5 Tips to Quit Smoking Today

When you quit smoking, you have to have more than just motivation. Your body is literally fighting against your decision, and that’s why so many people relapse into their addiction even after calling it quits. The truth is you need to learn how to give up smoking for good if you want to live a healthier life.

The costs of smoking alone are enough to scare many people away, but addiction is still a curse. If you’ve ever tried to quit before, you know just how impossible it can feel. Don’t fret. Just because you failed in the past doesn’t mean you’ll keep failing in the future. Here are 5 tips to quit smoking today so you can have a healthier tomorrow.

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1. Find a (strong) reason.

While everyone knows they need a reason to quit, how many have a super concrete, motivational reason for giving up this bad habit? Your reason can be as simple as living a healthier life or keeping your loved ones away from secondhand smoke. It can also have to do with looking younger or feeling your best.

No matter your reason, make sure it’s strong enough to keep you going. It can help to talk to a loved one and have them keep you accountable. Keep a photo of them in your wallet or on your phone lock screen so you see them regularly and remember your commitment to your motivation.

2. Find real support.

If you’ve quit cold turkey in the past, you’ve noticed how hard it is. Going cold turkey doesn’t work for a majority of smokers because the effects on your body are too extreme. You need a support system in place before you cut yourself off altogether. That might mean looking into quality vape juice from Viper Vapor which fills the urge without the same harmful side effects, or it might mean using medication.

No matter what support system you choose, make sure it’s ready to go before you quit. Without this, you’re likely to relapse quickly when your body goes into withdrawal. These symptoms are real and painful, so build yourself a safety net.

3. Unwind and treat yourself.

The reason nicotine is so addictive is that it helps you destress. If you’ve gotten into the habit of relying on this substance to help you feel better, you’ll need to find new, healthy ways to help yourself unwind. This is especially important in the first few days and weeks after quitting. Try sticking to an exercise routine to blow off steam or just hanging out with friends. Maybe you’ll treat yourself to your favorite hobby or a nice treat like a message. These are all great ways to overcome these feelings of loss.

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4. Stay away from triggers.

There are likely things that trigger a smoking session. This might be going with your coworkers on their daily smoking break, or it might be a night out with friends. When you’re enjoying other substances like alcohol, it’s easy to forget why you gave up smoking in the first place.

You already have these habits in place that program you to smoke. For example, you might smoke whenever you drink coffee or after a meal. Find substitutes for these things like calling a friend or chewing gum instead. You’ll want to avoid any triggers that you can while you overcome the initial withdrawal period.

5. Keep it out of sight.

As they say – out of sight, out of mind. While you’ll likely still struggle with thoughts of smoking for a few weeks, you can help yourself along by keeping it out of your sight. It’s impossible to avoid seeing other smokers in public, but you can smoke-proof your house.

Start by tossing everything like ashtrays and lighters. If your clothes or belongings smell like smoke, deep clean them. This also applies to your car where smells can linger. Getting these smells and sights out of the way will help remove temptation.

Enjoy a smoke-free life.

Quitting smoking is hard, but it’s not impossible. The hardest part is taking that first step and getting through your first bad day. Beyond that, it’s smooth sailing. Remember, slip-ups happen. It’s okay if you relapse. Just make sure you don’t give up. A healthy life is closer than you think. Overcoming this addiction is worth it.