Self Defense for Women

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In the wake of CBS News reporter Lara Logan’s brutal attack in Egypt, it’s time for more women to study self-defense to protect themselves in such situations. We’re not saying that any of these moves would have saved Logan in her situation, but it’s always a positive thing for women to learn how to protect themselves against any attack. A self-defense course is recommended for all women, but here are some basic moves.

Hands and Arms

First, women need to know that punching a man won’t usually stop him from attacking you. You can use your hands, however, to grab and tear at his body, especially at the fleshy underside of the arm and the inner thigh, to cause him maximum pain and hopefully give you a chance to escape. Use your elbows and forearms, which can carry a lot of body weight, and aim for the groin, ribs, diaphragm, sternum, and throat of your attacker.

Legs and Feet

Did you know that a woman’s legs are the strongest part of her body? Using your knees and applying them to your attacker’s testicles can really cause him damage. Additionally, using the ball of your foot to kick at your attacker’s ankle, calf, or Achilles’ tendon, or using your heel to stomp down on the instep of their foot can all be effective ways to deter or stop an attack.


Although it might not sound attractive or enjoyable, the head butt can really cause damage to your attacker’s face. Using your head and slamming it into his face, especially his nose, can cause him enough pain to enable you to escape.


When all else fails, bite your attacker. A bite will hurt him no matter where it’s placed on his body.

Three Areas to Attack

There are three areas on a man’s body which, when attacked, can help you to make the quickest escape. The groin area, or testicles, is one. Kneeing him in the testicles area or even hitting him there with your fist can cause enough pain to give you time to get away. Warning – stand to the side when you knee him in the groin or he might fall forward onto you. The eyes are another area to target. Grab the back of your attacker’s neck and use your other hand’s thumb to gouge out his eye sockets. Aim for the inner corner of his eye. The throat is another vulnerable area. Strike his windpipe by aiming your open hand at the front of his throat and punching through his neck with full force. If you can, squeeze his neck and pull forward, trying to grab his larynx or windpipe. You can completely disable an attacker with this move.