RV Resources for Staying Healthy on the Road

If you love the Paleo lifestyle and enjoy RVing, you may wonder how to stay healthy while on the road. Although space and resources may seem challenging, there are simple, yet actionable ways you can vacation without abandoning your commitment to eating right.

Successfully Manage the Small Kitchen Space

RVs have small kitchen areas, so you’ll want to utilize the space in the best way. Store and sort items in your kitchen cabinets and drawers to double the space.

Invest in:

  • Space-saving, multifunctional pantry organizers for drawers and cabinets
  • A portable shelving unit that fits on top of your RV’s small sink
  • Pocket organizers or over the door shoe organizers to place freeze-dried or dehydrated food packages and spices

Simplify Your Meals

Snacking Paleo-style is easy while traveling. Bring along some prepared meats such as pepperoni, grass-fed beef jerky, and salami. Take plenty of seeds and nuts because they don’t have to be refrigerated.

Dehydrated or freeze-dried foods are excellent choices as well. Most instructions are basic. Just add hot water or bring the water to a boil. Next, wait for up to 10 minutes, and then serve.

Design your paleo shopping list and meal plan. Stretch leftovers by using recipes that are meant to last a few meals. For example, use a crockpot to make a vegetable and beef stew. Use the broth to enhance and season a side dish at your next meal. Healthy Paleo soups and sauces can be constructed using the broth as your base and of course a hearty stew in general can turn any side dish into a nutrient rich meal. If healthy paleo isn’t your go to, try a low carb meal plan.

Live Partially Outside Your RV

Exercise is an important aspect of the Paleo way of life. When parked, go for a jog, hike, or do some aerobics. Enjoy nature’s weather by living outside part of the time during your road travels. Take advantage of cooking outdoors by grilling soy-free salmon and your favorite vegetables. Relax and watch many sunsets.

Research the Area Before You Go

Finding fresh fish, meats, fruits, and vegetables while RVing can be tricky if you’re in an unfamiliar place. To make it less so, research local resources for the areas you’ll be visiting before you hit the road.

Run a Google search for the towns you’ll visit followed by the words “Farmer’s Market.” These charming places often have the purest food options. In addition, they tend to entertain visitors with live bands. Make it a point to purchase a keepsake from the locals who sell their crafts at farmer’s markets.

Gear Up

Chances are that you will spend more time inside the van, driving, riding, or chilling. And your moving ability may become reduced and so would exercising that you used to do at a gym with all the suitable equipment; or so you think. When you chose the RV life, it never asked you to give up on your exercising; you can still have equipment for working out to stay exceedingly fit on the road.

Pack with you small weights, a yoga mat for running all the physical workout, and of course, your workout clothes to keep you motivated. You can also bring along your bike or boat and move your muscles at every chance you get.

Sleep Tight

Getting sound sleep has a positive correlation with good health. However, sleeping well in a van is more difficult said than done. Sometimes there can be noise, a slight slope in the parking, or unlimited frightening thoughts running through your mind that won’t let you rest.  These sleep-depriving factors decrease your fitness and keep you from being active on the trip.

Hence, before going out into nature in your RV, take some sleeping essentials like a sleeping mask, download soothing music, an aromatic candle, a lock, and key, etc. Make sure to cuddle when the night gets chilly, or your thoughts get the best of you.

RVing: Tips for Beginners

If you’re new to RVing, you can make your experience a great one right from the start. Sticking to your healthy Paleo diet is easy if you remember to make cooking simple.

Some other cooking supplies to consider include:

  • Can opener
  • Crock-Pot
  • Food storage containers
  • Plates, cups, and bowls
  • Skillets
  • Utensils

On a special note, it’s wise to take some bottled water with you just in case the water isn’t as pure where you’re going.

RVing has become more popular these days. Staying strong and healthy while practicing a Paleo lifestyle is possible. What’s more, planning ahead prepares you to have a fun experience. As soon as you return, you’ll likely start packing for your next adventurous RV road trip.