Lena the Plug: Net Worth, Family, Career, and More Unveiled

Name Lena
Age 27-years-old
Date of Birth June 1, 1991
Career Profession Fitness Enthusiast, Social Media Star
Net Worth $30,000
Civil Status In a relationship
Boyfriend Adam Grandmaison
Body Measurement 36-28-44


Lena the Plug is known to be one of the most popular fitness enthusiasts to date. This is because her YouTube channel instantly gained flack due to her many interesting video topics.

She’s also consistently uploading fitness tutorials and workout videos, which proved to be a great way to get followers and subscribers. She is indeed gaining fame thanks to the things she posts in social media.

What’s interesting about Lena the Plug is that she is becoming more popular because her followers on Instagram is still growing.

As of now, she has more than 1 million followers. And it’s expected that she’ll have more in the months to come, with some saying that she can reach 10 million subscribers in the next year.

However, it hasn’t always been a bed of roses for this young lady as she’s been through a number of controversies since she reached stardom. Good thing she manages to stay calm and in poise despite these challenges.

Some of her critics are conservative people who aren’t in tune with her libertarian approach to life. However, she accepts this as a normal life situation because she believes she can’t please everyone.

Her straightforward attitude and strong beliefs in life make her a carefree individual. Lena the Plug doesn’t even care what society thinks about her because she just does what she loves doing.

Lena the Plug

Early Life and Education

Lena was born in California, U.S.A. on the first day of June 1991. She is of Armenian descent, but she’s an American citizen. Lena is currently 27-years-old. The name of her parents and some of her childhood details are unknown.

What’s sure, though, is that she grew up in Glendale, California. Lena is also the only child as she doesn’t have siblings. Lena graduated from college in 2013 in the University of California in Santa Cruz.

It was where she majored in Psychology. Additionally, she also schooled in Sweden, specifically in their Lund University. She also had been a student of the University of Southern California but left in between semesters.

Career and Rise to Social Media Stardom

Lena started her social media career in 2016 when she created a YouTube account. However, this isn’t the first time she was making money as she worked on a number of low-profile jobs before. Lena had experience in working at a grocery store and even being an Uber driver.

In fact, she even worked as a nanny and personal assistant when she was still in college. This just shows that she’s the kind of person who wants to make money for herself even if she has other more important priorities, which at that time, was schooling.

Fortunately, all of her hard work bore fruit to the point that she shifted career paths. Now, she is considered as one of the most successful YouTubers because of the number of subscribers and views she has.

Lena is also getting millions of video views, thus making her a legitimate celebrity. Indeed, posting regular workout and fitness videos in the video sharing platform proved to be the right career decision for her.

However, she approaches the video-sharing network in a different way as she posts controversial topics that disagree with the fundamental beliefs of modern society. Examples of these are polygamy where she allows her boyfriend to sleep with another girl.

She also talks about sensitive topics that are usually for adults on her YouTube channel. Though her videos are mostly controversial, she manages to ace all of these with finesse as all proved to be beneficial.

Now, Lena the Plug has amassed a cult following due to her interesting videos that showcase herself in unique and different ways.


Lena, who is currently 26-years-old, is currently unmarried. However, she has a boyfriend named Adam Grandmaison. They had been dating for already two years now as they started their relationship in September 2016.

Adam is also a popular YouTube sensation, and he’s also a famous BMX rider. His videos are similarly as interesting as her girlfriend’s. Furthermore, the couple has been seen numerous times dating in public as well as in social media.

This just shows that the two are having a great time together, and they don’t mind sharing what they’ve been up to lately to the world. Adam and Lena are currently having a good time with their love life and they are living life to the fullest.

Surprisingly, another thing that makes them a hot topic is that Lena doesn’t mind sharing her boyfriend with her friends. Specifically speaking, she allows Emily Rinaudo and Taylor White to sleep with her boyfriend, Adam, as long as she’s also present in the area.

The couple isn’t even hesitant in sharing their videos on the internet.

According to reports, Lena also is attracted to girls. She even confirms that she’s dated a girl during college.

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Net Worth of Lena the Plug

It is indeed a huge surprise to see how successful Lena is on YouTube, even if most of her videos take little effort in creating. However, it’s also a great way of showing how effective the social media platform is when it comes to becoming famous.

However, it hasn’t been an easy adventure for her as she struggled much in building her social media following. Lena didn’t even get any moral support from her family since she started her videos. Many believe that it’s because of the sensitive videos she puts on her channel.

However, she managed to go beyond all those and has now solidified her name as one of the most prominent accounts in YouTube. Everyone might not like what she has in store, but it sure interests a lot of people. And what’s important is that it helps generate huge revenue for her.

Specifically speaking, numerous reports state that she makes around $200,000 annually just from her YouTube channel. However, her net worth is around $30,000. Lena the Plug is also ranked number 4,971 in terms of subscriber numbers.

Her net worth isn’t that much, but it’s expected to increase further now that she is looking for new ways to increase her following by tackling a different market. Her growing popularity also increases the chances of her getting bigger sponsorship details from possible fashion labels.

Furthermore, she has got what it takes to become a model, so it’s safe to say that any modeling gig will help increase her net worth.

Body Statistics

Lena the Plug is best known for her brown hair and hazelnut eyes. Her 36-28-44 inches body measurement also makes her an appealing young lady. Unfortunately, little is known of her other body statistics, such as her weight, height, and different body measurements.