Improve Teaching and Learning of the Core Subjects With Worksheets

If you are an educator, then you know that there are numerous applications and tools designed to make the teacher’s job easier and more diverse. New solutions are developed on a regular basis while existing approaches are constantly modernized. Teaching and learning tools, parent-teacher communication apps, lesson planning software, home teaching websites, blogs, worksheets – these are some of the options that both teachers and learners have at their disposal. In this post, we will look into the use-cases of worksheets and their best applications for teaching/learning purposes. Let’s go!

Will Worksheets Make Your Life Easier?

In recent years, the interest of teachers in interactive worksheets has significantly increased. Many tutors and students consider them as a unique means of enhancing the independent cognitive activity of students exploring a new path and its application. It is this didactic tool that provides effective feedback and contributes to the implementation of the ideas of formative assessment.

Interactive worksheets are extremely effective to use in the classroom or with online classes since it allows students to visualize concepts while providing instant feedback to learners. To get the maximum benefit out of using such a digital tool, you need to follow some key rules and recommendations which we will share with you further in this post.

What Makes Interactive Worksheets Special?

An interactive worksheet is a digital tool for a teacher to organize students’ independent learning activities using cloud services and web tools. But keep in mind that the point is not only and not so much in the tools but in the reasonable methodological foundation that is associated with the use of digital worksheets. It is necessary to clearly understand the purpose of this educational tool and set specific requirements for an interactive worksheet.

#1 – Independent Informative Unit

This is one of the basic requirements. When creating or using a ready-made worksheet, the teacher must set all the necessary conditions for achieving educational goals on a given topic. It is necessary to make sure that at all stages of teaching, students will not only be able to independently access the course material but must also have the option to contact a teacher if necessary.


In no case, the goal of the worksheet is to simply memorize the content. A worksheet is just another way of organizing the student’s independent study routine. But at the same time, the final assessment of the results of educational activities by the teacher is also assumed.

#2 – Clear Structure

Before integrating a digital worksheet into your teaching “agenda,” provide concise but clear instructions to students (it would be also a good idea to involve parents as well if you are teaching young students.). Furthermore, the teacher must ensure that the students are actively involved with the content.

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#3 – Scope and Sequence of  Educational Goals & Objectives

The sequence of tasks is determined by the teacher and specified in the proposed educational goals and objectives. Teachers have the option to choose content in any grade depending on the student’s ability.

#4 – Accessibility of a Tool

The teacher must ensure that a student is proficient in the digital tools offered and has access to them both at school and at home. When it comes to young students, you can also introduce their parents to the digital worksheets that you are going to integrate into the tutoring practice. By explaining to parents how interactive worksheets work, you ensure that parents are also involved in the learning process and will help their children dive deep into learning math skills.

And do not forget about the minimum time a student should dedicate to one’s independent work. It is a good idea for the teacher to conduct some sort of “test case” before introducing a worksheet to the students in order to make sure that all students understand how to work with the tool.

#5 – Autonomy

It is sometimes useful to print out an interactive worksheet. The presence of printed worksheets helps some students to understand better the assigned tasks and to cover them entirely. Besides that, in the absence of an Internet connection or access to a computer, a student can work directly with a printed worksheet.

#6 – Focus

The structure of interactive worksheets may differ depending on the educational goals set. In this case, one should not forget about the above requirements for the digital worksheet. Based on these specs, a teacher chooses the most appropriate instrument and way to integrate it into the educational process.