What Corelle Dinnerware Can Do For You

When you’re considering buying new dinnerware, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. Do the dishes fit into your cupboards and dishwasher? Should you plan ahead for big dinner parties when there are only two of you in the household? Should you buy two sets of dishes, one for formal dining and one for everyday use? But what if there was one type of dinnerware that could go from freezer to microwave to your table and be dishwasher safe, too?

Corelle is the unique brand in dinnerware that can go from your oven to your dining table and look just as good for everyday use as for a more formal occasion. Combining good looks and durability, Corelle dinnerware is manufactured using Vitrelle glass, a special thermal process that bonds three sheets of glass together. The result? Beautiful lightweight and stackable dinnerware that resists staining, chipping, scratching and breaking making it a popular choice for young families.

Setting a Beautiful Table

It’s tempting to invest in a fine china service and use a plain set for everyday dining. But with the stunning range of patterns and styles available in Corelle you can afford to make your table look beautiful every day. And thanks to its affordability and durability, you can even mix and match between your favourite designs to create a set that’s a unique reflection of your personal style.

Inviting And Elegant

Corelle effortlessly mimics the beauty of bone china, so every meal can look elegant and inviting. And because your Corelle dishes are versatile enough to move from freezer to oven to table, every element of your dinner table looks pleasingly coordinated without you having to try too hard. Then when the meal is over, they’re tough enough to stack in the dishwasher without any special handling.

A Lasting Investment

Nothing matches the durability of a beautiful Corelle dinnerware set, which makes it a really smart long-term investment. With timeless designs, your Corelle set will still look good when your other dinnerware is showing signs of wear and tear. Of course nothing last forever, and even Vitrelle tempered glass will break when dropped. However, because you can buy individual pieces from open stock, you’ll be able to replace any damaged pieces with ease.

Perfect For All The Family

Robust enough to stand up to everyday use, yet elegant enough to make every meal a special occasion, Corelle is perfect for families. There’s no stress if a piece gets chipped or broken, yet it looks special enough that every meal can be properly served at the table. The importance of eating together as a family can’t be overstated: it helps children make healthier food choices, develop stronger relationships and even do better at school. Lay your table with Corelle and you’ll want to sit down together as a family.

Easy Maintenance

If you remember a few simple rules, your Corelle will continue to look as good as the day you bought it. You don’t need to use any fancy dishwashing tablets or liquids, simply avoid subjecting your dishes to extremes of temperature. For example, setting a hot dish from the oven on a cold surface can cause it to break so always use a trivet. If you need to remove difficult stains or knife marks, a non-abrasive cleaner will do the job.

a Unique Choice

Beautiful, tough, versatile – these are the qualities that make Corelle a unique choice for your dining table. Corelle dinnerware can help you gather the family together around an elegant and stylish table every day of the week with designs that are classic and traditional or modern and fashion forward. For more than four decades Corelle dinnerware has been proving its worth on dinner tables worldwide – isn’t it time you let Corelle make every meal a special occasion?