How To Make Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Hype up your style when it comes to your lovely nails and works out the fashion by using rainbow nail art polish. The vivid and lively colors painted on your nails show off a great and happy vibes. Rainbow nail arts are not only for party or event gatherings but you can actually have a casual rainbow painted nails for your daily outfits and lifestyle. There are several techniques to have rainbow nail arts by using neon, chromatic colors, glitters, metallic, sheer, dull, matte, and marble type of nail polish. Some are adding glitzy accessories and designs on their nails to make these designs look alive. Manage your style and have this trendy look fashion right to your nails.

Polka Dotted Candy Hues


Create a colorful and retro style patterns right to your nails! Just combine violet and sky blue polka dots for the thumb and fingernails, green, yellow, and red for the index and pinky nails while red and black for the middle finger.

Peacock Style Nail Art


Get all the colors of the rainbow and use them as inspirations for your nail art. You can try this design for a casual look and partner it with a plain clothes to look fabulous.

Colorful Polka Dotted Nail Design


Sometimes, it’s nice to see a unique single nail with majestic shades of colors while the rest have similar patterns. You can play with the designs of your nails and create something interesting.

Rainbow Style Simple Nail Art


Make your nails creative and playful by designing rainbows, clouds, and skies. It will definitely make the nature lovers become interested in this pattern.

Retro Colorful Nail Polish


Make your nails in achromatic shades of colors by combining red, yellow, blue, violet, and green. The result might look like a round candy cane and it will surely meet your taste!

Glossy and Dark Nail Art


Try this amazing combination of dark and shiny colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, and violet. As you noticed, it’s actually a rainbow facade of colors on your nails.

Spiral Rainbow Nail Art


Apply adorable colors on your nails and try this amazing nail art trick. It’s actually a combination of light colors that includes light blue, violet, orange, yellow, green, and pink. In addition, make it in a twirl like motion for a two-dimentional and optical illusion effect.

Artistic Paint Effect Nail Design


You can actually have an abstract painting of your nails by trying this fade and fall effect of colors. First and foremost, apply a white background and reapply nail polish with colors.

Glittered Background and Matte Colorful Polish


Try this amazing combination of light and dark colors for your party fashion nails. First, you have to apply a horizontal pattern of the colors then dry it up. Next, you may now apply the glitzy black nail polish to make it more fashionable.

Artistic Shades of Colors on Nails


Polish your nails with abstract design by adding complementary colors such as red and yellow for the index finger nail, yellow, green, and blue for the middle finger, blue and violet for the ring finger nail, and lastlt, violet and pink for the pinky nail.

Modern Black and Neon Nail Style


Do you love the color of matte? You may actually try it too when it comes to nail art. First, apply the matte black color on your nails and create chromatic millenial design using polka dots.

Simple and Sassy Colorful Heart and Lines Designs


Who said that valentines day is just for color red? When the romantic season arrives, you may try this design with lovely heart shapes for your casual date.

Amazing Clouds and Rainbow Nail Art


Do you want to post something amazing on your FB wall? You may try this sky, rainbow, and clouds effect on your nails by following this amazing art. It’s a combination of sheer and glitzy nail polish.

Candy Sprinkle Nail Art


Some chicas love to wear neutral colors for their nail art. You can have this gray background and add sprinkles of colors like candies on your nails.

Retro Nail Design in Glossy Polish


Feel the retro style even in the contemporary world by trying this awesome combination of sheer colors in pink, violet, blue, yellow, orange, and green. It’s a nice nail art perfect for your OOTD.

Sheer Style Rainbow Nail Art


Be creative as you can with cloud and rainbow theme of nail art. You can make the index and pinky finger nail plain with sky blue color then add some effect on the middle and ring finger nails by polishing with rainbow colors and drawings.

Modern Punk Neon and Black Polka Dots Design


Try this sexy and appealing matte nail art by setting the background of your nails as black and polish it with polka-dotted designs to make it look contemporary and punk.

Sheer, Glossy, and Glitzy Nail Art


For long fingernails, you should make them look attractive by adding some clear background and glitzy rainbow effect on the edges for a fashionable look.

Unique Design in Colorful Polish


Make your nails colorful and vivid by creating rainbow effect on the edges and polka dotted design on the center. It’s a lively and cheerful nail art to try especially during party occasions.

Amazing Heart Shape Black Background Nail Polish


If you want to have an idea what to wear for your valentine’s date, you probably try this amazing nail art effect. Paint the background of your nails with sheer colorful nail polish and let it dry. Next, use a heart pattern and put it on your colorful background nails. Now, polish it with black and see for the results.

Floral Style Colorful Glossy Nails


You may opt to floral petal effects as your main designs and color them with green, blue, yellow, violet, and pink to make it look contemporary and fabulous.

