How To Use An Epilator For Your Bikini Line

Looking good even in a bikini is nothing but the right of every woman who makes public appearance clad in a bikini. Whenever you go in public you want to look clean, tidy and pretty. Like all human beings women also have some unwanted hair on their bodies that make them look like a man or untidy and when they have such hair they try not to expose and give bad impression to the viewers.

Removing pubic hair is a painful and a sensitive job. In our quest for achieving skin as smooth as a baby seal’s, we do tend to face skin bane such asirritation, infections, ingrown hairs, folliculitis, and cuts.But not anymore!! Not when we have variety of epilators to choose from. Forget waxing; forget shaving because it is synonymous with a lot of labor and let’s be frank, an expensive service too. Choosing your epilator for bikini line hair removal is the way to go. There is nothing more effective than using an epilator for hair removal on the bikini line.

Reasons to remove the hair from bikini line?

When summers are just around the corner and you want to keep cool by engaging in water activities with your kids and want to throw pool parties every now and then, it is necessary to maintain a neat and clean bikini line all through the summer. Though most of the women do remove this hair all through the year but at the times when they do not need to expose much they usually delay the process but the case is different with the summer season as enjoying pool parties and water sports and planning beach picnics is the fun part of summer.

Different methods used for hair removal of the bikini line?

The market is full of hair removal creams of different brands and a lot of women used to use these creams for the hair removal though they were considered the easiest way to remove hair without pain but in reality it was not true. A large number of women are allergic to the ingredients used in these creams and there is one drawback in all these creams that makes them unpopular and that is the darkened color of the skin in the areas it is used.

One more method of bikini line hair removal is the waxing method though it is a safe method but it involves much pain especially when you are new to it. Many women have experienced burns by accidently using the wax that was just too hot for the sensitive area.

The third method that women across the globe used for saving time was that of shaving. Though there is not much pain involved in this method there are chances of getting bruised by the blades even if you are using the specially designed razors for ladies. The hair that grow after shaving is thick and hard and each time you shave it becomes harder.

Using The Epilator

Epilator is the best invention for the ladies of present era. This small machine does wonders as compared to the other methods of pubic hair removal. Though it does involve a sharp pain in the beginning of the procedure but if done after taking some precaution it can be used quite easily. The chances of getting burned or allergies are minimal but if done carelessly you can cut your skin with its sharp tweezers. The hair regrow very slowly and gradually there is a decrease in the growth of pubic hair.

Guideline For Pain Free Hair Removal Experience With Epilator.

  • There are a number of steps after taking which you can get a pain-free and longer lasting epilation.
  • If the hair you want to epilate has grown long you should trim it before epilation as it can get caught in the tweezers and may harm your skin.
  • You may have to move the device promptly over the same area for several times the quickly you move the device the less are the chances of sharp pain.
  • If the skin is lose it can get hurt by getting pinched with the tweezers so you should keep the skin taut in order to avoid accidental cuts.
  • Most of the epilator devices come with a variety of attachments that are used for different types of hair, before you remove you hair you should make sure that you are using the right attachment.
  • The area of bikini line has the most sensitive skin and one can get seriously hurt if the wrong attachment is used for pubic hair removal, as there is a special attachment for the pubic hair removal.
  • A number of experts recommend the use of some creams that make the surface of your skin numb especially if you are using it for the first time.
  • Everyone has a different threshold of pain and if you think you cannot bear the sharp pain you should try to take a pain killer before you start epilating.
  • Use the epilator on small sections of skin to make it work more painlessly and effectively.
  • The epilator pulls the hair from the roots so it is better to use it on the hair that is short, if your pubic hair is long you should either shave it or wax it before using the epilator as using an epilator is less painful on short hair.
  • It is wise to buy an epilator with a pivot head and a special attachment for the hair removal of bikini line.
  • If you buy a wet and dry epilator it might be a smart choice as it can be used while taking a shower. When you take a shower with warm water the pores of your skin open up making the epilating easier and less painful.
  • Never use an epilator just before your period as at this time the threshold of your pain is very low, it is better to use it after a period as at that time you have a better pain threshold.

Which Epilator Is Best For You Bikini Line

  • Not all types of epilator are as easily used on your bikini line as some special ones that make the experience pain free.
  • If you want to use your epilator both on wet and dry skin you should buy the epilator that can be used during shower and even after a shower.
  • The epilator with more tweezers works more quickly and effectively.
  • The epilators are available in many forms, there are rechargeable epilators, battery operated epilators and cordless epilators, and you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.

If you follow all the above mentioned tips you can have a pleasant pain free epilation experience.