Morgan Macgregor – She is MORE THAN Just a Wife, Bio, Net Worth

Morgan Macgregor is more than Michael Hall’s wife. We all know her when they wed in 2016. Michael is an American actor, that is why he has more of the spotlight. However, Morgan is not a nobody. She is an Associate Editor who writes, reviews, and critics books. As she is in the limelight, we would love to know more about her biography, marriage life, and net worth.

Full Name Morgan Macgregor
Birthdate 1983
Birthplace Canada
Age 36 years old
Mother Not identified
Father Not identified
Spouse Michael Hall
Height 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters)
Weight 55 kilograms (121 pounds)
Career / Profession Professional Writer
Net Worth  $2 million


Morgan Macgregor
Morgan Macgregor

Morgan Macgregor, a married woman to an actor, Michael Hall had their marriage on February 29, 2016. She is a Canadian born. There is little information about her childhood and family as she is a non-celebrity.

Her profession as a writer and associate editor did not bring her fame. What made her famous was when she dated and married Michael Hall.

Morgan’s Family Life

Morgan, born and raised in Canada, was raised by her loving parents, along with her siblings. As being a non-celebrity, she is private about her personal life. This information is only based on the news circulating on the Internet, and she did not either clarify the information.

The circulating news revealed that Morgan’s father is a professional writer, while her mother was a primary teacher. Other than that, she had sweet siblings, an older sister, and a younger brother. There is no further information about her family on the Internet. Until today, information about her family life is still not disclosed to the public.

Educational Background and Career Life of Morgan

We all know that Morgan is a private person. There is no available information about her educational background on the Internet or any of the media platforms. However, there is some circulating news that pertains to her educational background.

Morgan Macgregor attended her local schools in Canada during her childhood years. Later on, she graduated and earned the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Until her success today, there is no information disclosed about her success today.

The career of Morgan started as a writer. Now, she is a writer and editor by profession. Macgregor is now well-known in book critics and reviews. Morgan Macgregor is known to be the associate editor of Review of Books situated in Los Angeles, California. Moreover, in line with her writing and editorial career, Morgan is also fond of writing books. Some of her fans are excited about the novel she is working with now. Just like her educational track, there is no much-disclosed information about her career life.

Net Worth of Morgan Macgregor

Morgan is a professional writer. She develops more of her skills, leading her into the literature field more deeply. She currently works at the Los Angeles Review of Books as their Associate Editor. Morgan review and critic books. Now, some sources say she is writing a novel.

With her writing profession, she earns an estimated hundred thousand a year. Moreover, she enjoys her life lavishly with her husband. Meanwhile, her husband, Michael, has a net worth of $25 million. They both live in their apartment in the Art Deco building, which is worth $4.3 million. Thus, making Morgan’s net worth almost $2 million.

Morgan Macgregor and Michael C Hall
Morgan Macgregor and Michael Hall

Married Life of Morgan Macgregor

Morgan and Michael had been dating in 2011, and after their four-year relationship, they decided to get married. They were married on February 29, 2016, at the New York City Hall. All the information about their wedding was kept a secret.

With Michael’s past failed marriages, he was accused of being gay. He then spoke about his sexual orientation. He confidently reported that he is a heterosexual.

Morgan is the third wife of Michael. Last 2002, Michael was married to Amy Spanger, an American singer, dancer, and actress. However, the couple had their divorce in 2007. After this, he started dating his co-star at the television series, Dexter, Jennifer Carpenter. In 2008, Jennifer and Michael moved to California with Carpenter and announced their marriage in 2009. However, with their differences, their marriage did not prevail. Michael filed a divorce.

Despite the failed marriages Michael had, he is now happily married to Morgan. They are now three years strong, and they are expecting a child soon!

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Michael Hall under chemotherapy
Michael Hall under chemotherapy

Michael Hall Diagnosed with Cancer

Morgan Macgregor’s husband, Michael Hall, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2010. Michael was alarmed by his situation as his father died at an early age of 39. He kept his diagnosis and treatment a secret from Dexter’s cast while they were filming for the fourth season. Fortunately, as he was compliant with her treatments and chemotherapy, his disease is set aside.