Simple and Pretty Sheer Nail Designs


Combine this plain sky blue and colored index finger nail for a classical style appearance of your lovely nails. Be creative as possible without over exaggerating the designs.

Lovely Rainbow Nail Art


Try this rainbow tail pony as your main design and make it fabulous with the lively and lovely variety of colors. It’s a nice and cute nail art to try for parties.

Sophisticated White Background and Glitzy Designs


Get a sophisticated effect of rainbow nail art colors. Just polish the background of your nail with white and apply glittered nail polish for the design. This wavy design is surely attractive because of the effect of the white background.

Beautiful Rainbow Glitzy Shades


Some people find nail art as an interesting way of being a great painter. For nail art rainbow lovers, you may try this faded colors in glitzy effects.

Aztec Style Colorful Nail Art


If you want to be unique with the designs of your nails, you can actually try an Aztec pattern like cultural floral effect. It will make your nail art bizarre and amazing.

Sheer and Glittered Nail Color Combination


Do you want to have variety of colors for your nail art? You can paint your nails with pink, violet, blue, green, and yellow for a vivid style. In addition, you may add fading effect of the glittered polish for the design.

Abstract Colorful Nail Art


This abstract nail art is definitely amazing and it can make the look of your nails in a party mode and playful appearance. Just drizzle a zigzag effect on the white background of your nails then voila!

Crayon Style Sheer Nail Polish


For a person like you who loves candy colors, you may try this shiny and sheer vivid nail polish in green, sky blue, pink, violet, and yellow. It’s like you have some M&M candies on your nails.

Chromatic Retro Sheer Nail Art


Get this amazing classic effect of rainbow nail art colors and wear it for your party gigs. This nail design is absolutely trendy for party acquaintance and makes you more fashionista.

Twirl Summer Nail Art


Try this abstract twirl effect of nail art for a bizarre look. It’s actually look complicated to do but you can possibly create this amazing art using a pattern.

Artistic Fading Colorful Nail Art


This creative nail art is definitely amazing. The fingernails serve as the main background of the primary design by polishing white background and falling faded colors for the dramatic effect of the art. Draw a silhouette of a man and girl at the middle finger nail for the amazing look.

Sophisticated Rainbow Nail Design


It’s actually a tricky nail art design for the ring finger. As you can see, the rest of the nail art are only in plain sky blue colors. To create the ring finger nail art, you have to use a toothpick and shatter the colors using the water then gradually pulling the color towards the nail to achieve the effect.

Cute Neon Colorful Spots Nail Art


Try this dalmatian colorful style nail art and use it for your party gatherings. The white background serve as the primary color and top it with dalmatian shapes with colorful shades.

Bizarre Colorful Nail Design


This nail art needs two combinations of tricks. First, you have to paint your nails with glittered silver color and let it dry. Thereafter, use a toothpick and scatter the colors on the water. Soak your finger and gradually pull the colors on the nails to create these effects.

Rainbow Simple Nail Polish


This is a nice nail art for kids and teens. The colorful sheer background is just easy to do and top it with white color on the edge to make it look like clouds effects.

Artistic Design Rainbow Nail Polish


Achieve this amazing designs to your nails with butterfly wings effects on the edges. Make it more awesome by coloring it with rainbow hues. You can do this manually by carefully shaping the design then add the color for the last part.

Amazing Background Nail Arts


Try this bizarre nail art in different genres. You can combine the rainbow, grass, checkered, and fingernail with sequins to make your nails attractive and cute.

Barbie Style Glitzy Rainbow Nails


This nail art is definitelt gorgoeous to look at because of its light colors and glittery effect. In addition, the fading technique makes it more amazing.

Chromatic Swipe Effect Nail Art


For simple nail art, you can try this white background nail art with colorful wavy patterns to reduce the plainness of the nail art. It’s an amazing nail art for casual look and summer seasons.

Candy Style Nail Art


Be more creative with your rainbow nail art by polishing it with a candy brand like skitties. This is a nice nail polish to try for a casual look.

Polka Dotted and Striped Nail Art


Make the color of your nails like sprinkle of candies and partner them with your fashionable outfit. This nail art adds good vibes and lively appearance to the wearer.

Paint Faded Colorful Nail Design


Keep your nails in lively appearance by polishing them with this fade and colorful technique. It’s actually a tricky way to do this and you may try this using water. Mix the shades of colors and soak your fingernails to absorb the nail polish for the glamour nail look.

Chromatic Classic Rainbow Nails


This amazing rainbow nail colors can be achieved using water and soak technique. Just spread the colors on the water and soak your fingernails to come up with this nail art.

Amazing Modern Sheer Nail Art


Try this finger nail for a Hawaiian style and polish the ring finger, index finger, and thumb with plain colors for a different style.

