Young Dolph Net Worth: A Closer Look at The Wealth of The Young Rapper

In this piece, we take a look at the net worth of the hometown hero Young Dolph. Before we delve into how rich the hip hop icon Young Dolph is, it is important to understand where he came from and he was able to make something great of himself.

Young Dolph Net Worth

Who is Young Dolph?

Like most of his hip hop mates, Young Dolph makes use of a stage name to sell his music. His real name is Adolph Thornton, Jr. Growing up, the rapper had a strong interest in music.  But it wasn’t until after a close call with death and getting his high school diploma that he turned into music full time.

The rapper currently aged 34 was born in the year 1985. He was born into city of Chicago, Illinois which has a history of crime and violence. This was evident in the drive by shooting which Young Dolph faced in the year 2008.

Due to his neighborhood and the circumstances of his life, the rapper sought solace in music. When his relatives found out he had a talent as a rapper, they helped introduce him to other rappers. The fruits paid off as he later gained traction for his music which in turn increased his networth.

Young Dolph’s Net Worth

Between the year 2008 to 2019, the rapper’s net worth has gradually increased. Over time, he found himself belonging to the millionaire rappers club. Find below a breakdown of his worth over the years

Year     Net worth

2010     Approximately 830,600 dollars

2011     Approximately 880,000 dollars

2012     Approximately 915,000 dollars

2013     Approximately 980.000 dollars

2014     Approximately 1 million dollars

2015     Approximately 1.1 million dollars

2016     Approximately 1.5 dollars

2017     Approximately 1.9 dollars

2018     Approximately 2 million dollars

2019     Expected to increase to 3 million dollars

Young Dolph’s Music

Most of the music released by the rapper focus on personal experience and narrations of his ordeals. From listening to his music, fans are able to gain an insight into what life was for the rapper both growing up and now that he is rich and famous. His song “Preach” is an example of a song about his childhood pains as it denotes the difficult childhood he and his siblings faced especially with irresponsible parents.

Another example of his music being retellings of his life ordeals is evident in his second studio album called Bullet Proof. Before the release of the album in 2017, he was the mark for the shootings which took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Police reports reveal that over 100 shots were fired but the rapper got away unscathed.

The reason for the shooting has not been confirmed till date, but it is believed that they were as a result of Young Dolph’s rivalry with a fellow industry mate Yo Gotti. Neither party have come out to confirm the story. Although Young Dolph made use of the publicity surrounding the shooting to indorse his second album.

Later in 2017, the rapper was involved in another shooting at a retail center in California. Due to the shooting, the rapper gained multiple injuries but none was life threatening. He was admitted into the hospital for less than a day, but, after care from the doctors, he was released. The shooting led to Yo Gotti being named as a suspect.Young Dolph Net Worth

Young Dolph’s Career

The rapper’s career has been filled with its own share of ups and downs. Each roadblock met served as a means of elevation for the artist. After the death of his grandmother due to lung cancer when he was still recuperating from a car accident in 2008, he turned into music fully.

In year 2008, he made his first song. According to him, this song was meant to be a change from the fake stories fellow industry rappers were fond of telling in their music. After gaining support from friends, he went on to release a mixtape and titled it Paper Route Campaign. The success of the mixtape convinced him to consider music as a full-time option.

Following his first mixtape, we went on to release other projects such as “Blue Magic” ”Time to Kill” ”High Class Street Music” and “Welcome 2 Dolph World”. Due to the mixtapes, he gained recognition for his work and began working with big label producers such as Drumma Boy and Zaytoven. The collaboration with these producers led to the release of the single “Peach” and the mix tape” High Class Music 4”.

The year 2016 saw the release of his debut album “King of Memphis”. Most reviews from critics were positive. The album also debuted on the Billboard 200 album chart. The highest position it got was 49.

Due to the success of the album, he followed it up with other mixtapes like “Gelato” and “Rich Crack Baby”. The mixtapes were then succeeded by his second studio album “Bulletproof” and his third album “Thinking Out Loud”. His third album featured artists such as DRAM, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, and TY Dolla Sign. “Thinking Out Loud” also peaked on the Billboard 200 album chart at number 16.

Young Dolph’s Personal Life

Young Dolph has two brothers and two sisters. As explained in his songs, his parents were not role models for him growing up as they neglected to take proper care of, he and his siblings. He acknowledges his brothers and sisters for taking up the role of caretakers which is evident in the line “Mama was out on the streets, so guess who raised me?” from the song “Preach”.

In his songs, he also talks about, how his first experience with crack was a result of watching his parent smoke it as a young child. His parents abandoned he and his siblings and this led to him being raised by his grandmother. However, his grandmother eventually died from lung cancer.

The artiste is yet to marry but has two kids from his previous relationships. Currently, the rapper is in a relationship and has a daughter by the name of Aria Ella from it. However, details of his girlfriend is not known to the general public.

The same goes for who the mother of his first child is as the name of both mother and child are not known. Therefore, we can conclude that the rapper loves his privacy.

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Awards and Achievements

The rapper has 5 studio labels which have charted on major music billboards. He also has 19 mixtapes which have helped increase his popularity among rap lovers. Young Dolph has had features with top rappers like Lil Yatchy and TI making him a well-recognized and respected artist.

However, the rapper has not won any major awards.

From the above, it is clear to see that as the rapper gained more popularity, it caused a proportional increase in his value. Most of his earnings are attributable to his music and album sales. He also owns a record company which serves another income generator.

The rapper has over 2 million followers on his Instagram account with his Twitter account also approaching 600, 000 followers. Due to his followership, he gets deals from brands to help market their products. YouTube and his merchandise store are also other sources of income. Apart from that, he charges close to $30,000 to appear on TV shows.