5 Smart Ways to Handle Seasonal Changes

The time of year has come around once again, where the leaves start to fall to the ground, and the temperature drops dramatically. Unfortunately, a change in season can cause a considerable shock to the system. Therefore, it is important that you make the appropriate adjustments to your day to day life to help your body adapt to this time of the year.

Here are some of our top tips for smart ways to handle seasonal changes that will make your adjustment easier, and leave you feeling ready for the winter months ahead.

Take Some Time to Adjust

You shouldn’t expect your body and mind to adjust to the new season overnight, and instead take the time needed to break old habits and form new ones. For example, you may have got into the habit of working until dark during the summer, but as the dark nights draw in, you will have to adjust your working pattern.

Generally, it can take your body around two weeks to adapt to seasonal change, but each person is different, so don’t expect to feel okay straight away and be patient with your own body.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the most common complaints that people suffer with on a daily basis, and the change in season can only make getting the sleep you need even more difficult. You may find that with the winter evenings being colder than you have been used to throughout the summer, you find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep till morning.

However, waking up feeling groggy, annoyed, and fatigued is a sign that you are suffering from sleep deprivation and can make it more difficult to handle seasonal changes. Therefore, we recommend that you get into a new winter bedtime routine, which includes having your thick blanket and pajamas at the ready!

Take Supplements

During the summer we benefit from different vitamins, such as vitamin D, due to increased exposure to sunlight. But as the winter season arrives, our body has less access to the nutrients it needs. Therefore, a smart way to handle a change in season is to take supplements to help your body adjust. This way your body isn’t missing out on the essential nutrients and vitamins that it will struggle without.

For example, the essential vegan multivitamin is specifically formulated for vegans, and offers vitamins B12, D, and omega 3, all which help to boost your energy levels, improve your mood, and increase your ability to focus. They are also essential to protect your immune system, so that your body is able to naturally defend itself, even in the winter months.

Eat Seasonal Foods

As the season changes, so do the types of food that are readily available for us to eat. Therefore, we recommend that you eat food that is in season, meaning that it has been produced around the traditional time that it has to be harvested. This is better for both your body and your bank balance. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are jam packed with nutrients, more so than out of season produce, as they have been stored for less time.

Get Your Winter Wardrobe Out

One of the main changes you should make when the season starts to change is to put away your summer shirts and dresses and dig out your thick woolly jumpers and boots. Wearing appropriate clothing throughout the day will help to keep you warmer and help your body adjust more easily to the new temperatures.

Seasonal changes can add an extra layer of stress to our bodies, so it is important that you have a plan in place to help you transition easily.