Contemporary Colorful Abstract Nail Art


Blaze your nails with these amazing colors and abstract designs for a party stylish nails. This are nice nail polish to try for your contemporary style.

Polka Dotted Sheer Nail Design


If you want to try a unique appearance of your nails, you may opt to these rainbow designs by applying sky blue color for the main background and using polka dot patterns for the design.

Twirl Crazy Rainbow Nail Design


Show off a mysterious look of your nails by applying black color for the main background of the nails and soak your nails in the water with mixed nail polish to come up with this style.

Symmetrical Colorful Nail Art


This nail art connotes fun, lively, and vivid designs perfect for party occasions. The blend of the colors complement all together and the shapes are really cute upon looking at them.

Zebra Pattern Colorful Nail Art


Enrich your nails with these colorful zebra designs art. It’s a perfect nail accessory for your outfit of the day!

Chromatic Modern Nail Art


Get a colorful bliss of your nails using glossy and chromatic colors. For a fashionista woman like you, this is something that you should try to match with your style.

Butterfly Style Colorful Nails


Embellish your nails with these amazing minty and fresh color which can be worn for summer escapades, social gatherings, and celebrations. Try this cute nail polish now!

Sassy Rainbow Nail Design


Shower the rainbows on your nails and use a chrome texture nail polish that comes in blue, yellow, red, and white color. Make it a simple yet glittering with the use of the transparent background.

Cute and Sassy Peacock Nail Art


Grab this teenage nail design idea and try to DIY it to your nails. Just keep a white background as the base and design the peacock shapes for the embellishment. Make them colorful and unique.

Matte and Metallic Modern Nail Designs


Try this dark background and diagonal rainbow glossy nail polish for a fierce look of your nails. It’s a suitable style for funky and sophisticated dark outfits.

Striped Rainbow Nail Polish


Play with the colors and make yoru nails look lovely in this striped rainbow nails. It’s a great fashion for party outfits.

Plain Blue and Rainbow Glitters


Design your nails in a disco love and glittery embellishments to make the nails look vibrant and lively. A nice combination to your glossy or shimmering apparel.

Disco Style Sequin Nail Art


Are you going to the disco tonight? You must try this amazing designs on your nails to make your overall outfit fun and party on-the-go.

Matte and Artistic Shades Nail Design


Appreciate the amazing designs of the Aztec patterns and try to blend fading colors as the base. You will definitely feel like a fairy when you wear this on your nails.

Cute Zigzag Pattern Nail Polish


Invigorate your nails with colorful nail palettes and make this style suitable to your sassy, cool, and modern OOTD.

Sheer and Glossy Glitzy Nails


Make your nails lovely by trying out the color blendings and combinations of purple, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Drizzle some glitters on top to make them look more fashionable.

Lovely Polka Dotted Nails


Are you going to a party or celebrate the new year tonight? You should be wearing this cute polka dotted rainbow color designs on your nails for a happy vibe night!

Neon Inspired Nail Design


Most of the girls love the neon colors due to their stunning look. Try to polish your nails using this color for an awesome look.

Chromatic Colorful Nail Art


Make your nails look vibrant with the combination of different colors and matching them with butterfly effect designs. You will absolutely like this nail art appropriate to your fashion.

Rainbow and Clear Nail Design


If you’re going to attend a social gathering, you can actually pair your flouncy dress with this nail art so that you can achieve an overall sophisticated look with colorful twist.

Green Background and Rainbow Pattern Design


Getting ready for your summer getaways? You can actually try this nail art that will match with your bikini fashion.

Disco Style Rainbow Glittered Nails


Partner your colorful and stunning dress with this rainbow and glittering nail fashion for a gorgeous and fabulous look.

Amazing Colorful Trees Design


This nail art is definitely a true art because the designs were like paintings. You can actually try this one for a painting style like nail ornament.

Abstract Shades and Glitzy Nails


Try to make your nails full-of-life by considering to polish different colors with shimmering designs. Use white as your base to emphasize the design.

Gel-like Colorful Nail Polish


Are these gems on the nails? Actually, this is a semi-transparent nail polish coated on the glittered base to look like gems. Amazing isn’t?

Amazing Shades of Rainbow Nails


Make an authentic shades of your nails with the use of the foam. Just polish rainbow nail colors on the foam then apply it to your nails to achieve this amazing texture and blend.

Disco Style 5 Layers of Color


Work out with your nails and make them look mesmerizing using glittering colors for a fashionable look. This is a nice fashion to partner with your disco outfits.

Shimmering Colorful Abstract Design Nails


Feel your nails like in a magical wonderland using the glittering nail polish and draw shining stars to make it more appear magical.

