DIY Ideas for Your Next House Party

Throwing a party at home is a great way to save money on event space while making the most of the space you have! There are a lot of great DIY ways to keep the costs down while throwing a party at home, but you want to make sure your crafts and DIY’s still look professional and welcoming! Here are some great DIY ideas for your next house party that will keep your guests talking for months!

Create a chalkboard welcome sign!

Chalkboard signs have been all the rage recently on social media, and you can achieve this stylish look at home easily. Versachalk specializes in chalkboard displays of all sizes, and they have the perfect styles for your event or even just to keep around your house all the time! Learn more about Versachalk here. Once you get your chalkboard, you need the right tools. Purchase chalkboard markers to create the beautiful calligraphy and scripts you see on Instagram and Pinterest!

Make your own fun garland!

Garlands pack a lot of fun into a small size! While you can buy a traditional garland at almost any party store, you can get really creative on your own to create one that really stands out. Keep it traditional by using sparkly ribbon or tassels tied along a string for your own fun garland, or step outside of the box with unusual shapes or even string lights!

Use food as decoration!

You’ve probably never thought of using your own food for your house party as decoration, but some food is simply too pretty to eat! Whether you’re investing in a caterer for your event or you’re making the food yourself, you should display the deliciousness to your guests in a fun way. Pedestals, stands, and more can be used to easily elevate your culinary creations. Use things like clear jars and fun cutlery to transform the dining experience for your guests.

DIY your own photo booth!

Everyone loves taking photos, and creating your own photo booth is the best way to encourage your guests to post images of your fun event to social media. You can print out props for your guests to pose with, like fun signs or wacky facial features. The backdrop doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can use either a plain background or a printed one. To bring your event into the 21st century, create a hashtag for your event and encourage your guests to use it when posting to social media!

Use decorative glassware and silverware!

Keep the focus on the details by using DIY decorating glassware and silverware! Dip-dye wooden cutlery or even champaign glasses for a look your guests will be fawning over! Use washi tape or colorful toothpicks to keep track of individual glasses. It’s all about the details and incorporating small style into every little thing when you’re hosting an event at your house. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through the decorations!

DIY ideas perfect for your house party!

Throwing a house party doesn’t have to mean boring, tired decorations! You can create a masterpiece of an event that your guests will remember for years to come just by incorporating some DIY ideas into your decorations. A little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to memorable decorations, and your personality will make your party stand out in the best way! This list is perfect for party-throwers on a budget who also want to make a big splash!