I Have Found the Proof Why My Children Shouldn’t Do Homework

I am the mother of two school-aged kids. I noticed that lots of homework that my children are being assigned at school prevents us from spending time together, walking outside, playing and many other activities that children should do simple because they are children. School tasks should not take all the spare time of the students like it happens sometimes. So I decided to conduct an investigation what knowledgeable people say about this issue.

There are smart ways how to give your kids lots of free time for doing everything they really like to do. In case you have real difficulties with school tasks you should consider Assignment Expert to assist you in all major subjects of the school program. I use it on a regular basis, and my kids are happy, because some school tasks seem to have no practical point at all, and seem assigned for the sake of being assigned. Moreover, my investigation showed that I am right at those major reasons that I’ve mentioned and even broaden my point of view with the new argument. Take a look of what I have found.

In Elementary School, Home Preparation For Classes Can Be Neglected

This was suggested not by anyone, but by a University professor Duke H. Cooper. This scientist was one of the authors of a large meta-analysis of educational research from 1987 to 2003. In it, the relationship between academic performance and the habit of doing homework was examined. So, according to these data, it makes sense to study at home only in high school. Moreover, the expression “more homework – better knowledge” no longer looks so convincing. In case of the younger pupils it has no logic behind it at all. Smaller kids do not benefit from doing hours of homework, full stop. They need physical activity, communication, and engagement in family life. Also, the child may pursue other goals like dancing or swimming classes, but tons of homework prevent kids from these. 

Sometimes Homework Can Even Become Harmful

In the same study, scientists argue against doing homework: tasks can lead to fatigue, stress, loss of interest in the subject, poor sleep and exhaustion. They also take a lot of time that the child could spend on hobbies and family affairs. By the way, this amazing conclusion comes to mind not only to scientists, but to any parent of a school-aged child.

The More Tasks, The Less Benefit

The study, conducted under the guidance of the American researcher Fernandez-Alonso, states that if a high school student spends more than 90-100 minutes a day on homework, his ratings creep down. This concerns assessments in mathematics and science disciplines. Perhaps, the children therefore spend more than an hour on the equation, because they do not understand in any way what is going on with that “x”.

In any case, if you see that homework is being done for two or more hours, explain to the child that there is nothing useful in overworking, and try to organize this process in a faster and more efficient way. Don’t be shy to establish priorities in subjects and get help in those you with your kid can’t manage.