Milly Shapiro – Age, Net Worth, Biography and Facts of the ‘Hereditary’ Star

Full Name Amelia ‘Milly’ Shapiro
Birthday July 16, 2002
Birthplace Tampa, Flordia, United States
Age 17 years old
Father Eric Shapiro
Mother Michelle Shapiro
Career/Profession Actress, Singer
Notable Roles Hereditary, Matilda Wormwood
Height 4’ 10”
Weight 40 kilograms
Net Worth $400,000
Milly Shapiro
Milly Shapiro

Amelia “Milly” Shapiro came into this world and raised in Florida. She is the daughter of business owners Eric and Michelle Shapiro. The name Milly was taken from her real name Amelia Lee Shapiro which happens to be her birth name. Her parents sent her to Community Montessori School as early as she was 18 months old, she stayed there until 10 years old when she decided to come in New York to pursue being an actress and singer. She has a sister which inspired her to start here vocal lessons as early as 3 years old and acting at 5 years old. When she was 10 Milly was discovered and she began training professionally, later on, she moved to New York to accept the deal which gives her the role Matilda in the show Matilda the Musical on Broadway.

Later on, Milly and her sister made numerous concerts and cabarets at 54 below to show their support to the Anti-Bullying Movement. In the first off-Broadway, all-youth production of You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown she was given the role Sally Brown. The first film role Milly had is Charlie in Hereditary and she was very passionate about the mediums. Up until today Milly is still working very hard and always believes that there is always to learn. Milly has a very passionate approach to all the experiences she had. During her past time, Milly loves to watch anime and she has 2 dogs that she loves to play with. Milly also has an interest in boxing, swimming, singing, and cooking.

The actress has a good body, it measures 28-22-29 inches. Milly is not that tall measuring only 4 feet 10 inches tall and she is also small weighing just 40kg. Her eyes are color blue and have blond long hair. The size of her feet is 5 UK shoes.

Parents of Milly Shapiro

Ever since breaking out into the spotlight less has been heard about Milly’s parents. Her father is Eric Shapiro, Eric is known to be a businessman. Her mother is Michelle Shapiro, her mother is very supportive of her daughter on her acting career. The actress said that her mother was always there during the set of “Hereditary”.

Abigail Shapiro: Sister of Milly

Abigail is Milly’s biggest influencer to be a singer and actress. She is a vocalist and actress in Broadway, Abigail also singlehandedly wrote the Shapiro Sisters debut album “Live Out Loud”. The sisters Abigail and Milly, later on, worked on a project named “Time Reveals”.

Regarding Abigail Shapiro’s acting career, the actress starred in the “A Monumental New Musical” by the off-Broadway production of Liberty. Abigail was also in the Madison Square Garden’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas as Cindy Lou.

Just like her sister Milly, Abigail is also actively supporting the fight against bullying.

According to some informants, the actress has a brother whose identity is still unknown, this is still a rumor.

Rumors about her having a disability

Rumors and speculations were circulating online about Milly and her medical condition. She has a Cleidocranial Dysplasia that makes her appearance look unusual. She almost look like she has a cleft palate. People who are born with this disorder has little to no collar bone. Moreover, their baby teeth needs to be removed surgically.

Some may feel sorry for Shapiro, but her condition became her inspiration. There are people who bullies her with her appearance and laughs at it because it made her look scary in the movie Hereditary. That’s why she supported the movement for Anti-Bullying in New York.

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Dating Life of Milly Shapiro

The actress is still young and maybe it is still not the right time for her to be in any relationship or affair. She has no boyfriend and maybe she is too busy building up her career and she does not want any distractions going through. However we all know about this industry, sooner or later we might see the actress going out with a guy.

Milly Shapiro attending an event
Milly Shapiro attending an event

The Net Worth of Milly Shapiro

The scary child who gained much attention in the film “Hereditary” is focusing on her career in acting and she also performs as a soprano singer as well. Milly has a weekly income of $2,347 in a movie You’re a Good Man produced by a Broadway Production. The actress is also paid $200,000 for her role in the movie “Hereditary”. As of 2019, the estimated net worth of Milly Shapiro is about $400,000. Maybe this will increase this year as the actress is eyeing for new roles this year and next year. She also has small gigs which allow her to earn slowly.

Awards Received by Milly Shapiro

Amelia’s acting career blossomed in 2013 when she became a part of Matilda the Musical where she amazingly portrayed her role, which was held at the Sam Schubert Theater. Milly at a young age was nominated for Grammy’s. Moreover, she received a Tony Honor as she has portrayed an outstandingly in the theater for her role.

Moreover, she also became a part of a theater act that garnered 12 nominated awards. She is quite amazing at a young age!

Hereditary Movie

The Movie “Hereditary” is a horror film which emphasizes a detective story on how the happenings in the past can affect real life when a family secret is revealed. The movie was written and directed by Ari Aster.

Milly made her first big break when she was given a role in the horror film “Hereditary”. The movie was called the most horrible horror film in the 21st century according to western film critics. Charlie Graham was the character Milly is played in the movie, an adolescent who seems struggling and has weird hobbies. The character often paints pictures of her grandmother who is already dead and she turns pigeons into her toys buy cutting their heads using a scissor.

Unheard Facts of Milly

There are some fun facts that you may not hear of yet about Milly.

  • The actress loves to watch horror movies and she is also a fan of the Harry Potter series.
  • Milly has an older sister named Abigail. Abigail is also a stage performer and a singer just like Milly. They always perform together and they are called “The Shapiro Sisters”.
  • She hates bullying and she and her sister is a strong supporter of the Anti-Bullying Movement.
  • Milly can’t believe that she won the audition in Hereditary because of most of her colleagues was 3 years younger than her.
  • She is obsessed with learning about serial killers aside from horror movies. She also once said she always wanted to die in a film.
  • In the horror movie Hereditary, there is a scene where Milly cut of the head of a pigeon using a scissor, in real life Milly does not want to hurt animals because she is an animal lover, she would rather hurt a person than an animal.
  • The actress always attends festivals for anime lovers and she also loves to wear Harajuku, a street fashion in Japanese. You can see Milly wearing these clothes on some of her posts on social media.
  • The actress hates hummus and she loves having English tea during breakfast.
  • Milly’s favorite number is 7 because for her it is a lucky number and also she was born in July and July is the seventh month of the year.
  • Milly said that if she was not an actress today she would love to be a fashion designer.
  • The actress is a Christian and her astrological sign is Cancer.
  • She is one of the youngest individuals who won Tony Honors after being nominated 12 times.

Future plans of Milly Shapiro

There is a comedy series where the actress will play a cameo role of Emma Rebecca after her successful film, “Hereditary”. Today the actress is actively joining auditions for her search in an ideal project this 2019. Moreover, Milly continues to hone her skills and always makes sure that she always learns to improve even though there are limited roles in her filmography. The actress is very active in her social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram where she always posts and interacts with her fans.

Related Questions about Milly Shapiro

Does Milly Shapiro have an illness?

Yes, Milly has a cleidocranial dysplasia. It is a birth defect that affects the formation of teeth and bones of the person. She shares the same with Gaten Matarazzo, a cast of Stranger Things.

Is Milly Shapiro a dwarf?

No, she is not a dwarf. However, Milly suffers from cleidocranial dysplasia which deforms her physical appearance. Shapiro is a talented actress who was known for her role in the horror film Hereditary that was aired last 2018.

What is cleidocranial dysplasia?

It is a birth defect that affects only one per million people. The defect is also known as cleidocranial dysostosis. It affects the formation of the bones and teeth formation of the person. Sometimes, the collarbone is absent making the shoulders brought close together.