Kennya Baldwin Net Worth: A Peek Into The Life Of The Private Brazilian Graphic Designer

Kennya Baldwin is not such a popular name, in fact, many people familiar with her surname cannot even identify her with the name. This is a very different story for her husband, Steven Baldwin, who is a famous actor.

We will be looking at the life of this somewhat mysterious woman who seems to strike everyone she meets in a most adorable manner. We will also take a peep into what she does for a living, her family life, as well as how much she is worth currently.Kennya Baldwin net worth

Kennya Baldwin’s net worth

Asides being married to the famous actor, movie producer, and bestselling author, Kennya is also a very successful graphic designer. She has amassed a lot of wealth all through her career and is currently worth an estimated $300,000.

Her husband, Steven Baldwin, is famous for taking several roles on television series and movies. He is also the brother to another famous face on the big screen, Alec Baldwin. His status has brought him a lot of cash too.

Put together, the couple is worth a whopping $2 million and they live together in a bungalow set in Arizona, USA. Their home is worth an estimated $1 million. They had faced some financial challenges in 2009 when their Rockland County home in New York was auctioned after failing to pay up mortgage fees.

Kennya is said to have a huge advantage over other graphic designers, mostly because she began very early. Her annual take home is between $100,000 and $200,000. This put together with her husband’s income allows them to live lavishly and enjoy lush family vacations yearly.

Who is Kennya Baldwin?

You probably still have this question on your mind and you cannot be blamed for that. We will provide you an answer in this section. Kennya Baldwin is a mysterious woman who has succeeded in hiding most of her life under the radar. She is the perfect description for the term private, it is a wonder she is married to a very public actor, movie producer, and bestselling author, Steven Baldwin. Well, as they say, opposites attract.

Kennya was born on October 24, 1968, which makes her 50-years-old. Despite being born to one of the most famous and respected Brazilian families, she was born in the heart of New York. She is a professional graphic designer and she definitely has made a lot of waves with her work. No matter how much she tries to hide her identity, it seems her work seems to pull her from behind the veil.

The designer gained her elementary education from the York Preparatory School in New York. She always knew she was going to be a designer and so went on to study Graphic Design at the Parsons School of Design.

Kennya Baldwin has been married to Steven Baldwin since 1990 even though the couple met for the first time in 1987. Their marriage is blessed with two children, Hailey and Alaia. It is not strange to hear Steven Baldwin shower praises on his wife at interviews, especially on the red carpet. This is why it was not easy for the rumors about him being in a relationship with another woman, Ruth Perez Anselmi, to hold water.

Kennya Baldwin

A few facts about Kennya Baldwin

By now you must have noticed that Kennya is like an onion, there is so much to unravel about her life because she tends to keep everything as private as possible. Regardless of that, there are a couple of facts we have gathered to help you know more about this mysterious graphic designer.

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Her first meeting with Steven Baldwin

Kennya was originally christened Kennya Deodato. She attended elementary school in New York, graduating in 1984. She went on to study graphic design at the Parsons School of Design from which she graduated with honors. After this, she worked with a number of top companies within the city of New York.

The story has it that she met Steven, who she later married, on a subway sometime in 1987. It was not long before the duo began dating. Their relationship grew stronger and stronger until they sealed the deal by getting married on June 10, 1990.

At the time, Baldwin was already starring on “The Young Riders” a famous television series at the time. He was also reported to be battling with alcohol and drug abuse and addiction around the time they met. Baldwin had tried his hands on cocaine for the first time at his high school prom. He was said to be clean as at the time of their wedding in 1990.

After their wedding, Kennya started accompanying her husband for movie and television engagements which meant that they traveled a lot in the first few years of their marriage. They had their first daughter, Alaia, on January 24, 1993, and their second daughter, Hailey, on November 22, 1996.

This didn’t stop the family on traveling for the movie and television engagements. Kennya had to homeschool her kids for the first few years of their lives. Alaia, their first daughter, recounts the experience via her Instagram account saying they spent months on sets at a stretch. She said sometimes it was boring as they had to stay on trailers and eat Subway sandwiches all day.

Her father was famous

Kennya’s father is highly respected and viewed as a legend in his home country, Brazil. Eumir Deodato was a composer and was respected for his multifaceted work. He was able to mix different music genres, specifically disco, Latin, rock, and pop to create some of the most loved compositions of all time.

Among his most popular works are Ladies Night, Too Hot, and Celebration, all singles released by famous group Kool & the Gang. He also put in production and music arrangement efforts on over 500 albums having artists like Frank Sinatra, Bjork, Kool and The Gang, and Tony Bennett as some of his top clients.

He won several awards and even got a Grammy nomination in the Best R & B Instrumental Performance category for his single released in 1979, “Night Cruiser.” His love for music did not wane one bit, even in his old age as he still released an album in 2010 titled “The Crossing.”

Kennya and Steve became born again in the early 2000s

This is a strange but true fact about the couple. The couple had to hire a housekeeper after the birth of their first daughter, which is how Augusta, a Brazilian woman, came into their lives. Reports have it that Augusta was persistent in encouraging the couple to return to their faith as Christians. Not too long after, Kennya became born again.

While recalling his experience with his wife after her conversion, Baldwin said she called him and explained the changes he was to expect for the rest of her life. She had made a choice that brought about the most amazing metamorphosis he had ever seen in a human being.

He was initially reluctant but ended up joining her in the faith after the events that occurred in the United States on September 11, 2011. He saw the events as a call to review his faith and he sees it as an experience he is forever grateful for.

Her both daughters are models

Time has sped by at the speed of light and both their daughters have become grown women. They have both chosen to dip their feet in the waters of the entertainment industry just like their parents. They bring to remembrance the saying “the apple does not fall far from the tree.”

Alaia is 25-years-old and she is a model represented both the United States and Great Britain by VNY Models and the Squad respectively. Though she is quite young her portfolio is filled with lots of experience as she has worked some of the biggest companies in New York and Milan. She got married in September 2017 to Andrew Aronow.

Her younger sister, Hailey, is 21 and she is also a model currently represented by IMG models. She has modeled for a couple of top brands just like her sister as well as appearing on some of the most glorified runways. In July 2018, she announced her engagement to the famous singer, Justin Beiber.

Kennya does not operate any social media accounts

We already told you that the Brazilian designer loves to lead a very private life. This is probably why she does not run any Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. The only way she gets on social media is the posting her daughters make about her frequently.

She had tried creating a Twitter account in 2015. She did this with the help of her daughters but the account has not been active since July of the same year.