The Importance of Grandparents: 5 Scientific Reasons for Them to Live Nearby

There are 1.9 million grandchildren living with their grandparents in the United States. Much of this statistic presents a new age of second-time (grand)parents. However, it also reveals the effect grandparents have on their grandchildren’s life.

Your children don’t have to live with your parents to see the importance of grandparents in a child’s life. Living close to them and having them involved in their lives is enough to show significant results.

Read on to see how many case studies prove that living near your parents can help your children.

  1. Improved Mental Health

A psychological study concluded that a family that included grandparents in their live created more emotionally stable children. There could be many reasons for this occurrence.

Having other adults involved in your child’s life allows them to have more emotional support. This is especially true for families that have divorced or separated parents or only one parent. Grandparents fill the gap of absent roles.

Filling the need for parental guidance can also be achieved by the grandparents if both parents work full-time. If your lives are too busy, finding the time to devote to your child’s mental health could be limited.

When a child has someone with more time to spare they feel more appreciated and listened to, which creates more moments of connectivity. When children share their emotions with someone close to them it makes them less depressed. They don’t have to hold in fears and anxieties.

  1. Expert Care

No one is ever completely prepared for parenthood. That is because it is an experience that has to be lived through to understand and master it.

You might not have it all figured out in the beginning and may not perfect it until your child is an adult. Luckily, the role of grandparents can be that of an expert with kids. They have been through the process of raising little ones through their entire life cycle. So, if you are confused about how to handle a situation, they could help you through it.

The best way to learn the secret of childrearing from your parents is to live close to them. You could even use granny flat builders to have them living on the same property. They would be on call when times get tough and you need some hands-on advice.

Having your parents interact with your child one-on-one allows you to witness new ways of parenting. It gives you ideas that might not have occurred without a fresh perspective.

Your child benefits from having this expert advice on their emotional and behavioral state.

  1. Learn Skills From a Different Generation

You aren’t the only one who learns something new by having grandparents with grandchildren more often. Your parents lived in a different time and had various skills that are no longer common. While your generation grew up online, your parents had a more non-technical life.

This can be a wonderful way to show your kids some skills that have been lost through the generations. From stories of the past to  traditional craftsmanship, grandparents resurrect activities that you can’t teach your children.

Living near your parents allows them to take kids on excursions from another era of living. Children become more appreciative and cultured by experiencing life through the direction of another generation.

  1. Creates a Calming Environment

Sometimes both you, as a parent, and your children need a break from the parent-child relationship. A grandparent provides the nurturing alternative that brings equilibrium to the family.

The parent can take a moment to relieve their stress while the child finds comfort in another adult. This is especially helpful when confrontation strikes. The third temper tantrum of the day can put you into fight or flight mode. You are in no shape to calm the situation when your stress is so high. Let grandparents take over to distract your little one while you recharge.

Grandparents are like a treat for children. They remove the discipline that comes with parenting and offers a retreat for children to escape.

It doesn’t have to be grandmother’s day for children to appreciate the relaxed nature of their granny in times of distress. Make these moments occur more often by living nearby so when times get tough, you and your children have a place to visit freely.

  1. Everyone Lives Longer

The post-modern era showed that larger family units where the grandparents lived with or near the nuclear family had babies and young children with a greater survival rate. Grandparents provided much-needed support since people would have babies at a much younger age. Having several hands and minds to assist in childrearing was natural.

Today, periodic baby-sitting by grandparents has been shown to increase their cognitive ability and even prolong their life. A child’s curious mind keeps their grandparents sharp and active.

The grandparent-grandchild relationship also has benefits for the parents. Relieving built-up stress by giving parents a break from their parental duties improves their health as well.

The Importance of Grandparents Even If They Live Far Away

Sometimes living near your children’s grandparents isn’t possible due to your career or differences in opinion on where to live. This shouldn’t hinder the importance of grandparents in your children’s lives. You should still make as many trips to visit them as possible and do video calls so they can talk to their grandchildren.

If possible, plan vacations with your children’s grandparents. It gives you a chance to have some couples time with your spouse while your grandparents bond with your little ones.

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