4 Best Methods of Relaxation During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman may be more stressed during this period than in normal conditions. The first psychological stress and discomfort of fear created by new and unknown occurs. Therefore, any pregnant woman must know how to relax, because the first months of pregnancy are considered capital in the further development of the child.

Any future mother, especially at first pregnancy, noted many changes regarding her body and her psyche. On the one hand is all that uncertainty determined by a new element for which some women still do not feel ready. Beyond that are involved all those hormonal changes caused by the appearance of the child.

So learn from what relaxation methods you can choose between when you are pregnant, to have an easy pregnancy and to give birth to a healthy baby.

Relax in the spa

Maybe you will say that when you were not pregnant you weren’t at spa , but perhaps now is the time to do it. Specific relaxation techniques used in a beauty spa can banish the stress and fatigue accumulated throughout the day. You have various options, with some exceptions. However, in a professional spa salon the specialists from there will know what fits and what does not, considering the particularity that you’re pregnant.

Massage – a massage is more than welcome when you’re pregnant, because it can put your blood in movement again and banish the tension from your muscles. During the pregnancy you can not make movement like before, sports or effort … The lack of movement can lead to joint wrist and muscle pain that you certainly do not want them.

During the massage avoid the belly and insist on areas prone to pain and tension: the legs and back. During pregnancy should be avoided aromatic oils, which have a strong odor and should be used a neutral flavor.

Facial treatment – the pregnancy brings a series of changes to your skin. It may happen to have part of a skin opposite to the one you had before the pregnancy: if until then it was dry, it can become fat and vice versa. In addition, the rash may appear undesirable, and the skin becomes more sensitive and allergic to various substances. Beyond the aesthetic role, the facial treatment ensures you the relaxation that you need.

Choose to make a facial treatment, but only with masks from natural products. However, avoid any kind of treatment for skin in the first three months of pregnancy.

What to avoid:

In a spa, when you’re pregnant, you are not allowed:

– To make sauna

– To make steam baths or prolonged baths in hot water

– To make hot body packing when your
– To stay laid down too long. Your circulatory system may be affected

Healthy eating

If before the pregnancy, you did not pay too much attention to what you were eating, now it’s time to do it. Think about the fact that every mother wants to born a healthy baby and I do not believe that you are an exception.

Eat natural food, give up cigarettes and alcohol during pregnancy and do not skip breakfast. You must not gain weight, but you don’t have to hunger yourself. After birth, you watch again your silhouette.

Do not forget fruits and vegetables and eat cooked food mostly. In any case don’t take your lunch at a fast food restaurant and to give up sandwiches eaten on the run.

Gymnastics for pregnant

You can make movement when you are pregnant, but with attention and often under the supervision of a specialist. You should not push and should not get excessively tired. It is important to relax your muscles and feel more flexible.

Psychological Counseling

If discussions with friends and with your partner don’t help you to get rid of prenatal stress and fear of birth, talk to a psychologist. He will help you to identify the problems and solve them gradually. You don’t have to get to insomnia and other issues because of stress and worries, you must find techniques and solutions to overcome difficult moments.

Psychologist will supervise the installation and maintenance of psychological comfort achieved through emotional support. The mother needs more peace and understanding from those around them and, above all, will always feel the need to talk with someone about her fears. In any case, the psychologist will recommend the support of husband, parents, family and friends.

Psychological support must complement the medical one. The visits to the doctor from time to time during pregnancy will help the mother and the doctor to have the pregnancy under control, with the certainty that the birth would go normally and the baby will be healthy.

And to give to the future mothers a good news I will tell them that a new blood test is able to indicate with 100% accuracy the sex of the future baby, from the early stages of pregnancy, according to a study madeby Dutch doctors from Sanquin Research Amsterdam, published in the Obstetrics & Gynecology journal, Reuters reports.

Currently, parents who want to know the sex of their baby before birth can do it with an ultrasound, ultrasound which can be realized since the second trimester of pregnancy.

The new method is particularly important because, in some cases, the early identification of the baby’s sex is based on a motivation of medical nature. It can be done traditionally by invasive methods such as amniocentesis, but this method increases the risk of spontaneous abortion, informs Mediafax.

The new method designed by Dutch doctors have an accuracy of 100% and managed to identify the sex of the future babies at 201 pregnant women who participated at the study.

This blood test can be done when is compulsory to know the sex of the baby before birth, because he may suffer because of congenital disease transmitted on line maternity or paternity line.

As you can see, the future moms have great news, but they should take this decision being well informed about all the risk that involves a pregnancy. They should do this to enjoy all the happiness that is brought by the birth of a baby.