Broken Air Conditioner? 7 Signs That You Need AC Repair ASAP

Kept your AC on all night but it’s still not cold enough? Are things still not working well even after cleaning the filters?

You might have a broken air conditioner.

As your air conditioner ages, it will start breaking down, starting from minor problems due to wear and tear. But it’s unwise to ignore these since it will lead to bigger, costlier problems later on.

Don’t know what to look for? Here are 7 clear signs of a broken down AC:

  1. Warm Air

This is the first symptoms you’ll notice since your AC should help maintain the indoor temperature. It should ensure that your living space is comfortable by keeping it cool. If you have a broken air conditioner, it often does the opposite.

When you encounter this problem, make sure to check your thermostat beforehand. It’s possible that it isn’t set to a cooling mode, which you can fix by changing the settings. The easy solution is to set the temperature lower than the actual temperature inside your home.

But if it isn’t the thermostat, it’s possible that some components of your AC failed. For example, it can be the system’s compressor. It might also mean that your AC system has low Freon levels.

When this situation happens, you should replace this component. If you aren’t sure how to replace a compressor, contact an AC repairman. They’ll have the knowledge needed to make the replacement safe and effective.

  1. Poor Air Flow

Another sign of a failing AC compressor is the week or little airflow through the vents. It’s also possible that some areas of your house have cold air while leaving the others warm. In this case, it’s a sign that you need to repair your system’s ductwork.

Over time, it’s also possible for debris to accumulate in your vents. It will obstruct the airflow, making it a possible health risk for your family. A simple check on the ducts will allow you to clean it, restoring the airflow and ensuring that your AC remains functional.

  1. Thermostat Issues

Sometimes, the problem will lie with the thermostat instead of the air conditioning unit.

A good way to spot a thermostat issue is to check whether a part of your house is colder than usual. Another sign is to set the temperature to 70 degrees and check if it’s off by 10 degrees or more.

  1. Unwanted Moisture

If you see moisture or leaks around your HVAC system, it can be a sign of various problems. It can range from something minor to something serious like a refrigerant leak. This issue can present a serious health issue to everyone within your home, that’s why it’s important to fix it as fast as you can.

When water pools around your air conditioner, your drain tube might have some blockage. This tube helps in disposing of the condensation that forms in your air conditioner. At worst, it’s possible that the wear and tear process broke the tube.

The good news is that it isn’t a serious problem. But like all issues, you need to deal with it as fast as you can. Otherwise, you might risk the growth of mold and rust.

  1. Strange Sounds

Your air conditioner might start producing weird sounds — squealing, grating, or grinding. These sounds can indicate that something wrong went inside the AC unit. If you don’t heed these noises, your unit might break down, resulting in a pricey replacement.

Squealing noises often mean that the belt slipped out and it’s not in its proper place. It could also mean that some of your air conditioner’s metal components need lubrication. As for grinding sounds, it could mean that the bearings of your motor broke down.

  1. Foul Odors

If your air conditioner emanates pungent smells, its wire insulation burned. As for musty smells, it’s a good indication that mold started growing inside your unit or its surrounding ductwork. If you don’t take care of this problem, the smells will get worse and can make you feel sick.

A good fix for this problem is to call for professional air conditioning repair services. Professionals have the expertise needed to inspect your entire AC system. There’s also the danger of chemical fumes that could lead to more dangerous situations.

  1. High Electricity Bills

It’s a commonly accepted fact that your HVAC system has the highest contribution to your electric bill at home. It’s especially the case if you’re living in an area where air conditioning is a necessity. But even then, if you see your electric bills spiking up since the last season, your air conditioning likely needs a maintenance check.

It’s important to make time for an air conditioning system maintenance. That way, you’ll know whether it’s time to replace your unit with a more energy-efficient system. If you’re complacent, you might not even notice that your system is obsolete, costing you more in the long run.

Dealing with a Broken Air Conditioner

Experienced any of these issues? Don’t try to resolve the problem on your own! Even a simple fall can turn into a fatal accident.

If cleaning the filter doesn’t work, stop and call the professionals. They have the training, equipment, and safety protocols to get the job done. They can get it done right and without you suffering any injuries.

Get Your Air Condition System Fixed Today!

Even when your unit isn’t old enough for a replacement, you need to understand that it’s a costly appliance. To prevent further spending, you need to get it repaired or service. If you do, you won’t end up with a broken air conditioner.

Don’t hesitate to call a professional if you see these signs. It’s especially important if you don’t have the technical expertise needed to repair it.

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