Amazing Glitzy Symmetrical Rainbow Nails


Have a witty and fashionable look of your nails by trying out this design. It’s a great pattern to accentuate the rainbow colors and it adds edge on the nails.

Colorful Sheer Cute Nail Art


Make up your nails with this girly and sassy look. It’s a cute nail design for teen and adult girls who would love to play with the style of their nails.

Striped Sheer Rainbow Colors


How are you going to welcome the summer vacation? Well, for fashionistas like you, a great colorful nails would probably start your day following your summer fashions and activities.

Striped Abstract Nail Art


Do you want a sophisticated style of your nails? You can try this design especially if you wish to adopt rainbow colors and apply it in a sophisticated fashion sense.

Cute Round Colorful Nail Design


Many girls would definitely like this nail design due to its playful charisma and dazzling style. It can be partnered with your cute, sassy, or party outfit for the overall fashion.

Perfectly Coated Glitzy Rainbow Nails


Fall in love with this diagonal rainbow colors nail design and partner it to your favorite casual apparel for an overall stylish appearance.

Shades and Polka Dots Nails


Create a distinguishing look of your nails with this cute design. It’s actually great for summer, party, new year and christmas look for your nails and partner to your outfit.

Symmetrical Design in Matte Nail Art


Consider this symmetrical design with white background and inverted triangle rainbow nail polish for a sophisticated and neat look. It is really a suitable embellishment to complement with your semi-formal outfit.

Joyful Vibe Polka Dotted Nails


Learn how to play along with your style by trying out this amazing polka dotted designs. We recommend this design whenever you celebrate New Year and Christmas to attract happy vibes.

Butterfly Inspired Colorful Nails


Do you feel mystical and unique? You should try this butterfly effect rainbow colors nails to complement with your fashion and create a nymph design to your overall OOTD.

Candy Dandy Sheer Nail Art


Do you love colorful designs? Well, this is a nice embellishment to your nails considering your outfit and style. This design makes the wearer look young, fab, and sassy.

2D Style Symmetrical Nail Designs


Are you a fan of unique nail designs? You will definitely love this symmetrical and 2D effect nail art. It is a promising look for your sophisticated dress code. You should try this amazing nail art.

Picasso Style Rainbow Nailwork


Make your nails attractive and cute with this sassy nail art. Just combine these glossy colors namely pink, orange, sky blue, violet, yellow, and lime green.

Stripes, Shades, and Spots Nailwork


Do you want to experiment with your nails? You may try this zebra patterned style and use the rainbow colors as background to blend with the patterns.

Zigzag Pattern Colorful Nail Art


Do you love the character Moana? You should try this nail art inspirations that shows aztec and jungle style look for a modern Moana style.

Acrylic Style Rainbow Nail Design


Try this colorful acrylic design nail polish for your summer vacation. You can partner it with your beach dress, bikinis, or hanging tops and shorts for a sexy look.

Cartoon Background Rainbow Nails


Do you want to experience a tribal look of your nails? You should try this design so that it will match with your Mexican or Bohemian casual outfit.

Mystique Shades and Glitzy Nail Art


Some women like the cosplayers love to play with their outfits and show off a mystical or fairy style. You can actually try this nail art to complement with your majestic outfit.

Zigzag Cute Sheer Rainbow Nails


A simple scallop edges nail art can already make your sassy and cool look. This nail art is just simple yet fashionable due to the colors, designs, and texture of the nail polish.

Picasso Style Abstract Nailwork


Experience this nail art for a unique style. The designs were typically inspired through the amazing paintings and apply to nail arts for an awesome appearance.

Unique Striped Colorful Nail Art


Create an enigmatic look of your nails and make it a popular design. Learn how to combine the rainbow colors to come up with this design.

White Background and Faded Colored Leaf Nail Art


Feel the serene nature to your nails by trying out this design. It only comes with a white background and a long colorful leaf to highligh the primary design.

Amazing Painted Abstract Style Nails


Try this unique and amazing droplets of nail polish nail colors using your in-depth creativity and fashion taste. It will definitely suit with your outfit and style.

Cute Symmetrical Nail Art


Make your nails look feminine and sassy with the combination of the different fading colors and white as the base. Try this aztec design for your amazing OOTD.

Vivid and Colorful Unique Nail Art


Do you want to make your nails look fierce? You can actually use this design and partner it to dark colors outfits for great resemblance and style.

Cute Simple Nail Art with Colorful Unicorn Cartoon


Do you want to create a cartoon effect to your nails? Try this design and use the colorful unicorn as your primary design to create cute and happy vibe look.

Amazing Abstract Nail Art in Fading Colors


Do you want to make your nails look mystical? Try to use the dull texture colors and use gold embellishments on top of the color to make it look magical and amazing!