Kayden Gaulden – Bio, Wiki, Facts, Age, and more

Kayden Gaulden’ Quick Wiki
Full name Kayden Gaulden
Nickname Draco
Gender Male
Profession/Occupation None
Nationality American
Ethnicity/Race African-American
Religion Yet to be updated
Sexual Orientation Straight
Age 4 years old
Birthdate 4th July 2016
Zodiac sign Cancer
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Father Kentrell DeSean Gaulden (NBA YoungBoy)
Mother Nisha
Siblings Taylin, Kamiri, Kamron
Marital status Single
Net worth Estimated $1 million

If you aren’t familiar with Kayden Gaulden, you are not alone. This is probably because he is still a young boy in his developmental years. Kayden is the first son of one of the famous American rappers, NBA YoungBoy.

In this post, we will share details about Kayden Gaulden and his father. This should be an interesting read so grab yourself some coffee and let’s get going.

Kayden Gaulden’s Age and Birthday

Kayden was born in Los Angeles on 4th July 2016. This means that he turned 4 years old this year. He was born to an American rap artist Kentrell Gaulden and his partner, Nisha.

Kentrell is more popular by his alias or stage name NBA YoungBoy. You’ll learn more about him before the end of this post.

Kayden Gaulden’s Education

Not much is known about Kayden’s education. Considering his age, it is definite that he must have started schooling. However, his parents have chosen to hide the details from the media. You can rest assured that once we access any details, you will be the first to know.

Kayden Gaulden’s Early Life and Family

Kayden’s parents are no longer together even though the reason for their separation is unclear. The young Kayden doesn’t stay with his mother, Nisha. Rather, he stays with his other siblings.

His three siblings include Taylin Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, and Kamiri Gaulden. Stories have it that his siblings are from two different mothers.Kayden Gaulden

Kayden Gaulden’s Body Measurements

There isn’t so much about his body measurements as well. This is probably because he is still very young. All we know is that he is of African-American descent. He has black eyes and black hair as well.

Kayden Gaulden’s Net Worth

Since he is still a young child, you don’t expect him to have a net worth just yet. However, his father, NBA YoungBoy is worth over six million dollars currently. We can trace his wealth to his music. However, there are rumors that Kayden is worth around $1 million.

Kayden Gaulden’s Close Shave with Death

In 2018, Kayden Gaulden and his both parents were involved in an accident. The accident occurred on 26th June 2018. This accident was so terrible and all three were battling for their lives. Thankfully, they all survived and are still living to date.

Kayden Gaulden

Who is Kayden Gaulden’s Father?

So far, we have told you that NAB YoungBoy is Kayden’s father. The question is this, who exactly is NBA YoungBoy? We’ll tell you all about him in this section.

NBA YoungBoy is a young rapper of American origin. Many people haven’t heard of him but he’s been making good music and lots of money as well. So many people ask several questions about the young rapper who just seemed to burst to the scene from nowhere.

His original name is Kentrell Gaulden and he was born on 20th October 1999. He is from Baton Rouge in Louisiana. The American-born rapper dropped out of school to begin his music career. Check out a quick wiki of Kentrell Gaulden below.

Kentrell Gaulden’s Quick Wiki
Name Kentrell DeSean Gaulden
Nickname NBA YoungBoy
Birthday 20th October 1999
Birthplace Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Zodiac Sign Libra
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-America
Profession Rapper
Dating/Girlfriend Jania Jackson
Wife None yet
Children 4
Net Worth Estimated around $6 million


NBA YoungBoy’s Parents and Family

The rapper spent most of his growing years in the care of his grandmother. This is because his father was serving a 55-year sentence in prison.

After dropping out of school, YoungBoy was arrested for robbery. Not long after gaining release, he lost his grandmother. He was left to cater for himself and Ken, his brother.

Kentrell Gaulden has four kids, two each from different mothers. His kids’ names are Taylin, Kamron, Kamiri, and Kayden.

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NBA YoungBoy, Jania Jackson, and their controversies

Jania Jackson is a famous Instagram star. NBA YoungBoy started dating Jania a while back. However, their relationship came into the limelight in December 2017. The revelation was made via a video on Instagram.

Their relationship hasn’t been void of its controversies. In early 2018, January to be precise, one of Jania’s photographs went viral. This photo showed her sleeping in the lobby of a hotel and it spun a lot of controversies.

YoungBoy isn’t free from controversies as well. He was also caught in a sex scandal web as it was rumored that he was part of a groupie. That’s not all.

By February 2018, a video in which the rapper was seen slamming his girlfriend appeared on social media. The cops visited and found blood splattered all over the room. However, Jania refuted the incident saying it never happened.

Kentrell Gaulden’s Prison Sentence

While Kentrell Gaulden aka NBA YoungBoy is only 21 years old, he has already been to prison. The young rapper from Baton Rouge was arrested with a robbery charge in November 2016. He was incarcerated the next month on a two-count charge of attempted murder. According to the police, it occurred during a drive-by.

Kentrell gave an interview in prison and claimed that the police in his hometown were efficient. He said that they will come after you once they know that you do something wrong. Even though most people consider the comments as controversial and taking a swipe at the police. He spent six months in jail.

NBA YoungBoy’s New Life

The rapper began releasing songs while he was in prison. He was determined to change his life and image. According to him, he has children now and didn’t need to flash guns to show who he was.

The rapper is channeling his efforts into building a huge music career. Though he isn’t on the top of Spotify’s list yet, his dream is to make a hit single in the nearest future.

YoungBoy’s Instagram

The rapper has more than 10 million followers on his Instagram page. This is a very quick rise from the 1 million he had just three years ago.

Once upon a time, he used to have pictures of guns on his page. However, he has made a complete U-turn. He took down all those pictures and only has photos related to his music currently.

Kayden Gaulden: Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get back to Kayden Gaulden after talking so much about his father. In this section, we will share answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the youngster.

Who’s Kayden Gaulden?

He is the son of a famous celebrity rapper known as NBA YoungBoy. Kayden has three siblings with whom he stays currently.

When was Kayden Gaulden born and how old is he?

Kayden was born on the 4th of July 2016. That means that he is 4 years old at present.

What is Kayden’s current location?

He currently resides with his siblings and father in Los Angeles.

Is Kayden Gaulden on social media?

Kayden is still a small child and doesn’t have any social media accounts.