The Most celebrated Youtubers Today: Logan Paul, Jack, and Others

The world is being regulated by the internet and media. Youtube has become the biggest source of generating and earning funds worldwide. What once was not even a considerable option has taken over the industry and moved to become the highest-earning source. What once was covered with Hollywood stars or athletes now includes the highest paying YouTubers who approximately dragged in $17.5 million over a period of 12 months.

The top YouTube stars acquired an aggregate of $180.5 million in the last year which is 42 percent more than the last year. YouTube gaming is prominent among the growing generations today, they basically pay to play and the most celebrated YouTubers across the world fall under various categories: some make prank videos, others script comedy, and gaming clips are created and edited simultaneously while gamers upload videos regularly. The famous YouTubers have been listed in the article, the top 7 highest earning YouTubers are:

8. Logan Paul

His earnings according to the 2018 stats reveals $14.5 million. He was kicked off one of YouTube’s programs when he was 23. This gave promising ad rates to favored channels which were followed by his experience at filming a video in Japan showing suicide – hanging from a tree. Although he apologized for the video, the video took new turns and the income generated from it hit him hard. Ohio held him high, while Ohio sports betting apps favored him to an extent while he sought to  establish himself in his new found boxing career.

7. PewDiePie

His earnings according to the 2018 stats reveals $15.5 million. Felix Kjellberg or PewDiePie, a Swedish gamer is one of the most followed and loved YouTubers with 72.5 million subscribers. Even deadly scandals couldn’t stop him. A backlash past year proceeded by anti-semitic videos invited the advertisers to return blitzing out $450000 for any sponsored video.

6.  Jacksepticeye

His earnings according to the 2018 stats reveals $16 million. Sean McLoughlin is one of the most energetic YouTubers well renowned for his colorful video gaming commentary. Although he uses foul language and is foul-mouthed, it doesn’t restrict him from running mainstream. He performed a series for Disney and is on the verge of creating upscale content for a live-streaming forum called Twitch.

5. Markiplier

His earnings according to the 2018 stats reveals $17.5 million. Markiplier is a Hawaii native who is actively moving around with his PS4 nearly every day. The YouTuber or the gamer traveled across North America and signed seven figures of branded deals and launched Cloak lately which is a high-notched athleisure route for gamers worldwide.

4. Jeffree Star

His earnings according to the 2018 stats reveals $18 million. He has been popular since the times of Myspace and is an extremely talented and inspirational makeup artist. Jeffree Star restructured himself to be a beauty mogul confounding Jeffree Star cosmetics. The famous brand sells around $100 million-plus lipstick, eyeshadow, and highlighters in a year.

3. DanTDM

His earnings according to the 2018 stats reveals $18.5 million. Daniel Middleton was the previous year’s top earner with an estimated earning of $16.5 million. His extremely addictive persona and talent drive the YouTube platform very well. Dan is a British gamer who has specialized in Minecraft and has been participating efficiently by playing on camera now for approximately six long years. He has an amazing follower count of more than 20.7 million who usually shoots out for his merchandise and tour. His most loved merchandise is hoodies, baseball caps, and backpacks.

2. Dude Perfect

His earnings according to the 2018 stats reveals $20 million. It is a five-man sports crew comprising Coby, Cory Cotton, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and Tyler Toney. The crew is especially known for its feats of dexterity and detailed trick shots such as hurling ping pong balls triggering Domino falls which acquired 175 million views. One of the most inspiring groups to have to dominate the zone of YouTube.

1. Jake Paul

His earnings according to the 2018 stats reveals $21.5 million. As you can already guess from the name, the rambunctious brother of one of the topmost YouTubers Logan Paul, Jake also made a career boost up in the field of YouTubing and merchandising. His income is augmented by his keen interest in merchandising and his thriving spirits for the same. He attracted a wide range of audiences to his channel with the most appealing rap songs fetching him more than 3.5 billion views. His goofy pranks also made him score a quite high image among other YouTubers. He has since gone on to pursue a professional career in boxing and promoting.


YouTube has acquired an established name in recent years. All thanks to the YouTubers who have invested their hard work and energy in converting their offerings through the channel as a means to invoke interest among users. The most celebrated YouTubers are associated mostly with video creation, be it gaming videos, comedy scripts, and so on. The article lists the top 8 highest-earning YouTube stars worldwide.