too far.

Ensure They Understand the Gathering

Although you may think that your kids would love to have a rock group at your daughter’s sixteenth birthday party, make sure the group understands what’s expected of them.  If there’s a dress code or language or behavior rules you’d like them to follow, let them know before you hire them.  This will ensure there’s no miscommunication, and the event will go off without a hitch.

Communicating with them early and often gives you the best chance to have an awesome gathering regardless of what type of event.

Ask Friends For Help

An event is for more than just one person!  If you’re hosting, try to have a couple of other people on a small committee of friends to decide on live entertainment.  They’ll help ensure that you’re not skewing everything towards your tastes and may help you decide between two or more acts if you’re having trouble choosing.

Although this may lead to a case of ‘too many cooks’ if the event is small, it’s generally a good idea for large events.