Positive Affirmation – The Art of Unlearning Negative Self-Talk 

Let’s face it, every one of us has most likely participated in negative self-talk at least once in our lives. Needless to say, this type of behavior can not only be unhealthy and damaging, but it can also easily lead to diminished self esteem and lower self-confidence among other things.

As women, we’re commonly faced with negative talk regarding our weight, style, beauty or general appearance. It can often seem like everyone has an opinion about the things we do and how we choose to do them. For instance, if you choose to follow a rowing training plan, some will say that that’s not really a feminine form of exercise. If you decide not to have kids, the whole world will be sure to give you their two cents.

But your main goal should be to simply learn how to ignore these and similar comments and pay attention to your own wants and needs instead. With that in mind, here are just some of the ways in which positive affirmation can help you improve your confidence and self esteem and unlearn all the negative self-talk habits you’ve adopted so far.

You are beautiful no matter what others think

The fact of the matter is that all of us are unique, with our own set of tastes and preferences. That’s why it’s simply impossible to try and please everyone around you. This doesn’t only apply to the way in which you conduct yourself but the way you look as well. One of the biggest mistakes we often make is trying to fit in the “mold” of generally-accepted beauty standards, instead of taking a closer look at what we wish for and how we feel like, internally. So, the sooner you realize that your beauty comes precisely from your uniqueness, the sooner you’ll realize that you can’t – and shouldn’t – try to fit any other “standards” but your own.

Exercise because you CAN

Another common issue women across the world are faced with is exercising. Or rather the comments that you simply need to exercise and get into shape. Needless to say, although there are many following the advice, you really should exercise because you CAN, not because you NEED TO. Instead of observing exercising as a form to punish your body because you don’t like it, consider it a means to celebrate your body and all that it can achieve. Find a good workout plan that suits your particular needs and matches your interests and use it as a form of self-indulgence and celebration.

You are the boss – so act like one

One of the arguably most condescending terms is the “girl boss” one. Although it does sound empowering at the first glance, the mere fact that it features “girl” instead of “woman” is enough of a tell-tale sign that indicates otherwise. But that doesn’t mean you’re not the boss – or even the girl boss if you dig the term! So, you need to start acting like one. If you have opinions – and everyone does – don’t be afraid to share them and be unapologetic about it. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you should start fights and get into arguments with everyone around you. Instead, present your attitudes and opinions and listen to what others have to say. Approach any disagreement with respect and curiosity, instead of simply choosing to comply even though you don’t really agree with what’s being said.

You are not the issue

Us women can often struggle, particularly when fashion is concerned. With the ever-so-present and absolutely unrealistic “beauty” standards, a simple shopping trip can become quite frustrating. What’s important to remember here is that you are rarely (if ever) the issue – the clothes are! If a size 14 doesn’t fit you in one store, that’s no reason to run home and start dieting. Instead, simply go to the next store and try the same size out. In most cases, it will fit just fine proving that you – in fact – haven’t gained any additional weight after all. And even if you did, that’s no reason to bum yourself out. The female body is constantly changing, depending on various factors, so gaining or losing a size or two is really no biggie. As long as you’re happy with the way you look and feel, the size on the tag should be perceived like nothing more than a number.


In the end, it’s important to emphasize the fact that negative self-talk is super easy to adopt. As a matter of fact, we’re constantly bombarded with negative comments wherever we turn. That’s why it’s high time for women all over the world to start practicing positive affirmation and unlearn the stigma around self-love and self-acceptance.