Modern Day Masked Fancy Dress Ball

Masquerade…when this word is heard during the 18th century what would come to mind would be ladies in flowing elaborate gowns and gents in clingy tights and old fashioned but colourful tuxedos. Fancy dress ball is defined as a ball where the guests will be wearing masks and costumes. In consonance with this definition people attending this kind of ball will be wearing masks. Wearing sophisticated costumes and being disguised by a mask was a part of merrymaking culture of different countries to celebrate special occasions. It was the fashion to use costumes that depict popular personalities. As movie stars were not yet popular during that time, the costumes are commonly based on famous fictional characters. Romeo and Juliet costumes are common and so are other costumes depicting other Shakespearean characters.

Dress balls are gaining popularity these days. Years ago, Halloween would be the busiest time for fancy costume suppliers. If kids would go out for Tricks and Treats, adults would have a ball donning their most gory or scariest costumes to go to fancy dress parties. She and he devils, witches, zombies and bloody massacre victim costumes would literally fill the streets. Nowadays costume parties are gaining grounds. Costumes are needed not only during Halloween but for the celebration of any occasion.

The attire would always be a concern for ladies getting ready for a night out. This kind of problem though is not often seen in men. Does this mean that women are indeed vain and more particular with how they look? Because masked balls are often themed and the invitation is given weeks ahead, women would have ample time to prepare for the costume as well as for the accessories.

The 80s fashion is making a roaring comeback because celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna have popularized attires that were the fashion during that time. As such, a lot of dress balls are 80s themed. Finding an 80s fancy dress is therefore not too difficult as these kinds of costumes are practically offered by all boutiques and malls. Shopping for a costume depicting the 80s would not be too difficult as prom dresses, acid wash high waist pants, lacy gloves and stockings are readily available. This era is characterized by elaborate hairstyles. A wig will be necessary to complete the 80s costume. A lacy bra, short skirt and leggings, fingerless gloves, a lot of bangles, flashy makeup and the beauty mark and presto…the Madonna look that will turn heads is achieved! Dress balls have gone back to the 70s as well. Big collars suits in loud psychedelic prints, sheer tank tops, platform shoes that adds about three inches to the height, flared pants…these are the popular fashion in the 70s. Unless, mom and dad have stored these outfits in the attic, finding a 70s fancy dress can be rather difficult.

Costume parties have become a rage. Anyone and everyone would want to be a part of this exciting get together where women are provided the chance to show off their charms and men are given the opportunity to kind of promote their appeal. Ladies would naturally want to be the belle of the ball. However, an elaborate one of a kind costume can considerably lighten the pocket book.
Charity stores are veritable sources of costumes that can be purchased at much lower prices. Hunting for costumes would be a very exciting but time consuming task. Fancy dress/costume shops are good sources of costumes too. Most of these quaint little shops have good stocks and the perfect fancy dress may be waiting just for the right customer. Because these are specialty shops, their products usually have high price tags.

A better option is to shop online. Anyone wanting to shop online simply need to Google fancy dress and visit the websites offering this merchandise. Shopping online is for those people that do not have the luxury of time…of going from one shop to another to hunt for the best costume. The perfect costume can be found in the comforts of the home.

Anyone that is handy with a sewing machine and one that has a lot of creative juices stored can create his/her own costume. Aside from the savings, the wearer can be sure that the costume would be one of a kind, a thing that is not possible if the costume is purchased off the rack. With this option, the style and the overall look of the costume will only be limited by the maker’s imagination.