Body Measurements of Morgan

If you will see Morgan on red carpets and events, she stands at least 5 feet and 5 inches. She looks stunning with a slender body figure. Her blue eyes and brown hair complements her complexion, she is stunning as ever!

Some Facts about Morgan and Michael Hall

Morgan is a bookworm!

Well, this is a well-known fact for all as she is a writer and editor by profession. Morgan was a former Associate Editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books. Now, she is an author at Book Riot. She reviews fiction books, and now she is currently writing on her masterpiece, her first novel. 

As we know her as a writer and editor, she has her favorite novels too written by other authors. She loves The Secret History, written by Donna Tartt. 

Morgan loves tattoos.

It may not be obvious, but she loves tattoos. Morgan has impressive body tattoos. She is not even afraid to let the public see it. When Morgan and Michael attended the Emmy Red Carpet last 2012, she showed her tattoos by wearing a sexy dress. Michael, wanting to impress Morgan, he inked himself on his right foot with a leaf-shaped starburst.

She is not the first wife of her husband, Michael Hall

Morgan Macgregor is the third wife of Michael Hall. Michael has been previously married, to Jennifer Carpenter, her co-star at Dexter’s television show, and Amy Spanger.

Previous news and sources claimed that Amy Spanger and Michael Hall were married from 2002 to 2007. But, their five-year relationship failed and resulted in divorce. A year after, Michael remarried his co-star, Jennifer Carpenter, in 2008.

Jennifer and Michael’s married relationship did not last long either. They had their divorce in 2011. News sources gave a term to their divorce as, ‘the most amicable divorce in the world’. Yet, Michael and Jennifer are in good terms.

After two consecutive failed marriages, Michael found love in Morgan. They were dating for four years before they got married. She appeared in numerous events to show love and support to Michael.


Morgan and Michael are madly in love.

Before and after their wedding, they have been in the public’s eyes several times. Morgan has been giving all her love and support for Michael in several events.

In 2016, Macgregor went to London, England, to show her support to her husband. They attended the press night performance for Michael’s new play, Lazarus. The latest event they attended was the premiere of Michael’s latest film, the Game Night, at TCL Chinese Theatre last 2018. 

As of today, Michael is not in any projects as he is still recovering from his sickness. But, with the love and support of Morgan, he will most likely come back on screen sooner.

Undoubtedly, the two are madly in love with each other. We all hope that their married life will last for decades.

Social Media Accounts of Morgan Macgregor

Unfortunately, you cannot stalk Morgan in any of her social media accounts. She is not active. You cannot see her using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Common Questions about Morgan Macgregor

When did Morgan MacGregor married?

Morgan Macgregor and Michael Hall exchanged their vows in February 2016. They had a private ceremony in New York City, and for three years in marriage, they have lived a blissful life.

Is Michael Hall still married?

Yes, he is still currently married to Morgan Macgregor, they had their wedding in February 2016. Michael had two previous marriages to two other actresses: Jennifer Carpenter and Amy Spanger. His first wife was Amy Spanger, their relationship was from 2002 to 2007, and he had a relationship with Jennifer Carpenter from 2008 to 2011.

Is Michael Hall sick?

Yes, Michael Hall, the wife of Morgan Macgregor suffered from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Fortunately, the disease was detected at an early stage. He received several cycles of chemotherapy and treatments at a facility in Los Angeles. With his compliance and faith, Hall and Macgregor informed the public that the disease is in complete remission.

Is Anthony Michael Hall related to Michael Hall?

No, Anthony Michael Hall and Michael Hall are not related. Both are in the show-business industry. Anthony Michael was born Michael Anthony Thomas Charles Hall. However, as he knew that there was already a Michael Hall at the Screen Actor’s Guild, he adapted Anthony Michael Hall.