Josh Nichols (a.k.a Josh Michael Peck) Net Worth, Wife, Quotes & Facts

Born in New York City on November 10, 1986, Josh Nichols or in reality, Josh Michael Peck, is a multi-talented actor who is also a comedian, voice actor and YouTube personality. He grew up in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan and attended classes in The Professional Performing Arts School. Unlike other kids, Josh has never met his biological dad and grew up with his mom, Barbara all his life. He has a Jewish lineage and had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

With regards to health, Josh was diagnosed with asthma and stayed a lot indoors watching classic sitcoms. Because he watched a lot of shows, he drew inspiration from all the things that he watched. At a young age of 8, Josh was inspired and even joined stand-up comedy around his area. At a later stage in his life, he became health conscious and appeared thinner in most of his shows. Since he stars in shows that children watch every day, he felt the need to be a good role model. And that is to motivate and inspire people especially the younger generation.

In 2017, Josh wanted to settle down and start a family of his own. Thus he married his longtime girlfriend, Page O’Brien. The year after, they were blessed with a baby boy. At present, Josh has a good balance between career and family life. josh nichols

His Movie Career

Josh first appeared at TADA! Youth Theater and even became a stand-up comedian at Caroline’s on Broadway. At a young age of 10, he was able to star in The Rosie O’Donnell Show way back in 1996. At 13 years old, he followed his mom’s advice into accepting a role in Nickelodeon’s The Amanda Show, pursue that acting career and move to Los Angeles.

In 2001, Josh Peck was able to guest star in “Thy Will Be Done”, which is an NBC drama ER show. In 2004, that was when he became Josh Nichols, in another Nickelodeon sitcom, Drake & Josh. He then gained the most attention among the young audience because of his funny, smart and organized attitude in the sitcom. Peck usually got tormented with Drake and Drake’s sister making it fun to watch every day. From this project on, Josh was able to land a lot of shows with different actors in the industry.

In 2006, Peck starred in the independent film Special, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2008, Josh was one of the nominees for the Favorite Television Actor at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for his show, Drake & Josh.

A couple of years after, Josh was also given a cameo role on Nickelodeon’s show, Victorious. In 2012, Josh played a role in Red Dawn. Two years after, he appeared as Danny Norwood, in The Rebels, Amazon Studios’ five adult test pilots released in the early months of 2014.

Come 2015, Josh Peck landed on a leading role in the comedy series, Grandfathered. It premiered in September 29 and he was able to work side by side with John Stamos. The two were nominees in the 2016 People’s Choice Award under the “Favorite Actor in A New TV Series”.  A year after, Josh played as Ross in the FOX series, Pitch. In the 2 episodes, Josh played the role as a statistics analyst. After 10 episodes, the show was eventually cancelled.

Aside from movies, Josh was also featured in vlogs, such as David Dobrik’s Vlog last December 2016. He then decided to create his own YouTube channel with his videos. He started this on July 19, 2017 and has been uploading regularly. He had a lot of brand deals such as RedBox, which helped him live a decent life by just being a YouTube personality.

At present, Peck also has a podcast called “Curious with Josh Peck” produced by Ramble, where he interviews famous celebrities such as John Stamos and Bob Saget  who discuss personal lives aside from current world topics.Josh Michael Peck

The Drake & Josh Show

In the spinoff show Drake and Josh, Josh Nichols (played by Josh Peck) is actually Drake and Megan’s stepbrother. As compared to Drake, Josh is knowledgeable, caring, and does well in academics but has very awkward social skills. The pilot episode shows Josh having a job in the school newspaper as an adviser under the name of Miss Nancy. In season 2, he started working for Helen at a fictional movie theater. As compared to Drake, Josh uses his common sense more and does his best in difficult situations. When he is anxious, he usually repeats things for emphasis. Yet despite Josh’s hardworking and logical outlook, he magnets bad luck most especially with girls. Later in the show, he started dating Mindy Crenshaw who is actually his academic counterpart.

In the show, Josh has a lot of hobbies which include performing magic tricks and cooking. Towards the end of the show, he manages have better luck in life and became popular. In the episode, “Josh Runs into Oprah”, it can be concluded that he is extremely obsessed with Oprah Winfrey and even accidentally runs her over with his car. This then leads to Oprah getting a restraining order against Josh.

Josh Peck’s character in this show is amazing because not only does he do physical comedy, he can also sell a good joke with a touching moment. He is a very talented actor and that’s what makes a lot of people watch his shows.

How much is Josh’s  networth?

An American actor usually has a huge networth depending on the amount of shows or movies he or she has. As for Josh, he has an average of $9 million. Unlike other child actors having the same kind of role in sitcoms, Josh was able to establish a reasonably successful film career when he got his big break at 13 years of age.

Josh was discovered on the popular children’s TV show in Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy series, The Amanda Show. Since then, he has been dividing his work time between Spun and Mean Creek, which are independent dramas. While these shows are ongoing, Josh also continued playing a role in the Amanda Show. Though he was already a bit popular on these shows, he gained full fame on the Drake and Josh quasi-spinoff show. Josh starred in 57 episodes of the fun series with co-star Drake Bell. Aside from Drake and Josh, he also appeared in a comedy-drama, The Wackness, with Olivia Thirlby and Sir Ben Kingsley. Josh Peck also starred in the 2012 remake of Red Dawn, which is a 1980s cult classic.

From 2013 to 2014, Josh had a recurring role on The Mindy Project, as Ray Ron. In the next 2 years, Josh also starred in the TV series, Grandfathered as Gerald. Aside from acting, he also did some voice overs in certain series such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back in 2013. He also did the voice of Eddie in Ice Age: The Meltdown, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Ice Age: Continental Drift, and Ice Age: Collision Course.

Aside from voice work, Josh Peck also played in films such as The Wedding Ringer, Danny Collins, The Timber, Bukowski and Battle of the Year. He was also involved in a lot of movies that gained him more experience and awards. Josh won Film Independent Spirit Award in 2005 for Mean Creek. Aside from that, he was able to win a Behind the Voice Actors Award for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 2017.

Josh Nichols, as he is popularly known to many people, is one of the most influential actors to the young generation. He also sets a good role model by eating and living a healthy lifestyle. The roles that he play are also decent which made him win several acting awards during the early part of his career.

Quotes by Josh

Josh also has some quotes that people note him for. These are some of the popular ones:

“In life, I’d much rather have people laughing at me than booing me.”

“Real artists take the misery and sadness of life and translate it into art.”

“All the things you can do to prepare for a role that free you, in the moment, are great. You have this muscle memory for things. You don’t have to act it as much, once you’ve done it enough.”

“I’m not built for war. I’m built for entertainment. I’m built for jokes – either telling them or being the butt of them.”

“With drama, you need to be laughing, in between takes, ’cause you’re going to those recesses of your soul and those dangerous parts. Normally, if you’re not an actor or some crazy artist, you don’t feel the need to run around in those areas. You keep them separate because it’s painful.”

“With drama, you need to be laughing, in between takes, ’cause you’re going to those recesses of your soul and those dangerous parts. Normally, if you’re not an actor or some crazy artist, you don’t feel the need to run around in those areas. You keep them separate because it’s painful.”