Nicole Threatt, the Woman Behind Dr. Dre: Net Worth, Age, Family, Bio, and More Unveiled

Full Name Nicole Young
Former Name Nicole Threatt
Birthday 1st of Jan, 1970
Age 49-years-old
Spouse Andre Romelle Young
Career Profession Business Manager
Net Worth Estimated to be around husband’s net worth of $850 million
Children Truth Young, Truly Young

Nicole ThreattNicole Threatt became famous for being the wife of popular music icons and businessman, Dr. Dre. However, she’s more than just a wife as she is the woman who contributed a lot to the success of Dr. Dre’s music career, as well as the caretaker of her home, especially of her children.

If you’re into this kind of thing and want to know more about her, then you’ve just found the perfect place. Here you’ll know everything there is about her.

Early Life and Education

Nicole Threatt, or more commonly known as Nicole Young, was born on the first of January 1970. Her real name before being married to Dr. Dre is Nicole Kendra Plotzker. She is now 49 years old and has the horoscope of Capricorn.

Unfortunately, little is known about her childhood as she lived a private life, far from the eyes of the limelight. Details or any information about her family, siblings, or her childhood days are nonexistent.

What’s sure, though, is that she is an American citizen and belongs to the white ethnicity. She also doesn’t have information on her educational attainment aside from the fact that she studied in law school, and became an attorney herself.

Also, many agree that Nicole comes from an average working class family because there are no known signs of her experiencing extreme wealth or going through poverty. She even managed to study in law school, which is a bit expensive.

From an early age, Nicole knew and learned what is needed to have a successful life. Her independence and self-determination are what makes her achieve her goals in life.

And even if she became a millionaire and a famous wife icon due to her being the wife of Dr. Dre, it cannot be denied that she achieved all these because he worked hard even before they met.

Nicole also did a lot to help Dr. Dre become successful in his production company and various business ventures. She is the kind of woman who knows how to support his husband in different ways.


Nicole has experience working as an attorney. However, she stopped her law profession as soon as she married Dr. Dre. The reason was because she wanted to focus full time on becoming a housewife and a good mother to her children.

It’s worth noting, though, that she didn’t just do household chores as she also managed her husband’s production company. Nicole also was the second in command of Dr. Dre in all of his business activities.

Indeed, it cannot be denied that she has a huge contribution to the success of Dr. Dre’s career and business empire. In fact, Dr. Dre’s business is still growing, to the point that it’s making more revenue that will help increase their net worth.

Nicole is also a great mother as she helps her kids in all of their endeavors be it in their personal lives or career choices.

Net Worth and Salary

As of now, the exact salary of Nicole Young isn’t yet made known to everyone. However, it’s known that most of her income comes from managing his husband’s business empire, specifically their production company.

This means that even if her net worth isn’t made known, it’s safe to assume that she enjoys her husband’s massive net worth. Dr. Dre, a successful entrepreneur and music record producer makes a lot of money.

Also, him being the second richest rapper makes perfect sense. Because of this, he has a staggering $850 million net worth.

Just put it into perspective that the couple bought NFL superstar Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s mega-mansion for a staggering $40 million. If they can afford to buy such a house and property like that, then it’s safe to assume that they do have loads of money.

The mansion was originally sold for $50 million. However, the couple managed to lower down the bargain price because Dr. Dre was one famous guy! Now, Nicole and Dr. Dre are living a lavish lifestyle together with their family.

Married for two decades, how are they doing?

Nicole Young has had a smooth life before she met Dr. Dre. She was working as a lawyer. Though she doesn’t earn that much, she was making a good income for herself. Nicole also doesn’t have any known controversies or issues about her life.

Then came Dr. Dre, whose real name is Andre Romelle Young, whom she dated for some time.  Dr. Dre was one of the biggest names in the music industry during that time. It didn’t take long for her to accept the music icon’s wedding proposal.

They dated for a few months and finally married each other in 1996. It’s been more than two decades since their marriage, but they’re still growing very strong. The couple is sharing a strong bond with each other, and there seems to be no sign of the couple separating for now.

Nicole Young and Dr. Dre also have two kids, who served as fruits of their labor. They are Truth Young and Truly Young. Nicole had a huge effect on the upbringing of the kids because she taught them how to live life in a slightly different way from how celebrity kids did.

This had a good effect on her relationship with Dr. Dre, with some saying that it is the reason why they have been in good shape for more than 20 years now.

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Previous Relationship

So, what’s with her name, Nicole Threatt? Well, the answer to that is because she has married NBA star, Sedale Threatt. They were married for some time before they divorced. They also didn’t have children together.

According to reports, Nicole was still a wife of Threatt when Dr. Dre sent a wedding proposal to her. It was also reported that Nicole and Sedale didn’t have a good time together as they easily lost love for one another.

Many agree that the two had different perspectives in life and that they didn’t agree on many things, even on simple things like household chores and daily activities. Because of this, they ended up far from each other’s affections.

Nicole Young’s Height and Weight

Nicole Young isn’t very tall, nor is she short. However, she stands at a very decent height of five feet and five inches. This makes her a right pair to Dr. Dre who is also around that height.

Her body weight keeps changing and there’s not much reference to how much she really weighs. What’s sure, though, is that she has a hair that is color brown, as well as her eyes.