Ways to Express Yourself through Fashion

How do you choose what to wear when you wake up in the morning? Although the weather matters, sometimes our fashion choices can go far beyond what’s comfortable or the temperature outside. From our shoes to our accessories, our outfits and clothing are an expression of who we are and how we will be perceived by others. Wearing cowgirl boots conveys a very different personality and attitude than wearing a beret or stilettos. Sometimes we may just throw on jeans and a sweatshirt, but we may want to be perceived as having style or a certain status in society based on our clothing choices. There are many ways to express yourself through your clothing, shoes, and accessory choices.

Accessorize and Shine

Accessories are a big part of sharing your values — whether it’s a sports team you’re rooting for or jewelry that has charms related to your hobbies or passions. Perhaps you wear a necklace with music notes on it because you’re a musician or you have a charm on your bracelet in memory of your favorite dog. Even a scarf can be an indicator that you love to travel and a conversation starter as you got it on a trip to Rome. Throughout history fashion has been used to change societal expectations, improve civil rights, and has transformed equality for all genders and races.

Maybe your earrings are a gift from your partner and you’re hoping to make him smile at dinner this evening. Or maybe you’re wearing a popular outdoor company’s jacket because you plan to go skiing this weekend. There’s always more to the story of an outfit than what one might first think when meeting someone new. Perhaps your timeless, classic earrings were a gift from your great-grandmother and are a reminder to how you used to play dress-up with your siblings in her clothes and jewelry. Everyone has stories behind their clothing choices. Sometimes it might simply be that the color yellow compliments a skin tone or that blue jewelry brings out blue eyes, one can never know. That’s why it’s so important to invest the time and thought into your presentation each day.

Fancy Footwork and Timeless Style

Many outfits add a little flair with color, material, style, or pattern. Shoes can use all of these aspects of style but can also help you be taller, more comfortable, or even stick out while you’re on the dance floor. Invest in shoes that will last for years, not months, and focus on those styles and color schemes that are timeless. By investing in long-lasting, quality shoes, you can rest assured that your time and money is spent instead on the latest trending clothing and accessory styles. Your identity may be easy to learn once you strike up a conversation with a stranger or business colleague but much can be conveyed by the style you approach them with. Carefully chosen, high-quality shoe choices can exude confidence, thoughtful planning, and professionalism.

Shoes: The Final Touch

Image via Flickr by Tammy McGary

Shoes are often the final touch on an outfit and can bring together all the elements of style. Finding the right shoes to wear for an evening on the town or a fancy dinner can be a challenge, but the perfect, unique shoes can turn a great outfit into a remarkable one. Comfortable western boots might be for line dancing, but they also might be a choice because you’re heading to the ranch to go horseback riding. You might choose knee-high boots to stay warm and keep the snow off your legs in the winter and ankle-high boots in the spring so you can stay cool but still protect your feet from those May showers.

Finding Your Sole Purpose

Putting together an outfit that showcases your personality, interests, and sense of self can be the most fun part of your day. Finding the right shoes is always a test and it’s no easy feat to find something that is durable, attractive, and matches your outfit for the day. Enjoy checking out what Russell’s offers and play around with the different shoe options for outdoor wear, dancing, and a pair that is long-lasting.

Add some flair with jewels and different colors, and try different heel and toe styles. Lowriders and knee-length boots all show off different features and can showcase some of the parts of your body and figure that you are most confident and proud of. Every hue, material, fabric, and design can tell a story — your story — so have fun and enjoy the adventure!