5 Best Décor Ideas To Make Your Home More Instagram Worthy

Taking photos and posting them on Instagram has become quite common these days. Well, from food to clothing, Instagram is making its mark on every industry. So what if you want to take fresh pictures of your home? How to make your home Instagram worthy? Let’s find out.

This article gives some top devote ideas to make your home Instagram worthy. Ever wondered what you need to do with your house to make it more beautiful? Say no more. Follow these tips and make your dream house the best in social media.

Five Best Decor Ideas

  1. Make Room for Pics with Art

For any kin dog house, with any wallpaper or paints, there will be at least one wall dedicated to photos or art. Well, if you want to have more material fro your pics, we suggest you expand the decorative details on the walls. You can do this in many ways, in fact, but the best way is to use the right frame.

It is crucial to choose the right frame for your photos or art on the wall. Not all walls go with all the frames. However, there is one type of Frame which goes with almost any kind of wall. The answer to this question is quite simple; it’s Canvas Printing. Yes, canvas frames go on most of the walls. If you use the proper Canvas, it can make give a royal look even to an old wall.

A lot of people started using canvas printing in their houses, but you don’t need to worry about the uniqueness. That’s the magic of Canvas. It appears differently with different photos or artistic works. Now, another question raises. Where to buy a good Canvas Frame or Photo? Canvas frames available in the local areas won’t be the perfect matches in this case. They cost you more and give a less Canvasy look and more stale look.

Canvaspop has the best Canvas frames or photos in the market. They use advanced technology to make the canvas. You wouldn’t even believe their prices. It’s more design for less money. Addition to this, Canvaspop offers you discount sales now and then. So, be sure to check them out once a while.

  1. Green is the New Black

Unlike black, you can actually get something back from the green. Yes, we mean plants. You can go humongous with plants. Put them wherever you like. Bonsai Trees is not a bad idea either. There are a lot of people on social media who appreciate the art of Bonsai. It goes without staying that Bonsai growing videos are popular. You can actually shoot a small video every day, showing the viewers how you take care of the tress.

If you’re not very interested in Bonsai, you can go with healthy plants. You don’t need a garden to grow plants; all you need is a designer pot. Grow unusual plants, flowering plants, and anything you like. Flowering plants usually light up a room with their aroma and beauty. You can place a flowering plant with flowers matching the color of your walls or your furniture and place it beside them.

A lot of people love placing Cactus in their houses. Some cultures believe that having a cactus is a good sign and others to give a luxurious look to the house. Whatever the reason may be, planting a cactus in a nice designer pot and placing it in your balcony or your living room sure boosts the likes you receive.

Do you know what the best thing about growing plants is You are also helping mother nature? Go Green movements have received a major boost on social media like Instagram. So if you take pictures of your plants, you attract a more massive crowd.

  1. Boost the likes with Lighting

You may do anything to make your house look good, you may buy Picasso, but the picture won’t be great unless the lighting is good. So, make sure that your house has great lighting. Standard lighting, i.e., Lights I standard holders play a support role in the house, but you can always go for designer lighting too. You can make your own lighting devices and show off your creativity on Instagram, but if you’re on a budget, don’t worry about it.

Just get some decent lighting and make sure the room is well lit. When following the first tip, it would be better to go with some royal lighting look or white light depending on the wall. If the wall is black, you can choose art lighting, which gives off the light from behind the artwork itself. This will be a fantastic idea if you are extremely serious about getting popular on Instagram. Why extremely? Because it costs more. If you’re creative, you can give your own backlighting touch to the artwork.

  1. Go for Completely Different

While making your house beautiful, remember, you either make all of your house look the same and the best, or you make each room or even each tile look differently. This is pretty contradicting, isn’t it? Well, it’s simple actually. If your house has an entirely different look, there will be no particular genre you can classify it under. It would be hard to get more likes in a single genre.

However, if each room has a different look, you can get many likes, by posting a pic in every room. So you’ll have to make every room beautiful, and that’s much burden on your budget. Well, it’s not mandatory or something, but if you want to show off your house, this would be the best way. However, if you use a unique look, i.e., Either a unique paint or a single type like metallic finish, ceramic finish, or a glassy crystalline finish, you can make each room different just by adding a few more things to it. It would make a neat cover.

  1. Place sculptures in the house

You don’t need David to make your house look great. You can place some Crystalline sculptures or glass sculptures to make it look great on Instagram. You can also go for glass or wooden wall clocks. They really brighten up the walls. Finally, remember, it is better to go for difference rather than singular.