7 Best Cars for 2020

No two people have the same taste in cars, as while one might desire one particular feature another might want something different. While those that consider themselves petrol heads are fantasizing about horsepower, acceleration and g-force, those who are more sensible are likely to be more concerned about storage space, utilities such as USB ports, and how safe the car is to drive. Due to this, the criteria that make a car best suited for an individual are different and unique for each person. Life circumstances often play a significant part in the buying process, too.

With the increased abundance of choice developing in the car manufacturing industry, buying a car can be pretty difficult as it’s super easy to be lured one way and end up with a car that you just don’t love. To help filter away the scrap junk from the supercars, here are a few of the best cars that have been firm favorites for years. With this list, you should be able to get a better understanding of what kind of car is best for you.

Mitsubishi i – MiEV

The Mitsubishi is a reliable and really great car for any driver but is particularly good for those that want to get something that’s inexpensive to not only buy but maintain as well. This car best suits those who live either in the city or in sub-urban areas as it’s pretty compact making it perfect for zipping between locations effectively.

It’s one of many really environmentally-focused cars, due to it being 100% electric, however, despite that you don’t sacrifice any performance as it has an EPA rating of 112, meaning that it’s as efficient as a car that gets 112 miles to the gallon. Being electric, it means that you can save a lot of money by not having to fill it up with petrol and with a decent range of 62 miles on a single charge, it’s a great little hatchback that can help you get around in your day to day life while also offering a smooth ride with excellent steering.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a very popular car due to its welcoming appearance and elegant design. It’s the furthest thing from being an intimidating car, making it particularly good for new drivers, however, it is one that has a nice amount of performance packed in.

The Focus boasts stylish interiors and even leather upholstery available as an upgrade for those that want a splash of the high life. It also boasts a great balance between cost, fuel efficiency and style, making it a car that’s almost the jack of all trades that can do you really well for as long as you have it. The Ford Focus is also a car that can very regularly be found at used car dealerships, meaning that buyers can find a great deal on this well-rounded car for less. To find out how much you can save, Autouncle has a free car valuation tool.

Honda Accord Hybrid

Hybrid cars combine the best of both types of energy options, giving you the great power and drive of petrol while also utilizing the fuel economy of electric power. The Honda Accord is one of the best hybrids out there, due to its excellent fuel efficiency for a mid-sized car that can comfortably fit a family of four with no problem.

The car has a really mature and classy look that’s sure to turn heads and is also super comfortable as it provides a sleek and smooth ride. The Accord averages at around $29,000 when bought new, making it a really good economical option for city cruising.

Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is a favorite of young drivers, especially for those who may have just passed their driving test. This is because the Fiat is super easy to drive and is a really plucky vehicle, due to its tight steering and small body.

It’s not a car that’s going to be good at ferrying multiple people on long trips, but it’s a good utility car for individuals who need to get to school or work. It offers a really laid-back driving experience, and also comes with a multitude of safety features to make you feel far more confident when you drive.

Chevrolet Malibu

When looking at the Malibu you wouldn’t even think that it’s a car that only costs at most $30,000. Its looks far exceed it’s price tag, making it a favorite for drivers due to the apparent bargain it is. The car has luxurious looks and exudes sporty vibes, and has a decent 27 miles per gallon for city driving, which isn’t bad at all. It also ranks high in terms of safety features and is also a spacious car with plenty of legroom. The piece de resistance, however, is its infotainment system that can allow you to make handsfree calls, play music and connect Bluetooth devices.

Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 is a dynamo simply due to its wonderful driving ability. This car is for the individual who likes to put their foot down and burn rubber, as it has outstanding handling at high speeds as well as great steering, all the while maintaining great fuel economy to boot. The legroom as well as the headroom in the car is super generous and how stylish the car is will make you forget that you’re driving a mid-sized sedan. The price range falls anywhere between $20,000 and $25,000 depending on the model and version you go for but can be found at lower prices at used car dealerships.

Subaru Legacy

The Legacy is a great car due to it’s all wheel-driving, making it a safer car than many on this list. This means it’s a good car to use in winter environments as it has far better traction. The room inside the vehicle makes it feel larger than what it is and now that it features a sport trim, it’s a car that also looks super stylish.